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    1. Ginger Marie

      God loves you so much that He sent His Holy Son Jesus from heaven to earth, to be born of a virgin, to grow up and die on a cross for our sins, and to be put into a tomb 3 days and rise from the dead the third day, and He (Jesus) went back up to heaven. We must receive Sinless Jesus sincerely to be God's child(John 1:12).After we get saved by grace through faith in Christ, if we truly love the Lord Jesus Christ, then we will obey Jesus(John 14:15). Mark 1:15 "And saying, the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: Repent ye, and believe the gospel." Jesus said in John 14:15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "There's a real hell. It says in Revelation 21:8 "But for the cowardly, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..." Please sincerely receive Holy Jesus & put your true faith & trust in Him today and please repent.

    2. Alexander Rodriguez


    3. Timothy Kiefer Malaki

      Are you relly a gay or boy

    4. MrAShorts

      Has he realeased the song at the end yet?

    5. MellamanElkin

      you gay?

    6. Surge

      The camera man was

    7. Kayleigh Dugdale

      If you invited me I was enough came straight away and make you happy

    8. Aioljd Hyhlus

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Alexa luna martine ❤️🤗😘😍❤️♥️💖💝💖💝💖💖🥰

    9. Aesthetic_HOney

      Are you really pregnant!? Anyway congrats, Hope to see lil baby Montero :3. (Idk if that's dietary Fiber or its real🤔🤔🤔)

    10. Oogii bold Oogii bold

      I waiting little montero

    11. Bella Mendoza

      hey I heard you drive the crown Victoria police interceptor

    12. Huệ Nguyễn

      this is next MV

    13. leandrino Padla

      Who's jack?

    14. Jayden Ferguson

      If you could send me some money I couldn't make it to your baby shower me and my brother is fine

    15. Garbah Linda

      That's so sad

    16. Daniel Master king of all kings

      Are you really having a baby your a boy

    17. Car Crazy Guy SA

      He is a hungry African child😢

    18. lisa

      😡 you put the wrong date so.



    20. TheChillKing

      Atleast the gifts showed up and so di the vid Grapher otherwise u wouldn't have been able to atleast make the vid

    21. Ryusei Kato


    22. WhenEvanDoesThis

      I would’ve come to his baby shower!

    23. Apple

      Wait im comfused last time i got to his channel it was when he was making a concert with roblox what the fuck happened and why is he pregnant!?!?!?' (No offense for him being gay just wondering y he pregnant)

      1. o_o /

        It’s not real. It’s fake. It’s a metaphor for the birthing of his new album.

    24. jack me


    25. VN


    26. Jemil Ramadan

      It is disgusting

    27. CJ’s Room

      It’s ok just be yourself

    28. Luca ha

      I'm so sorry if I was ur sis I would come

    29. Kaleb Davis

      Ayo that lil song at the end sound too fye

    30. amberselvyn3

      Sorry lil nas I'll come man

    31. kinginthegarden


    32. bumb_m9ney


    33. chistiah hart

      i was coming but i was stuck in traffic lol

    34. anime-tions

      xD i would have come but i wasnt invited

    35. Zelic

      That so cute ❣💕🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    36. Fadi Taha

      You are gayyyyyyyyyyy

    37. Gwmisc

      I would have been there but I overslept ✌️😩

    38. Jay Kay

      Don’t worry my dad was there

    39. Vladimir Douge

      Drax was here eating chips

    40. Davaughn Harris

      It is ok😭

    41. Bandi

      invite me next time Nas

    42. X×Sami-San×X

      Omg he use Pac-Man :0

    43. Emmapurple Emmapurple

      You could have invited me!!!!

    44. UAI FABRICIO ^_^

      Lil Nas X 🦋🛐

    45. Nicholas Halim

      Its like hes gonna be the next dc villain (Not hate comment)

    46. TheBaldGuy


    47. zoe??…

      Its a gay baby

    48. Урал Юмабаев

      Это называется Пельмень, а не беременность

    49. Spongebob

      Aww so sad =( Saying hi on every lil nas x vid

    50. Sam Esguerra

      I need full version of this song❤️🛐

    51. chan

      Wth 🤣 what man's have a babys

    52. Clinton Lopez

      Sorry I didn't go I would have but I got school

    53. 1 Bad Jesus

      Id'a gone but ... ... ... .. .. ... ... ... ..i got nothin.

    54. 1 Bad Jesus

      .. I'd skip it too.

    55. demon_roblox&yt

      Poor you:(

    56. Father Lokk

      I'm SUPER DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Lil Husky

      How did you do that to you

    58. Chuuu Hi

      this is weird as hell

    59. Kenisha Tonge

      I to glad no own show up bc its all fake

    60. kaykay

      Shit I didn't know he can get pregnant

    61. Karen Sanchez

      does the camara man not count ? 😭😭 i could've been there if you just sent an invitation 🥺🤣

    62. Mrs. Banks

      You're really sick in the head.. Attention seeking much. 😡

    63. YaBoiKiko

      Who the hell injected him? 🤮

    64. Miss_unknown

      How is nas pregnant was he born a girl and became a boy? Or a girl that look like a boy and haven't grow b**bies yet? Edit: im not juding i am just confused a bit

    65. Geoffrey Mutura

      Cause you be 2 gay go to heaven

    66. Bravas gaming

      I feel bad

    67. little man

      Where's from Billy Ray Cyrus ?😆

    68. mikhail

      he's gay

    69. Deidrik FF


    70. Faisalシ

      Bruh really LOL

    71. Cheyanne Baeighkley

      Bro I would have come !!!💙

    72. صلاح الصافي

      Sorry that no one showed up :(

    73. Erland Alvaro

      Lol boys

    74. manjiro sano


    75. manjiro sano

      Are you gay

    76. Marie _chan

      *Happy YAOI FAN nOISES* Who’s the father-?


      I feel bad for lil nas x :(

    78. Shift_Ikxz*


    79. Rehan Acuy

      Hhe gay

    80. Soy Feliz


    81. carl

      My dad was there but..

    82. M.T Lady


    83. Fortnight gamer girl account Rabine

      It’s OK John Cena came you just can’t see him OK

    84. Radiical


    85. Tom

      Man's has babies I thought it was only girls

    86. Don't eat me pls

      John cena went to lil nas x’s baby shower

    87. Ibrahim

      Present names are ppl he did songs with in his new album

    88. crazy me


      1. Shroomish

        @crazy me how is he disgusting?

      2. crazy me

        @Shroomish HIM! And what are you going to do about it?

      3. Shroomish

        What is

    89. Dionatan Sousa


    90. Hrithik Kadam


    91. Karen Sharp

      is this real is he pregnant?

      1. Karen Sharp

        @Shroomish lol

      2. Shroomish

        No. Hes a male. He biologically can not be pregnant obviously

    92. Abi-gail💖

      This is sooo soo sad to see him be sad💔😭

    93. Ashl3y


    94. Naruto Uzamaki

      If I was up there that way I would’ve went Nas

    95. King Enow

    96. Hans The german

      I think it’s because of the industry baby music video. People still associate you with the fun wholesome old town road song. People aren’t ready for your “great leap forward “ .I’m not being a bitch about it I’m just advising you. At least get some waves, then people will respect you

      1. Shroomish

        Its just acting. Not an actual baby shower.

    97. Riley Westerlund

      Wait... Lil Nas X is pregnant??

    98. TAPXWater

      U didnt give US the invite