INSANE! UAE Training Camp | Episode 3

Khabib Nurmagomedov

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    Опубликовано: 13 дней назад


    1. 삼마패신암행어사

      Imagine treating a living animal like that. Disgusting.

    2. Mouhssinebra


    3. Ronaldo Pires

      What is this language that they're speaking? Is this russian?

    4. Nor Afiza Jantan

      The joke is crazy lol

    5. Dillon Maduro

      Whos here after he announced his retirement

    6. Fajar Ikhsan


    7. Мага Даталов

      Я 1 смотрю это после боя если нет лайк на коммент

    8. Ismail Hossain

      'film me too' 'dont ask too many questions' ahahahha

    9. Taksis Sadaf

      Lol , the funniest moment when, even the boys shouted like girls when they saw this giant 🐍.......😂😂😂

    10. Khan ktg

      Now i understand why you walk like this,3:37 and 3:57

    11. Jeremiah Woschniak

      The guy from 1:00 is the guy who sucker punched Conor, right? Goddamn! His voice and accent sounds so similar in every russian villain in movies.

    12. Hayy Hayy

      Asalamualaikum wr wb Khabib from indonesia

    13. Mahfud md


    14. Nathan Lhoni

      As a Christian myself I have huge respect for what the Khabib team is doing in the MMA world make ur success continue n hopefully u can achieve all that u want to achieve in ur life Khabib💯💯

    15. Legendary Beast

      These guys are the G.O.A.T in this. They can do this easily regardless of how hard it will be then accomplish it. I believe in them respect to u guys

    16. mkenya mzalendo

      Alhamdulillah..... barakallahu fikum

    17. Exclusive Azim

    18. Fine Tye

      Rooting for your win from america 🔥🇺🇸🇷🇺💪 YOU ARE THE BEST EVER ☝️🦅

    19. Fine Tye

      Rooting for your win from america 🔥🇺🇸🇷🇺💪 YOU ARE THE BEST EVER ☝️🦅

    20. Fine Tye

      Rooting for your win from america 🔥🇺🇸🇷🇺💪 YOU ARE THE BEST EVER ☝️🦅

    21. Jamshid Negmatov

      Я из Узбекистана

    22. Jamshid Negmatov

      Хабиб мы с тобой 👊 мы с отцом уверены что ты выиграешь.

    23. Rex Abruzzi

      This is a different breed. They start wresting in the middle of a convo. ANY CONVO! 😎

    24. Nonato Cunha

      Melhor treino .garela de ponta

    25. MH gaming


    26. Амира и Айза


    27. MrFrank991


    28. Radik

      Эсед халу😂👍

    29. Ibrakhim Kalmykov

      Wa Aleykum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

    30. Pravda opasna

      1:33 убил))))

    31. Jahangir Dadashov

      Yooo Tony look at Islam Makhachev, He is your Fighter.... tony vs Islam.... Dana look at this 2 fighters. Islam will mal this el kukuy 100%

    32. bellysplit4ways

      Khabib is the best in jesus mighty name

    33. SuperRAilya



      Вперёд братья!

    35. Labu Labi

      You can do it my brother. You are great fighter. Allah always with you.

    36. Faheem Abdulla

      Russians- we are not scared of bear , eagle , lion Snake - 🤯🤯🤯

    37. Asadulo Safaraliev

      Салам брати мусульмани Хабиб ты чемпион,

    38. NELCSY

      Khabib feeling like he is taking his dad's pace and remembers at 1:50

    39. Lord Burlap

      For the sake of the stand-up game as opposed to the tedium of the ground game, I hope Justin wins.

    40. seeni gzty

      assalamualikum warphmatullahi wabarokatuh everybody there

    41. Аслан Кудрицкий

      Удачи братья 🖤

    42. Mujahid Walikhan

      Khabib is almost like a coach..

    43. Moe A

      He has it Still go to suffocate his pray like anaconda

    44. Chevy51

      Kill or be kill 🇷🇺🥊🇺🇸

      1. seeni gzty

        "I will make snake tired then maul it" -Khabib

    45. Chevy51

      🇷🇺 by submission 4 round 🥊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


      ASSALAAMUALAIKUM... I am from INDIA. Bro Khabib, practice leg-slap shot (hit the opponent's leg, like as you are hitting a football, from right to left (grond-level - ankle to calf/knee). May Allaah bless you and all your team.) I will show you (in video) how if you want. Jazaakallaahu Khair.

    47. Вася Борисюк

      Вы красавцы уважуха Вам, Хабиб будь такимже сильным всегда , твое поведение пример для многих в том числе и для Ломаченко. Как бы не сложылась твоя карера мы с тобою, я верю в твой дух. СЛАВА ВСЕВЫШНЕМУ

    48. ahmad bashar

      asaalamualaikum khabib team.....khabib is born to fight...the winner is khabib....still humble//salam from Indonesia......

    49. Михаил Столяров

      Хабиб мы узбеки стобой. Удачи.

