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    On Wednesday, September 15 at 8:02 p.m. EDT, 00:02 UTC on September 16, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 successfully launched the Inspiration4 mission - the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit - from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Approximately three days after liftoff, Dragon and the crew of Inspiration4 will splash down at one of several possible landing sites off the Florida coast. Follow Dragon’s journey in the tracker above as the Inspiration4 crew orbits Earth approximately every 90 minutes.

    Inspiration4 is commanded by Jared Isaacman, founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments and an accomplished pilot and adventurer. Joining him are Medical Officer Hayley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® and pediatric cancer survivor; Mission Specialist Chris Sembroski, an Air Force veteran and aerospace data engineer; and Mission Pilot Dr. Sian Proctor, a geoscientist, entrepreneur, and trained pilot.

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    1. Peter Sampson


    2. Branco Nizala

      The flight to McDonalds and bring a C19-Burger, NASA lier

    3. Lulzim Mehmeti


    4. Angela Stein

      Wir werden wieder an der Nase rumgeführt. 🤮

    5. Huy Nguyen

      Fact : Andy Tran was Vietnammese

    6. Boris Stoilov

      Greetings, we believe they should use the SpaceX Technology only for good purpose, not just the Fastest Internet, it should bring Peace, Understanding, Enlightenment, Confidence. This should be The Goodwill, Our Health Condition Reasonably should be not at a 100% but 1000% for Gods' Sake.

    7. illuminati

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    8. Martin L

      Was there a bathroom on the craft? Does it have privacy?

      1. Softe

        Yea there was, no no privacy

    9. Martin L

      Elon why always make Jef Bezos seem like such a joker?

    10. Matthew Bennett

      Wish they'd stop doing night launches. We haven't seen a day launch since Demo 2.

    11. Madden Perez

      Wish I was on inspiration 4

    12. Ría Nic

      the most expensive people on the planet who confuse old technology. you are not able to recharge the universe. the overpriced nonsense will soothe your ego and account. I would not give you a crown and I would be ashamed in your place. development none. you still use the same fuels and technology than to come up with something revolutionary. it will happen to you on your deathbed that you just sat there and did not invent anything revolutionary.

    13. Aemilius

      Bravo space x c’est une masterclass sans nom #BigUpMusk

    14. Alicia Sematore

      4:16:25 Launch

    15. Kuth70

      Haley's look of pure joy at 4:18:00 just makes my whole year :)

    16. pyllangmiki lyngdoh

      There are three stars,six universe and 625 life's planet!👍😜😘

    17. Jim Lim

      just watched blue origin launch.. just feels so amateur compared to spacex from commentary to the rocket to basically everything else lol. spacex to the moon literally

    18. Ese Ukey

      Yay!! 😁

    19. Collins West

      Are they back 😳👀

      1. Softe

        Long ago



    21. THE ONE

      Let them lofty in high places spend greatly but remember this,for every rocket that goes up How many mouths could of you fed i ask you this elon

    22. Zero 1

      💘✨🚀🌃 :))

    23. Slate AA

      Lets do THE right thing. Peace and love... the 70s called - The Aztecs

    24. Slate AA

    25. Sno MX

      So awesome. Inspiring. Also Awesome that this Bezos look like such as dork in so many ways. Musk made this about so much more than his own personal achievements.

    26. bruno marabeti

      Amazing ❤️

    27. Alpha1111100

      I watched the Netflix series. Hayley you the best. You inspired me so much

    28. Thomas R

      I am in awe, what a legend!

    29. Tiaozzin

      O ser humano é espetacular! Viva à engenharia!

    30. Jon Mac

      Omg people beleive this

      1. Hail Sagan

        Well... Not everyone is as special and well informed as you. You are definitely a clever and successful person. You have most certainly achieved things in your life that you can be proud if without having to ever denigrate the achievements of others. Dig deep. I'm sure you can find something that you can claim as an achievement? I can wait...

      2. Adrian Theo

        Yes, because its real.

    31. Adrian Arriola

      and their butterfly effect (Academia)

    32. Adrian Arriola

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    33. Adrian Arriola

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    43. Adrian Arriola

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    44. Jacob Corpus

      To the Stars Elon Musk.... Lets Get There!!!

    45. Axe.Aerospace

      So cool to see this, when I grow up I wanna make my own dream rocket company called Axe Aerospace!

      1. Axe.Aerospace

        @Volksgenosse Erich Honecker maybe

      2. Volksgenosse Erich Honecker

        Hey is that profile pic from Spaceflight Simulator?

    46. Vipin bihari Dhar Dwivedi

      Mr. Elon Musk Legend

    47. Sarvar Najimidinov

      Why we should care about the space while 3.5 billion people are starving in Africa and Asia. Just 500 billion is enough to save them all. This is humankind's biggest misunderstandings of all time.

      1. Adrian Theo

        Do you think that an American *space* *company* will give all theyre money to feed these people?

    48. Joshua Hyatt

      First launch in a long time where the booster landing was not the most exciting part...

