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    1. Hdo 28


    2. Girlfriend^^

      WOW So Cute 😍😍😍

    3. Antonella Mayorga

      Que bueno que la mama de gf la deuo ir con el

    4. Antonella Mayorga

      No bf porque

    5. Antonella Mayorga

      Qu3 bueno que salio de la pricion no

    6. Benja Ignacio


    7. Antonella Mayorga

      Pobre gf

    8. Сонечка Веселкова


    9. David Valadez

      Mendiga sarvente

    10. 08_Lê hoàng nha Bão 4A6


    11. Alu

      Poor gf (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

    12. Zahra AL_Hussiai


    13. nadim

      7:23 God ending

    14. จิรายุ วรชิต

      1:08 Rip flippy

    15. Елена Проноза

      Спс за дкньги

    16. Lộc Trần Đình

      Supid gf

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    18. Poncho Romero


    19. Candice Aurora


    20. Canal do Lucas Rumaquela Viana

      Eu ajudarei namorada é só me chamar no zap e ai te dou o cartão de crédito do meu pai mas tem que deixar eu conhecer o namorado

    21. Reinaldo Carneiro


    22. Isa Sanntos

      Bota essa animações em português

    23. Daiana Daiana Daiana Silva


    24. Daiana Daiana Daiana Silva

      Jose BBB

    25. Chelo Paniagua


    26. jeremy999

      Y el que hizo la animación digital que se vaya a la porque salven dependió ya contra boyfriend girlfriend así que vas haciendo la misma animación pero ahora de o sino te las verás conmigo ibas a ir muy mal

    27. andrea suero


    28. Fany Diaz

      Es bueno

    29. Fany Diaz

      Me gusta este video

      1. Isa Sanntos

        Rip flipy?????

    30. Moy the guy

      its not cringer than the other videos

    31. Heeyoung Park


    32. Lee Hannah Lee yan

      Flippy is no like that

    33. çin malı kirby

      türkler bu yoruma like atsın

    34. Candice Aurora


    35. My Friends and me

      (The Music plays dad battle)

      1. Chelo Paniagua


    36. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡

      Or is flippy 0:00

    37. Emiliana Gonzalez S

      Me di cuenta que las armas está viendo cachalife. XD????

      1. Maxamed Nuur

        Hfjfnfuf Please


      Love your animation. It's a amazing, I'm learning to create animation too. Hope 1 day, i gain more view like you!

    39. GUSTAVO

      Coitada da cobra 😓😓😓😓

      1. chairat yodmanee


    40. Neyz Channel

      Good fera good😉

    41. Jael Cornejo


      1. Jael Cornejo


    42. Ninjatako

      Flippy should be fired

      1. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡


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    44. кирил архипов


    45. ice nice

      looks good and everything is good

    46. Елена фамилия


    47. ✨Da Cat GF✨

      this is nit funny as me poor,sooo i leave an dislike,edit this please :(

    48. ItzSarv

      WHY ME :(

      1. Asadullakh

        Nice animation savn sad girlfriend free :D 3:12 girlfriend escaped 3:16 sarvente cry

      2. Tsogbadrakh Bayasgalan

        HIIIII !!!!!!!

      3. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡

        No dice que eso sarv ☺️


      Gacha Life Animation


        Gacha Life

    50. EVIL AGOTI

      GF IS COOL

    51. 성차민


      1. Гульмира Боскинова


    52. 성차민

      난 뚱인데요

    53. Spider man bendy miles morales

      I send you ducks hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha 🦆

    54. Spider man bendy miles morales

      Im a youtuber

    55. Spider man bendy miles morales

      Wait bf stole the magic orb from whitty

    56. GameToons Animation

      One of the best animated movies

    57. •cartoon_day•

      There was a gacha vid on the tv in sarv's cell

    58. XxXkittyUwUxx

      Gacha is on really💀

    59. Juliana Marianne


    60. Sherlith Elias konno


    61. Kendal Ariza

      No peleen

      1. karen rojas


    62. Cuco Rodriguez

      Los perros

    63. ✝️sarv and ruv✝️

      I see happy trees friend

    64. Leenai Hinampas

      wow girl friend

    65. Leenai Hinampas

      😭😭😭 sad poor girl friend

      1. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡

        @Tsogbadrakh Bayasgalan 😠

      2. Tsogbadrakh Bayasgalan


      3. Tsogbadrakh Bayasgalan


      4. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡

        Sarv yessssssssssssssssss ☺️

    66. Mathilda Menares


    67. Annieeeeee

      Coolest thing ever

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    69. Rafael Costa


    70. sliverwolf gaming

      It is actually heroine I combined ender Dragon naruto and you it is ultimate

    71. Oswaldo Mejia


      1. Anthonny Espinoza


    72. TheMathewPlay

      11:25 Good ending :)

    73. Derin Dag


    74. KingShadow

      ok =D is very good =D

      1. RG4  ♐GIANLUCA ♌

        Si Si mudó jfj

    75. TheMathewPlay

      6:07 What amazing Fan-art :D I really love The bF and Gf relationship!

      1. Isuf Isufi

        @ديسم ٦ nnn

      2. 마이스트로김

        @ديسم ٦ ㅣㅣ

      3. Caca nadler Santos

        @Rara Rabea p

      4. Caca nadler Santos

        @Rara Rabea p

      5. Spider man bendy miles morales

        Hey your 🦆 bro hahahahhhahahahah

    76. TheMathewPlay

      6:01-6:07 What good person is whitty He is not angry with bf.. And is happy to do his work! And tell his future for nothing of money! WOW 200/1000 mr whitty :D

    77. TheMathewPlay

      2:35 I really love this bf and gf desings brooo! Look the face of bf is awesome draw! Part two please! What happpend with bf?

      1. TheMathewPlay

        @Patrick Li Man hoy are really crazy 😜

      2. Patrick Li


      3. Patrick Li


      4. Vilo Alexis


    78. Zaya Baysaa

      000 .,,

    79. TheMathewPlay

      0:57 This voice was reallly funny! HAHAHAHAHA

      1. ▪︎ Pink mini  pie 🍡

        Que es eso 0:57

    80. Roberta Silva

      oi FELiPE

    81. Sherlyn Catrina

      Nooooooooooooo Sarvente estaba viendo gacha Laif se me cayó una idola

    82. Dangron vn654

      is so good mother

    83. Dangron vn654

      is so good mother

    84. Nadege Jean


    85. FNF tankman

      Sarvente🚨 Girlfriend♻

      1. Nadege Jean

        Dlskd fgeev Dlskd un autre

    86. Mgmstudioservices Kajang

      Boyfriend and Girlfriend Trick or Treat Friday Night Funkin Animation CrewBew Please!😃

    87. Sarah San

      cool ^^ but poor gf at the begging

      1. Arulraj Muthu

        Ttt 👍p po le to og Allah scan CBI me li ji oo

    88. Herobrine

      15 Minutes Ago, Nice And Cool

      1. Jayden Muñoz I


      2. Herobrine

        @Wani What You want

      3. Herobrine

        @Nadege Jean What You want

      4. Bella Hickey


      5. Wani


    89. Omang Solehudin

      The gf poor the the rich guy is very cool in the call

    90. •Habibah Abdullah•

      Im early finalu

      1. Spider man bendy miles morales

        Its 🦆 hahahahahah