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    HERE WE GO! Vasyl Lomacheno and Teofimo Lopez both weigh in and finally face off for their lomachenko lopez fight! As both Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez step on the scales and make 135lbs and have a intense face off as this is the lomachenko vs lopez weigh in and lomachenko lopez face off as both fighters fight on Oct 17 on ESPN!
    ВОТ ТАК! Василий Ломачено и Теофимо Лопес взвешиваются и, наконец, вступают в бой с Ломаченко Лопесом! И Василий Ломаченко, и Теофимо Лопес встают на весы, набирают 135 фунтов и имеют напряженное противостояние, поскольку это взвешивание Ломаченко и Лопеса, и Ломаченко Лопес сталкиваются в бою, когда оба бойца сражаются 17 октября на ESPN!
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    1. Fight Hub TV


      1. gary fen

        🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔 yes that’s right lopez was so lucky went 12 rounds but if the round went 15 or 16 I believe loma would knock Lopez Lopez was already tired where loma was just getting warm up Lopez lucky it was 12 rounds loma would definitely ready to knock him out ☺️☺️☺️ i want rematch

      2. Barry Wilson

        @Branden Washington The great White HOPE 😄 Eastern European fighter so call "take over" 🤭 of boxing here in America 🇺🇸 train 🚆 as HBO use to brag about before they went "under" 😄 have once again been DERAILED!!!! 😆🤭😢✊🏻

      3. Branden Washington

        @billy stagg easy work!!

      4. KABLE MUSIC


      5. The Watchers


    2. Reynaldo Medina Aguirre

      Señores quiero hacerles una pregunta, será que siente verguenza Teofimo Lopez, del regalo descarado que le hicieron al darle ganador por decision unanime, será que siente un poco de pena.

    3. Hailey Cadman

      hehgbbffg Ha iley hi7 Ha yy66666666

    4. gary fen

      🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔 yes that’s right lopez was so lucky went 12 rounds but if the round went 15 or 16 I believe loma would knock Lopez Lopez was already tired where loma was just getting warm up Lopez lucky it was 12 rounds loma would definitely ready to knock him out ☺️☺️☺️ i want rematch

    5. Insight Third eye awaken

      Am not impressed with Lopez beating a smaller Loma who came up two weigh division he should have knock him out he obviously was the bigger fighter he looked like he weighed 140 to 145 Jr Light or welterweight not impressed with Lopez at all

    6. King Rye

      Lomachenko Kos covid lmaoo

    7. Art Delgado

      Where are all the annoying lomosexuals

    8. Andrew Segura

      Loma was all hype. Got his ass spanked. Lol

    9. Rickey Bradley

      Any more questions people! BuToday's date 10 18. 2020 🤣

    10. big tuna eat me

      Lomo is a joke. I have been saying it for over 2 years. Everyone knows why he had so much fame.

    11. Art Delgado

      Loma was the biggest hype job

    12. Brandon L


    13. Rayray

      Teofimo outboxed the boxer hahaha beautiful display by the NEW CHAMPION

    14. Van Smoken

      All the Lomachenko “experts” were so right until you were wrong. Man I love this sport

    15. Drones View Photography

      Hahahaha where is all the nomaschenko fans . Thats right nomaschenko he dominated him took him to American school of boxing im so happy for the new champ

    16. D Me

      So glad I grew up watching boxing when it was GREAT, in the 70's & early 80's. Now, it'

    17. lazez18 tv

      Lopez looks like Max Holloway 🤣

    18. Kaos Chronicles

      He cant beat loma. Guaranteed win for loma. Lopez is good but not good enough.

    19. Lady M

      Teofimo is a little unappreciative entitled kid talking sh*t of the hand that feeds him and has prepared him to be a Champion his DAD. Good luck staying on that high horse. God says to honor your parents dude not by backstabbing them. My parents were also strict and cold but I never dared to put them on blast for their mistakes. Be grateful he never abandoned you. If he wins his dad deserves respect and if he doesn't he should learn not to bite more than what he can.



    21. Jo Ja

      Temofimo dad reminds me of danny gracias dad...mouth write checks...

    22. Jonathan Soko

      Thats what happens when you try to tell a eastern slav and a puerto rican what to do, too real

    23. jorn2 jorn2

      Вася, удачи тебе и победы!!!