    50. Abasin

      I really love you 😘 Khabib

    51. ufc ufc

      Не хабиб конечно они,высокомерные и благодаря Хабе их видят к сожалению не красивое поведение,скромность,вежливость воспитанность у них не как у Хабиба!!!не добились результата у газуют!!!а Хабибу желаю здоровье дай Аллах тебе всех благ и побед красивых в спорте и в жизни!!!!

    52. shahjad chauhan

      Allah always with you brothers no one can defeat us Insha Allah

    53. Рамазан Казиев

      На войну готовиться как будьто спортсмены

    54. Dead Moroz

      А флаг национальный будет на плечах , после победы ? 🤔

    55. timothy

      Ok. KHABIB IS A BEAST and amazing grappler. But its like modern day Rocky vs Russia 🇷🇺 this weekend. Let's see what he has. Even tho he only fights once a year. Justin is a huge wrestler too so let's see what goes down.

    56. Moonr


    57. Barry Pruden


    58. Mpho Ratshefola.

      "I will make snake tired then maul it" -Khabib

    59. sharafath arabi

      ഇങ്ങള് പോളിക്ക് മുത്തേ .നമ്മടെ കട്ട സപ്പോർട്ട് ഉണ്ട്. ഇങ്ങള് ഞമ്മക് പെരുത്ത ഇഷ്ടാണ് 😍😍

    60. Gig 777

      support from armenian 💪💪💪

    61. Ali Daud Tariq

      Justin gaethje mess with wrong person ⚔️☝️

    62. Ramil Avyasov

      Змеи это писец. Однозначно тоже не моё))

    63. A I B E K A B D I K A R I M O V

      ну давайте без дизлайка

    64. Jay Spacely

      Sending motivation to my brothers - Father's Plan #ALHAMDULILLAH

      1. bocoy noiu

        war khabib

    65. абду 3000

      Хабиб наши брат иншааллах выиграет Таджикистан с вами 🤲🤲🤲🤲💪💪💪

      1. bocoy noiu

        These guys wear some really long shirts... Good luck brother.. POUND FOR POUND NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV!!!!!!!!!!!!

    66. Abdul Qaadir

      1:32 - what a real GANGSTA

    67. Bahrul Alam

      Allahu akbar

    68. yellowmma

      Хабиб цитатник

    69. Umer Farooq

      Guys remember the Maine card starts at 2pm eastern time in North America!!

    70. John Wick

      وعليكم السلام

    71. Mike G

      03:11 ... wait, what???

    72. Danish Bhat

      What did they get the python 😂😂

    73. Cindy Vincenzo

      It’s Khabib time!! Till retirement- inshaAllah

    74. Peter Williamson

      I thought Khabib was the Eagle not the Python.

    75. Muhammad Nur

      InsyaAllah #ANDSTILL

    76. Ed Dames

      Me and my daughter who is studying in Tokyo are solid supporters of Khabib. We will be watching via PPV and cheering for Team Khabib and will be ready to celebrate your great victory even if where too far from Dubai. My daughter, Jemi, is finishing her animation course and hopes to join a Film-Making studio. She is a solid Khabib fan that she has started to speak like a Dagestani! We are Christians who have great respect for your culture and family values. Blessings!

    77. Stevo123

      Good luck from Australia guys! 💪🏼

    78. dewey muggles

      These guys wear some really long shirts... Good luck brother.. POUND FOR POUND NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. The Kross

      war khabib

    80. salvo azzurro

      Kabib gorilla

    81. Spechtologe

      Dream Matchup: Zubaira Tukhugov vs Snake in the Grass TJ Dillashaw, 2 drug cheats fighting each other

    82. Will

      thats a big snake damn

    83. хочу все знать

      Здоровые мужики,а общаются как подростки ауешники!

    84. shakeel mukati

      Alhumdulillah Allah is Greatest"and Allah is with u khabib.

    85. Елена Тронова

      Хабиб самый нормальный 😏

    86. diazepaam

      Is there anybody who sees that snake and doesn't think 29-0?

    87. Сакен Бакытов

      Бедная змея, она наверно боится Зубайры)

    88. Judge Dredd

      Khabib is a can Crusher

    89. Ян Надейкин

      Хабиб, я всем сердцем буду болеть за тебя 24 октября в бою с Гейджи. Пусть у тебя всё получится и ты победишь. Удачи тебе!

    90. Truth Street

      PETA is not gonna like this episode.

    91. Annas Kashif

      The most dangerous men in the world scared of snakes

    92. old_faq

      Народ не пейте это дерьмо! Хаба ты знаешь что от этого говна люди загибаются?!

    93. ВеТеРаН ОрДеНоНоСеЦ

      почему у хабиба превью как у джова?)

    94. Joe King

      2:31 khabib hands him the sponsor gorilla energy drink for the camera, then when the guy taps a drink khabibs like "dont drink that sht", sponsors are a necessary evil.

    95. Daniil F

      красавчики одним словом👍

    96. ABID ALI

      inshaallah khabib win di match🙏💯

    97. ABID ALI

      Lots Of Love From Pakistan....Khabib🙏💯🙏💯

    98. Soros

      что вы все пишите 29-0 что это?


      С питоном в конце как животные поступили(( как всегда....

    100. Ghost 780кор

      Как змея появилась в кадре Хабиб исчез 😂