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God of War - Announce Trailer | PC



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    1. Brandon Garcia

      Guess that exclusives argument is going down the drain.

    2. i love gaming

      thank u so much for this

    3. Dave Lahoud


    4. Most Wanted Gaming

      Is this the real life ?! Or am I dreaming ?!

    5. GabezNL

      A game better than TLOU 2

    6. Daniele K.

      "We are more than that"

    7. Uqail Isyraf

      Glad to see that my pc gamer friends can experience the masterpiece too

    8. DragonBatSpidey

      What about the rumors of this game getting a PS5 remaster?

    9. Jorge Menezes

      Can't wait to play it on my RX570 using my xbox controller.

    10. Suheil techniquel Gamer

      Minimum system requirements

    11. Shrey

      5k dislikes from Playstation 4 players

    12. Sam Konkel

      They’re putting this on PC…WHY?!

      1. Rocky Raidy

        @Sam Konkel what’s wrong with having more people play a video game? Is it really that big of a deal

      2. Sam Konkel

        @1k And, FYI, everybody DID play this at 20fps, and NOBODY complained about it. DID they?

      3. Sam Konkel

        @1k I just asked why they were putting this on PC.

    13. Mohamed Ghars El-deen


    14. IamRAMMOfficial

      I will be doing a 100% PC walkthrough when this gets released. Dont forget to check this small youtube channel

    15. MindSet Sounds

      Cant wait to play it again on PC! In its true potential!

    16. Youtube Watcher

      Playstation gang is 1

    17. Hussain Aradi


    18. aj thapa

      Dreamgame on jan 14

    19. Josu López

      Que pasada!!!

    20. Gremmer Misteke

      will older versions of GOW also come to pc ? Those were also classics

    21. Andi Ersaldy Raisha Pakki

      finally, I can play this game not from my jet engine...

    22. MeetMEinOuterSpace88

      now do spider man

    23. gage Cessac

      Will we be able to use a Xbox controller?

    24. Ismail Alhamry

      Fitgirl repack watching this video: CRACK TIME

    25. SRN

      thanks universe

    26. Rip van winkle

      If ps4 games,xbox and nintendo games all come to pc whats the point in these console companies? All games gonna come to pc

    27. Spaceboi Scapahandre

      Why isn’t it January 14th yet? I need to protect the boy

    28. Based420

      great, now it's not a playstation exclusive.

      1. Based420

        @Tyler Dobson they literally had no reason to release it on pc after like 10 years

      2. Based420

        @Tyler Dobson all those years of being a ps exclusive and now they released it on pc for what exact reason??

      3. Tyler Dobson

        And why is that a bad thing? Awwww don't you have bragging rights anymore?😢

    29. HowManyMyles

      Replaying this on pc will be NUTS!

    30. NoobPlaysARK

      Yo, I think when Kratos was talking about the knives and atreus, I think the knife is meant to represent GOW, atreus Pc and Kratos PS!

    31. Lino 2

      heavenly sword 2😀ps5

    32. Aether

      I can finally play this masterpiece at more than 30 fps.

      1. Max Munoz

        It’s been playable on 60fps on consoles for like 6months soo..

      2. Cinnamon Noob

        Ps4 pro played it at 60fps on performance mode tho tbf it was a stuttery 60fps dipping into the 50s and even 40s at times

    33. Bs Panwar

      Hope, spiderman will be released on pc too. Wait, others want it too. Great.

    34. ziOzi

      Don't worrry guys, Playstation will release all their exclusive for pc in the future, just wait... I hope GoW trilogy come to PC too...

      1. Tyler Dobson

        @Ariq i mean PS 1,2 and 3 emulators are working so we could just use them🤣

      2. Ariq

        @Tyler Dobson hey man lets not take away the happiness these fanboys have right now. GoW trilogy might come to pc who knows. For now let these fanboys be happy

      3. Tyler Dobson

        @Bobby And why would I get a ps5 when I have a bomb pc

      4. Tyler Dobson

        @Bobby Alright I'll wait 4 years I have halo to keep me busy for a long time. And 4 years? Nah don't think so when ps games came to pc not even a year after release. And I have over 105 games to play in my steam library 😊😂

      5. Bobby

        @Tyler Dobson Go wait 4 years then 🤣 and may not even have chance to be ported. Playstation players be enjoying life for real

    35. Eric Woolford


    36. Apurba Biswas

      FINE.. I'll play the game again. But I gotta say, getting a pc trailer from playstation is kinda awkward.