    24. Louis Prastowo

      You obviously can see which one is more confident than the other. While confidence is not the the only one factor, it brings you lots of fuel in the tank.

    25. Texas Made Born N Raised

      “Back then hoes didn’t want me now I’m hot hoes all on me” 😁

    26. Lebron Molina

      Imagine boxing with social distancing

    27. Anthony Calderon

      Desde RD Anthony calderon.

    28. Ghad Speed

      Who’s watching right now?

    29. Alexis lopez llanos

      Porque es permitido este cara a cara tan cerca sin mascarillas puestas?

      1. Eduardo Reyes

        Por qué cuando peleen no va haber cubrebocas

    30. reganmaranan

      as expected. loma got exposed. cant believe lopez k.o. him in 6. what a fight.

    31. R M

      Maaan Loma looks for real!

    32. takahashi kenji


    33. Denis Odessa

      Lopez 🐓

    34. Darwin Baez

      I like both fighters but I hope loma wins to humble Teo and specially his dad

    35. Javier Esparza

      Teo knocking out knocking out loma round 6 Marquez style!!

    36. Mabirizi Shafic Nsereko


    37. SOLARVERSE 1

      Lomanchenko. 1

    38. javier etnies

      Canelo ya hubiera puesto cláusulas

    39. Dejuan Richard

      Loma going to kill that boy

    40. leo gallardo

      Lomachenco por decisión va ganar 👌

    41. Ron Harry

      Lopez knocks out loma in the 6th wobbles him with a punch then rips him apart.. im the time traveller place ur bets now

    42. Hector Rivera

      Lopez luce sólido

    43. Tracey Bryon

      Come on Teo 😊

    44. Ricardo Zavala


    45. Lucas Santos

      Max Holloway = Teofimo Lopez?

    46. Dj Play


    47. Danry Noirrab

      I think LOMA big chance to WIN

    48. Karla Paz

      Teo vamos con todo carajo 🇭🇳

    49. dean thiessen

      Lopez in for a matrix style beatdown...hahahahahaha!

    50. arturo vargas lujan


    51. Radical_like_ KHALID


    52. Brendan Cronin

      Don’t piss off a Russian or a Ukrainian ; they usually take it in stride....

    53. Jonathan Lambarena

      Loma look like a tiny Joe smith Jr lol

    54. john-mark lokojmg Garcia

      They did a bad job promoting this fight I literally hear about it today

      1. Dj Play

        You just a casual. The fight was promoted 🤷🏻‍♂️

    55. Pure Muscle

      This how it supposed to go now tune in....🤫Lopez by ko 👀

    56. 几丨几卂

      That was the most aggressive stare down from Loma. He's not playing no games!!!!

    57. Edwin Bernal

      A todo rey tardé o temprano le llega su hora de ser destronado hoy vamos por esa corona teofimo López , no trato de generar comentarios desagradables solo le echó a que gana teofimo López va a dar una gran sorpresa.🤪🤪

      1. Eduardo Reyes

        Estoy de acuerdo todo rey le llega su hora de dejarle el trono pero a su hijo , que pasó cuando rigondiux ( el chacal ) pelio con lomachenko no hizo nada cuando le pegó duro a Nonito Donaire

    58. Gamecore

      14 fights and a loss to SALIDO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 who is this BUM

    59. Robert Ortiz

      Their voting republican lol

    60. Jessica Palomino

      Teofimo is gonna win

    61. Gregory Jones

      Don't 🛌 on Lopez this dude isn't 🚮 he got dynamite in that right 🖐️ it could be 🌆🌆 for Loma.. I'm riding with that gangster 👴face Lopez.

    62. TheFreespirit2222

      watch Teo v the Japanese guy...Loma gunna hurt and school Lopez big time ..eyes say it all

    63. Nordman Msi

      Против лома нет приема. Якутия за Васю.

    64. Marvey Edward Romero

      I like how teo fight he's exciting to watch but loma's skills is way above his. no backflip for lopez tomorrow.

      1. Frank T

        Loma had humble pie for dinner and loved it.

