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    The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

    “Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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    1. Marcus Roele

      This kid was awesome in Jojo Rabbit. Wish they had put him in something original. And the way he is speaking makes me think someone was coaching him to be slow and clear in his speaking and it just sounds bad. Stupid Covid denied us the few movies we might have had when he was at his funniest age.

    2. tintinismybelgian

      Looks like garbage.

    3. Mike Allen

      so remake of the first just for F**K sakes why do they think we need remakes of old move this is Sh*t the only part that was funny but not haha funny was 1:34 and thats just me being nice lord help us for this POC.

    4. Raye

      Wow de-aging James Corden for the whole movie had to cost a fortune.

    5. Lizafoot For5

      Before Disney comes and takes down the comment section, I'll say this really STINKS 😝

    6. Vtuber Clips Ch.

      Please stop Disney, someone please make them quit, this isn't a remake, this is a tragedy. Its 2021, that kid probably has a cell phone and would call the cops.

    7. Arcanum of the Craft

      How does a modern Home Alone even work? With smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, ring doorbells etc. Unless it were a horror movie and the burglars were willing to go all the way and murder the kid. Home Alone should have been left alone.

    8. See Forwards

      Someone needs be fired and find a new job !!!

    9. Mr Safology

      Protect the kid from drugs this time.

    10. Brock Sampson

      Well, now I saw what this looks like when I first heard they were doing a remake out of Home Alone. The first time I heard about it. I was like "OH COME ON!" or "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" and when I now saw what the trailer is like. I'm not so sure remaking this film was such a good idea.

    11. Łukasz

      Money, money, money... Shame on You Disney...

    12. Ezekiel Lindsay

      Can’t wait to forget this movie exists

    13. Iyren Roboto

      I'm cancelling my Disney+ if my monthly sub fee is funding this crap. I can try Paramount+

    14. Maurice19

      Nope. They will not earn money for this. 30 years old guy I mean I watching this movie 20 times... They can do that...

    15. Артем Авраменко

      Зачем? Некоторые фильмы (к вашему сведению) являются золотым достоянием всего мира! Зачем это коверкать? Придумайте что то новое! То что было идеальным … лучше не переделывать! А если не хватает мозгов придумать лучше…кино это не ваше! Рубите бабло на другом!

    16. Mayooran Thevakumaran

      Thank you thank you thank you 😊

    17. kenseido64


    18. Tino Hernandez

      Messing up a classic movie 🤬

    19. Timothy Ward

      I don't usually downvote videos but I could not let this travesty go unacknowledged

    20. Екатерина Ломоносова

      Какой мерзкий отвратительный пацан! И конечно в этой семье есть негры! Серьезно, надоело в каждом фильме видеть обязательно смешанный брак!

    21. Elias Khanzadah

      The police guy is actually BUZZ from the original 😂

    22. Erlend Henriksen


    23. ITImen one


    24. Luke Green

      this makes home alone 4 look a masterpiece

    25. 05 Sentanu

      disney really need to stop remaking and rebooting old story

    26. Bunker Buster

      What a shite.

    27. Solid Goliath

      How ist this movie even possible? Everyone has Smartphones now?? 😅

    28. Boaz Awunde Dicks

      It looks like a good day to be a Nazi kid

    29. Whoopsi I Did a poopsi

      *Achievement unlocked* You fully watched this trailer and now you have cancer.

    30. Young6.3

      Сейчас время когда все и вся деградирует, в том числе и кинематограф!

    31. Renat Yanbekov

      Странно, что режиссер не Сарик Андреасян.

    32. Arjun Bharadhwaj


    33. BrooksProductionsStudios

      If this does not feature Macaulay Culkin as a cameo I will burn my house down.

    34. The Green Pyro

      This is just absolutely, disgustingly, visually horrible. Just the absolute worst idea ever. Hollywood has truly run out of ideas and has absolute morons running these studios.

    35. Parodiespitchedup official

      Is this a joke terrible acting Thanks for ruining my childhood just stop with these reboots each home alone movie just gets worse

    36. Liccle Dug

      I’m British and the accent is cringe in this. Delete it

    37. Firedudecod Gaming

      Worst movie trailer i have seen

    38. Phillip Ogwikans

      Only reason I’m watching this is for Buzz

    39. Esko Mujkanovic

      Just one is Kevin,1990

    40. Trawlawny Finest


    41. Rusty DangeRuss

      I’m offended by this film

    42. Ser Zavjalov

      Фигня, можно не смотреть🤦‍♂️

    43. Milika Mwanza

      Why would Disney assume that they can reboot, recreat an all time classic holiday movie that has been our favourite 🤔

    44. Achi11eStrikE

      Игра пацана гавно, искренность мамаши гавно, игра бандитов гавно, к тому же вместо Джо Пеши решили втулить какую-то девушку… Полностью согласен что первые 2 части отличная Рождественская уже классика. И ремейкать их это не уважать кино и искусство в целом

    45. SoulMaker's page


    46. DurableProductions TV

      Home Alone: Bri’ish Edition looks…nice

      1. Parodiespitchedup official

        Its terrible

    47. FEARnoHATE

      No one is going to be able to come close to the performances of the old actors. They already tried several times before after the second movie and it didn’t work. Someone needs to teach Disney what the definition of insanity is.