    37. Stepy

      these 5k dislikes are just ps4 fanboys that are mad

    38. ElderCyclone2

      Me, a console player: Wow that’s nice! Anyways

    39. Manik Das

      Thank you Sony ps you have no idea how excited i am

    40. Ruben Ramirez

      People act like PC players couldn't POSSIBLY have played this before

    41. Titan Fruits

      Look everybody, I like this game too, but hogging it is just disrespectful at this point. This game sold SO WELL that they DROPPED the price by 75% on ps4 stores because they just thought “everybody needs to experience this easier” making it more available on other platforms makes sense as the next logical step. Besides, there is probably a threshold that games have to reach on play station to get it ported, and we still get the games 4 YEARS in advance.

    42. smokeity

      -ps4 exclusive- pc exclusive game

      1. Bobby


    43. Syarif Maulana Pratama

      Cringe pc

      1. Michael


    44. Ghassan Kayali

      Think of the MODS!

    45. Daniel Ferreira

      Please BUY this game! Support Santa Monica so they can give us another GOTY! I paid 19,99€ for it in the PS store and i actually think i robbed them!! Truly masterpiece.

    46. Onion Bro

      I can just imagine the mods that are coming.

    47. PBeezy


    48. Dany

      But can it run on intel HD?

    49. imBad

      Guys it gonna be some difference at PC, or just same version? i think about granphics/gameplay changes or small diff. thanks for help greetings

      1. Dany

        The graphics will change alot

    50. trap tracks

      Any chance of running in i3 4th gen with 8gb ram gt 710 and 240 gssd

      1. General Kenobi


      2. Christopher Shimmin


    51. Enigma Ruin

      Y'all forgot its not free...

      1. DSB DSB

        @Enigma Ruin It is free as PS plus collection on PS consoles & so i thought that maybe you were talking about that.

      2. Enigma Ruin

        @DSB DSB what do you mean??

      3. Enigma Ruin

        @deez bruh all my friends thought its free soo ya.

      4. Enigma Ruin

        @General Kenobi oh ya lol

      5. DSB DSB

        @General Kenobi It is free on PS5 & i assume that's what the thread is about.

    52. Lil Midoriya

      Cries in low specs.

      1. Lil Midoriya

        @The Crynisis igot dat tho

      2. Lil Midoriya

        @The Crynisis ok np

      3. The Crynisis

        You need atleast 8gb ram to play flawless

      4. Lil Midoriya

        @Adriel 4gb

      5. Lil Midoriya

        @Adriel with a ryzen 3 3200U

    53. Diego Drummond Lage Assis

      Top! Aguardando FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. Mais alguém?

    54. Bernardo Báez

      Sony es el nuevo sega

    55. Samuel Johnson

      There is going to be a lot of mods for this game

    56. Red X

      Can't wait for mods that speed up walking segments.

    57. xThe_Professionalx

      Pc master race time

    58. Gulltuss

      Great, hope they add Tlou 1 and 2 aswell to pc

    59. cosmicalblackghost

      am holdin my oldy slow tinny pc sayin boy ! u must be a warrior

    60. Zanx Gaming

      Marvel Spider-Man on pc steam plz !!!!!

    61. dark gamerzz

      frikn awzm!!! after Horizons, another great game! thank you sony i hope it can 3840x1080 and a fov option from 50 to 140!!!!

      1. Christopher Shimmin

        32:9 hopefully.

    62. NoiseLoop Gaming

      It's time to drive a car kratos

    63. Peter Wesley M. Masinsin

      Oh wait! I just remembered Sigrun and the valkryies being in the game. Oh boy, PC gamers prepare your keyboards to be destroyed.

    64. Art Of Designs

      how we download this on pc

      1. Dany

        You need steam and have to wait for it to release then you can play (you buy ofc)

    65. LAW & ORDER 66

      Fanboy tears= my 3090: Vroom Vroom

    66. Centaur


    67. Randomize

      I cant wait mod skin kratos🤣🤣

    68. Unknown

      PS fanboys that are mad really don't know what they're talking about. The PS1 had FF7 - 9, Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider on PC as well. They still blew up on the PS1 and are considered the greatest hits.