    49. Iasmmim Lucena

      A inspiration fez jus ao nome.

    50. iamSnipez

      Its just so emressive. Wow SpaceX is so impressive. I am ready for what happends in the future


      SpaceX Looks Epic! Congratulations to Elon Musk for a Mega Space Enterprise We will all get to know and grow with ! Space travels soon ! ☄️💫🪐🌏🌈☄️💥☀️🌙🌗🌘🌖🌕

    52. Raaj Champia

      Elon Musk your the Hero 20th century love U Bro❤️.

    53. 5 Star Reviews

      back in the day, people were scared of mars. See flash Gordon battle that deadly Martian Ray. But nowadays, nobody is scared of mars. Because of all the pretty desert photos

    54. 5 Star Reviews

      the only time space people mention god is when they say God speed. To me, I don't like that. You should talk about God more often. It doesn't matter if you don't mean it

      1. Volksgenosse Erich Honecker

        who is this "god"

      2. weekiely 123

        Which one? There’s so many gods you could be referring too

    55. 5 Star Reviews

      never before in the history of space travel have two people walked while hugging on their way into the rocket. Finally, humans are going to space. Not bio-robots

    56. 5 Star Reviews

      why is mars better than the moon? Let us discuss. 1) better gravity 2) more land 3) skies with some colour 4) doesn't get as hot as the moon 5) Day length is much better 6) Red beats grey 7) fully independent of earth 8) it's cold extremes aren't always like the moon, and sometimes it has near normal temps 9) It's a planet and planets are the boss of moons 10) if seveneves happens, mars is nicer 11) more water? I have faith 12) God wills it 13) We need to calm people and stop them from panicking about Martians. The only way to do that is to live on mars, and check carefully for said bad guys. 14) Kim Stanley wants it 15) ya gotta keep Elons spirits up 16) Mars has more weather, and weather is our living painting 17) Mars has bigger mountains 18) Mars may have a more erotic history ( to the tastes of scientists) 19) On Mars, Earth is a speck you can forget about 20) an incy bit of air pressure is better than none, right? 22) Mars has da canyons and volcanoes that make ya happy 23) Mars has more on point seasons, unless Jesus has lied to me 25) Like, everyone wants mars and hardly anyone wants the moon 26) Good reasons 27) The moon's been done to death 28) Mars means we're Going West 29) in fact, mars looks like the wild west 30) what else? Tell me I don't like seeing both sides of an argument, but why is the moon better? 1) easier to get to and from 2) are the fines less problematic? 3) no dust storms equals clean solar panels, if we use em 4) Are the salty soils of mars too much to handle? 5) earth is a nice bauble to gaze at. 6) what

    57. 5 Star Reviews

      I'd say space x has a can do attitude, but after seeing how much cant they use, I just can't. That astronaut training lady was rife with it. " Off console". Just say you stopped work!

    58. Victor Marcelo


      1. Hail Sagan

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 You can't even abbreviate properly!

    59. новый сайт утюга

      Надеюсь мы сможем полететь на Марс👍. Сообщение самому себе от 2 октября 2021

    60. Dave Braverman

      Congrats to everyone at SpaceX! I call next flight!

      1. Tellme

        I love you

      2. Tellme


    61. Noe


      1. nibba

      2. ItsTomi81


    62. Marcelo Di Trani

      We watched the Netflix "Countdown" and the live launch from Melbourne Australia. Could not stop the tears rolling down my cheeks. Congrats to Jared, Sian, Hayley, Christopher and SpaceX!

    63. MakeMore Excuses

      Sry but all the celebrations wasn’t needed. Elon said it himself, this is amazing but 99% of the worlds problems should be main priority first. This is just a dude who made billions of the middle class and started his own NASA. In our lifetime no “new civilizations” will be on Mars. If spaceX gets there it’ll start a huge war. IMO we have 1 planet and it should be the #1 priority. Know everyone optimistic but very doubtful we’ll see what they’re trying to accomplish and that’s Mars civilizations. Maybe in 100yrs. Elon needs to put more effort and all these people into helping the actually planet were on.

    64. audra murphree

      Hailey sounds stupid. She spits when she talks. She’s an adult and speaks as a child. She must be Elon’s next screw the prosthetic leg must turn him on. Grimes did. Hailey you have a chance. He likes women who act like children

      1. Jacob LM

        D u m b a s s.

    65. Christopher Ong

      4:07:43 her voice is so 🔥🔥🔥

    66. Lauper esmite

      Isso foi épico, iremos relembrar sempre!

    67. gravey07

      Oh look it’s spherical.

    68. Seth Cragan

      Does anyone know if there is any footage of 1st stage landing?

    69. ayah

      What happened to the booster is it landing succed?

      1. Oort Cloud

        It indeed did, we just didn't get good footage from it unfortunately.

    70. Satisfying Things

      Oka was here

    71. RobynGermaine

      Isn’t it shocking that the President of the United States Hasn’t even acknowledged this miraculous flight? Well done SpaceX!