    48. Rooniman

      Was two shitty sequals not enough for ya, Disney?

    49. Fulcrum

      *"Off-brand Home Alone"*

    50. Matt Anderson

      The accent kills this for me

    51. David Perry

      We have once again been reminded that modern family entertainment can no longer differentiate feel-good from cheese. The original Home Alone had heart. It took its task as a film seriously, even as a comedy. This has gimmick and kitschy writing, and little else. It has no substance. These characters aren't people, they're caricatures.

    52. Micro Tasker

      Flabbergasted that in the year of our lord 2021 that a reboot would have a child that is not only white, but male to reprise this role.

    53. JK Darling

      Dame looking at the dislikes like wow Ghostbusters 2016 All Over Again haha

    54. Rodney R

      This is going to be a disaster. Just leave the movies alone. Its never gonna get as good as it was. Btw the originals didnt get a good review either. Later on they became cultmovies and big.

    55. Marcos Hernaez

      fans dislike it, but this is about another kid and another family, it doesn't bother me.

    56. Кирилл Кирилов

      Нет, плохая идея..

    57. youwouldbetterfuckme

      Guys, mixing that Southern English accent with a story held in the US is a stupidity.

    58. theohebkema

      Home alone 3 is way better than this.. it had an original story way different then this.. this is just copy paste come on.

    59. Rexxtank

      What for? Why reshoot masterpieces ?! You just completely copied everything, even the main character's mother's coat. That's horrible

    60. MrE 1979

      I have an idea!! Let’s make a NEW movie that HASN’T been made before. How stupid!

    61. Blake Forkins

      Why does this exist? Just why

    62. Mario Signorile

      Sto vomitando ❤

    63. irishboy664

      Holy moly that looks bad

    64. Dame Butler

      Nooooooooo!!!!! This is terrible!!!! For Disney to think they could remake the classic that is Home Alone is insane!!!!

    65. Floop500

      Kill me

    66. Horse Joint

      More likes then dislikes. Good 👍🏾

    67. Blanco Tarantino TV

      I see Buzz made a special appearance

    68. misteridiot

      Wait wait wait wait wait... Kids name is Max, not Kevin... We see a cops tag say McAllister... Is this not a remake, but a fuckin SEQUEL to the original movies??!?

    69. Priest Haris

      Boring. The old one is untouchable

    70. Hirst Movies


    71. Samuel Attias

      Kevin McCallister VS Max Mercer

    72. андрей клевцов

      Бездарная копирка

    73. Grysiek

      Not again... (-‸ლ)

    74. Samuel Attias

      Hi, Everybody, My name Is Max... Max Mercer! I'll Battle Jeffrey and Pamela After Kevin, Harry and Marv

    75. Jeremy's Custom Garage and Motorsports

      This is what rock bottom looks like

    76. Tomas Green

      Why?!?!?! Ah yes $o $$$$ad...

    77. Astraexastra

      When you’re in need of money.. Just make a crappy rewrite of a classic and ruin it

    78. Ennio Castañeda

      WTF is this?

    79. Lucio Forte

      podia ter feito continuaçao

    80. Samuel Attias

      My Name Is Max

    81. Benjámin Kurilla

      "Is this an out of season april's fools joke?"

    82. Yukimura Sanada

      but why? home alone is perfect already!

    83. Robert Kubiak

      Mmmmm.... brak kreatywności w Disney? ... Nie warto kopiować tego co było dobre..... Odgrzewany kotlet nie smakuje tak samo jak za pierwszym razem.

    84. Sarah Alvarado

      Biiiiig mistake 😂 look at those dislikes

    85. Tom Sheepskin

      Someone get Walt out of the freezer - he has to kick Disney's current management out the door

    86. Erwin Ekkel

      If you do a remake then at least make it interesting by making it a horror or something. This is just .. Horrible.

    87. Vseslavr


    88. Benjamin Syrsa

      this HAS to be violating some laws

    89. Damian Bukowski

      American family, british accent

    90. PieZello


    91. iuriius

      Hands off the classics 🤬

    92. Zielenina Pietruszkowa

      Seriously?!? It's not even funny. Home Alons is only one!

    93. David Ferguson

      Just stop

    94. tribal chief 2021

      Yet another classic that the unoriginal hacks in hollywood have remade .

    95. Sunglow

      This can't be real.

    96. Doctor Zlo

      NO WAY ! It’s all for money. Nothing more… Don’t spoil our memories…

    97. Rrr Ggg



      Looks like it's worth a miss...

    99. dokita doitmore

      Wow this looks sh#t