    65. CYCLOPS xx

      Teo next Pacquiao

    66. Speed Racer

      Fight of the year

    67. Mauro Perez

      Loma: if he dies, he dies. RIP Lopez

      1. Van Smoken

        Teo wins

    68. James Negron

      Look I got big money on teofimo’s a Latin thing we some hungry beast! Take over our time is now it’s going down for real!

    69. The Script Writer

      Loma ain't playing. The kid is in some serious trouble.

    70. AfanJeffrey03

      Is it necessary for those women to.stamd at the back.

      1. Dj Play

        Yes very much so 👀

    71. William Murray

      Won't fight Haney so I guess you might as well fight Lopez 😂

    72. CJ Ussery

      Let’s go!!!

    73. Dave Richmond

      Loma no mask Lomachenko! They both look ready but I still have Loma winning this fight

    74. G MONEY

      The only two fighters stepping up with belts Win or Lose congrats to what them for giving the fans what they asked for as opposed your favorite fighters sitting at home, talking ish, over pricing each other or just refusing to fight......Let’s go Teo!!!

    75. staceypayton8

      I like Teo in this fight...

    76. Chris Clark

      Going to be an amazing fight!!!

    77. Jozeph Voorheez

      When Lopez knocks Loma clean out... all these Loma fanboyz gonna start with the (that’s because Loma is getting old) excuses, smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Esteban L

        I dont care what they gonna say, they gonna remember, trust me.

    78. Дима Леонте

      Позор вам! Платную транс. сделали((

    79. R

      A proper fight where the outcome isnt obvious. Loma the more skilled (and the faveorite).......but Teo is very good too AND younger, full of piss and reach advantage - is a current champion and thus will be highly driven......I expect Loma to win, but this is gonna be a tough fight for him. I dont think hes gonna make Teo quit.

    80. Viktor Kramarenko

      Лопес очень нервничал, очень! Это сразу бросилось в глаза. А Лома красавчик, классный ход когда он приблизился к Лопесу ближе чем было запланировано. Лома - это сила💪 Сегодня вся Украина за тебя. Удачи. Очень ждал твоего боя. Надеюсь будет шоу!

    81. Андрій Турченюк

      Lopez already shit his pants

    82. MADNIS

      1:52 oh god just kiss and get it over with already

    83. MADNIS

      Imagine being a grown man and flexing when you only weigh 135 pounds. 🤣

    84. Jb Edwards

      Shit is going to be a war at some point of this fight🔥🔥

    85. マサナベビダル


    86. HIP HOP HUB TV

    87. AficionadoKO

      Versace underwear or Bad MFer shorts, who has class and who is an ass?

    88. Flamur Arifi

      Loma is very feel 😂

    89. Jecho3

      I think Loma got this, but huge respect to Lopez. Really good kid, too bad his dad is fueling him with unnecessary anger and hate. With a proper trainer he'll be unstoppable. Good luck to both!

    90. Fons Gregorio

      Loma looks like he's ready to go ahha first time seeing him aggressive in a face off.

    91. Celestine Nkabalema

      Teo looks nervous 😩

    92. Rashid Ahmed

      Lomachenko is masterful and in a league of his own, the only way someone can beat this man is by single punch KO, can't see this pup doing it, he might have that single punch KO ability but it's not gonna work with Loma. The longer the fight goes the easier it will be for Loma, Lopez will be looking to land his hard punches in the early rounds, then Loma gonna give him a lesson in humility.

    93. Erik Pederson

      Lopez is to athletic to lose.

    94. Sbukeli Zuma

      Since they also call WBC for Lomachenko, what does Devin Haney have??

    95. cesc fabregas

      Василий нокаутом, хладнокровным ударом по печени.

    96. Игорь Стадниченко

      Судя по взгляду Лопеса и его телодвижениям он до боя уже проиграл. Мне его жалко. Будет ему урок. Злоба и ненависть не союэник в любом деле, а враг и этот враг разрушает своего насителя, так что тяжко будет Лопесу во время боя, и тем паче после.

    97. GNate Music

      What’s the song playing in the background called?

    98. mrjamesgrimes

      Why are people saying López is so much bigger than Loma? They both weighed 135 and López is only an inch taller

    99. HIP HOP HUB TV

    100. Анарбек Жусупов

      Ломаченко!!! Вася порви его!!!