      1. Vesta 2022

        its not as miraculous as you think, its basically a publicity stunt. A historic one, but a publicity stunt nonetheless.

    72. Mohammad Jayyousi

      The most perfect thing I have seen so far in my life is this Live and the entire inspriration4 mission. It is just beyond inspiring!


      17,015 m.p.h. COD DAMN that top speed sure would cause baldness no need to shave! :P

    74. abbsnn cose

      More history is being made. Great event! Peace, Love, and Charity!

    75. Hoang nguyen

      Dang why Elon Musk so so smart

    76. Sahil Malik

      Why there is no sonic booms if rocket is going with that much speed?

      1. Vesta 2022

        because the lower the air pressure the higher the speed of sound and the faster you have to go to get a sonic boom.

    77. Maximus The Martian

      just wow. the one and only entrepreneur . Elon musk really doing it ! he to advance . holy isht. his mind is out of the space

    78. bigwhiskey83

      Wonder how you can capture the trunk so its reusable to if its feasable?

      1. abbsnn cose

        Everybody can and is capable of the unthinkable, just put actitud and aptitude together and share it so we can improve together to the new reality!

    79. bigwhiskey83

      Got a Question can you make an electric powered rocket or is it really feasible huh?

      1. Adrian Theo

        Electric rocket? Not in our lifetime. We still need chemical rocket to escape the earths gravity.

      2. Vesta 2022

        nope. the closest thing to electric propulsion is ion engines and those have garbage TWR. so it will have to be chemical for now. at least until someone figures out how to get a significant amount of metallic hydrogen.

    80. bigwhiskey83

      Next the moon and then beyond!!!!!!!!

    81. bigwhiskey83

      Awsome!Awssome!Awsome great mission Ladies and Gentleman!

    82. rialbbeTV

      One step closer to space to be an interplanetary species. This Inspiration4 mission give us hope to all mankind. We aren't perfect. But let's prove the whole human race that we can be who we are. I Eb Blair Surriga Peñaranda, a Science English teacher in Thailand, a citizen from the Philippines, both parents are U.S. citizen, giving inspiration to all my students what science is all about. That's why in my video series, I remind they that, Science means knowing. Because Science is cool.

    83. Nice AD Plus

      so funny...........USA no 5G...................................

    84. Matt Sayers

      We could see the launch of this from Daytona Beach when we were there for vacation

    85. sokin jon

      Its Amazing how Bezos and Branson are so valiant and brave to go up in they're own rockets.They are definately not chicken.

      1. Vesta 2022

        they weren't as brave as you think the are.

    86. Sachin Verma

      What a time to be alive. AMAZING

    87. mmpj twod

      What an inspiration. The stories of the crew mates are incredibly heartwarming. I’m so happy - such an incredible feat! Thank you for inspiring my generation and beyond.

    88. Brandon Lewis

      Love it!!!


      Optimistic of our humanity to become interplanetary. Thanks to those thinkers and people who is pushing us to the present we are having and to the future beyond our limits! Everybody can and is capable of the unthinkable, just put actitud and aptitude together and share it so we can improve together to the new reality!

    90. Overall General

      Amazing Launch

      1. Shorty

        @mmpj twod Booster lands itself on a droneship, Stage 2 burns up while reentering, Dragon was "fished" out of the ocean. Idk what has to be cleaned there

      2. mmpj twod

        who will clean oceans from the garbage

    91. MontiR Aruba

      If it is daylight outside, why is Haley's window show dark outside?

      1. Matt's Youtube stuff

        Camera exposure. The same effect is seen at 1:15:17 but the reverse. It is daylight outside, but you cannot see the faces of the crew inside of the car

    92. L.J. Tech Guy

      What an amazing opportunity these fine people have. I’ve always dreamed of just doing some of those training events. They are all so very brave to be doing this.

      1. sokin jon


    93. 0becca0

      What if they needed a wee within that last 3 hours of being strapped in? (Or worse)

      1. Matt's Youtube stuff

        They most likely limit what they drink or eat leading up the launch to prevent this from being an issue. Also helps if you're sensitive to Gs on the way up. Going up to space is not without a few sacrifices

    94. Dan Alexander

      9:46 we can also see Elon(rightmost screen) taking some pictures. "I gotcha back peeps!" 😂

    95. Piotr Strumian

      Thats why we need put masks on our face. Some people have strong powerfull eyes and they dont need to talk.

    96. Daniel Robichaud

      Very inspirational this mission.. 4 exceptionnel personnes go to space, not because they are billionaires.. I also looked at the Netflix documentaire to learn about this mission... Very young, I was a fan of the Fantastic 4 Comic books, and I can't stop making links with this mission..

    97. Kelvin

      Great but...we are deaf community and we need subtitle please.

      1. Vesta 2022

        countdown is a new reflex show for the inspiration mission. it has subtitles and shows a lot of detail about the launch and other aspects.

    98. MaskHero Zo

      Best roller coaster ride they won't forget.

    99. felpão*


    100. Marcell

      k grande