      1. xukun cai

        I'm not a ps fan, I'm a console user, I'd rather this game on Xbox

    69. JellySlop

      congrats pc gamers. this game is a real masterpiece

      1. Ahmed A

        @xukun cai cry

      2. xukun cai

        no,it's shouldn't on PC

      3. thatpower


    70. Rip van winkle

      I got a ps4 this year for a reason I wanted a pc but I got ps4 for a reason

    71. TheKevinNerd

      Meanwhile pc titles won’t come out on console…

      1. BeatmasterAC

        um Stellaris, The Witcher, Diablo, Battlefield, Civilization, Baldurs Gate were once PC Exclusives that went to Consoles.

      2. Hoes mad

        That's usually because the game wont run on console or the control scheme wouldnt work. No one is paying to keep things exclusive to pc.

    72. grudzik goodbridger

      now we waiting for spider man xD

    73. Pedro loko

      Pago até 499$


      I want GOW 3 also on PC

    75. Ishan Ramen525

      Don’t get ahead of yourselves, you guys won’t get Ragnarok until 2030.

      1. Dany

        @Loyal Mavs Fan that's the same year that half life 2 took place in

      2. modest_spice

        @Loyal Mavs Fan Yeah, besides it doesn't matter since all we ever really have to wait for is time. We have lots of other games to play on PC in the meantime. There's Starfield next year, Avowed probably next to that, then ES6. Factorio, Rimworld, or even Pathfinder WoTR.

      3. Loyal Mavs Fan

        2023 on PC


      Some Sony fans aren't taking this lightly. its OK, it was bound to happen at some point. Don't be sad.


        @Nevermind Hope so to

      2. Nevermind

        I hope one day is goes to Xbox because this game is amazing and my all time favorite

    77. Grunzgesetz

      Can we have Shadow of the colossus on PC too?

    78. Ezora V


    79. DaPlon

      Best game ever. Congratulations PC gamers.

    80. seedees

      I don't remember any of this. thanks COVID-19! Do you get psn trophies, double trophies from PC version???

      1. Upsidedown & Blue

        No - you get steam rewards (cards, backgrounds, badges and whatever else they add)

    81. Omik Sheth

      IDontHaveMoneySony 🤣

    82. Abdussalam Asbehie

      نحن في الانتظار يا SONY يا روعة

    83. Cesar silva

      tenho nem pc pra isso kkkkk

    84. Cena Games

      PlayStation PC LLC ❤️

    85. Tetralogy Studio

      I cried 😂

    86. DavidMiguelSV


    87. Djawad Dadi


    88. Lime 12 C4d

      Ok next game to pc Ratchet and Clank please :))

    89. aish camnila

      Port it to even x box i dont really care..haha.. as long the dev make a great.. better sequel or other game for us to enjoy from the money they got.. plus majority of gow fans from the og one.. old enough already to care about exclusivity because by now i think most of them can buy what ever platform to play with..

    90. Wellington k

      Diz que vai liberar gow ragnarok no day 1 pra PC assim eu não preciso comprar um ps5! Pq pc é superior a ps5 o que falta é jogos assim

      1. General Kenobi

        Not confirmed yet gow Ragnarok will be on pc day one

    91. Eduard Amihaiesi

      Next is the spiderman game on pc

    92. Dudulinek

      Thank you for PC version!! I just finished Days Gone on PC, Horizon, RDR2 ... awesome games! 😍😍😍

    93. Akram Larara

      You should've made a deal to get Forza Horizon in return.

      1. sikm33

        @Akram Larara PC ≠ Microsoft lol... tf kinda logic is that...

      2. Bill Overbeck

        Deal with who? Nobody is owner of the pc plataform.

      3. Akram Larara

        Not fair

      4. Adam D.G

        will never happen on ps

    94. Rg5113

      I really hope Ghost of Thsushima will also be coming to PC.

      1. Mosi Eminem

        It will i guess later you can download ps5 on your pc too

      2. Spriditis_

        It will, in 2022

    95. Bohdan Šmoldas

      I'm still waiting for the killzone series on the PC

      1. BeatmasterAC

        * cries in Driveclub, UFC Undisputed 3, Fight Night Champion and Afro Samurai *

    96. the ultimate tank

      Me with 8gb ram and i3:crying noises

    97. Andersson A. A.

      Vamos carajo!, ahora si con todo Kratos Psdt: Lo jugare en idioma ingles con subtítulos en español, porque mas poder tiene la voz en ingles que en latino a mi parecer

    98. Zaid Qureshi

      More PS Exclusive games should be ported to PC.

    99. DK12

      Are this game ray tracing dlss ready lets go

    100. Moraco Mole

      BOYYYYYY PC Edition