BTS: Permission to Dance

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    Late Late Show guests BTS take the stage for a dazzling performance of their hit song "Permission to Dance."

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    1. Shanelle Cortado


    2. Claire


    3. anika ibraaheem


    4. Nidhi Chag

      Jin 's vocal were heavenly 😍💜💜💜

    5. Riko sama

      1:48 was so satisfying and on the right note ♡

    6. BTS fangirl army💜

      I am tearing hearing army’s cheers luv u bts 🥰

    7. Linda Makinson-McNally

      There is one shrieker in the audience who ruined the while performance!

    8. sweeet psyco💜✨

      We all are dancing fools😂😁💜✨

    9. Satwik seth

      Vocal kings!

    10. oil78

      BTS ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    11. Vinod Kumar


    12. Vedashri Ghosh

      I love how everyone in the comments are talking about our SEOKJINIE 💗💗 He deserves this so much.

    13. savannah addison

      Absolutely killed it! Couldn't stop smiling the whole time!

    14. Agnes Kuni Brown

      They sounds so bad they can't even sing I don't see how people love them some looks like girls Koreans guys so girly not a fan

      1. Jennifer Mann

        How exactly do they look girly? BTS fully english songs don't exactly show off all that they are capable of. These songs were just meant to cheer people up because of the pandemic so they are very upbeat and poppy. Listen to Mic Drop, Black Swan, Fake Love, or Blood Sweat and Tears and you'll get a completely different vibe from them. People are fans of them because of how diverse their music is sonically and lyrically. The explore different genres and their songs speak on issues people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to such as self love, mental health, loss, societal injustices/expectations, economic inequalities, and so much more. BTS deserve a lot more praise for their songs that are in Korean but radio refuses to play them. They are also very involved in the creative process for their music. Not to mention they have great personalities, some of the best rappers, stage presence and charisma, and top notch choreography. The performances BTS give in the US are nothing compared to the performances in South Korea.

    15. Jennifer stone

      I will be honest I'm not a big fan of Gin. I'm not hating he's not one of my fav. He is okay and I'm intitled to say that. They all did amazing with out each other they have nothing. We should praise them all. They are a team not just one or two members.

    16. tomoe’sgf

      Not to be hateful or anything, just wanna say that am i the only one who realises that jungkook just did not put effort on his part with the high pitch? Cuz idk he always pull the pitch off perfectly on that part.

    17. Teresa Bertrán

      cuándo salen las performances que grabaron en la calle?? alguien sabe?

    18. Janvi Sharma

      They are all perfect💜💜💜

    19. Ingrid G.

      Jimin se lucio como siempre.



    21. anshii_BTS07

      BTS ARMY💜❤

    22. Dyah Susanti

      Love BTS

    23. ข่าวสาระ บันเทิง

      BTS ASOK

    24. Wish you was clean like me

      I think this song is awful! Just my opinion. Performance seems sesame streetish!

    25. Behind BluEyez

      They are all adorable

    26. komazaku saki

      Orang yang dulu pernah mebuli jimin waktu masa sekolah mungkin sekarang menyesal karena yang di buli dulu menjadi terkenal dan banyak di sayang orang.

    27. Alejandra Gómez

      Jiminshiii aaaaaaaa

    28. シMehar Gill


    29. dali tajum sari


    30. theaaajung

    31. Pongkwan NP GodTeddy


    32. Arini


    33. It's Me Yaris

      Jhope deserves more parts in the songs! 😕

    34. Maria De los santos

      Este año su disco no estuvo tan bueno como lo otros años

    35. Joyce Carla Silva


    36. Joyce Carla Silva


    37. I chusss Lang Day

      They have the best wardrobe ever😘 All the time🥰😘❤️

    38. Juana Salinas

      Jiinnnnnn 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    39. Jack’s One true Love


    40. Gabrielly Leto J.J

      Lindos!!! 😍

    41. toti

      Uuuuu así se haceeee

    42. Alberto


    43. Bonnie TA

      JK’s voice isn’t quite right here. Hobi slayed, Jin was outstanding- he sounded just perfect. Namjoonie was nervous, Baby mochi was a bit shy, Tae sounded great and suga was a little bit clumsy. Army loves you and support you always, hope you feel more at ease next time.

    44. Gigi Rae

      They’re so so so talented!!!! I have so much respect for them

    45. deborah napuche condor


    46. Josiah Ho

      They sound tired

    47. Zauber moment

      아니 화질 왤케 구리냐고...?? ㅜ

    48. Marcela Melo


    49. Diana B

      Jin dandolo todo

    50. Ravenous Fallen

      It's a very wordy song so it's certainly not their best live singing but it's still enjoyable.

    51. Theodore Long

      I will never demand BTS for anything, but I think they should write more songs in all English, they are killing it! Especially with the live performances and singing in english

    52. Bobby Joe Jr.

      I am a BTS fan, but this was not their best performance.. Only JungKook sounded remotely in tune.. everyone else was disappointing. Just saying it how it is as an unbiased viewer.

    53. Kaila Johnson

      These men … 🥺 I love ‘em

    54. LILY Amparo

      Some notes were off but Great performance over all

    55. Djihane htb

      Purple you bts 💜💜

    56. bts4ever

      The guy who edited the vocals should be fired right now.

    57. Blassom Empress

      J hopeeeeeeee

    58. sakina khan

      They're amazing 💜. Words can't describe themmmmm

    59. Alexandra Carvajal

      Lindos me encanta totalmente su energía suerte la merecen 😘🇨🇴

    60. Kira BTS🇰🇷


    61. tenzin yougyal

      Bts is the definition of Healing and Love💜

    62. feelingthefeels


    63. Rohma Khawaja

      its all wrong

    64. Leah Deci

      They all did great, as usual! But Jin and Suga were extra amazing here!!!

    65. AMiranda

      And the grammy turned into national shame. Forbes magazine published: But as BTS continues smashing records and the Grammy continues to lose relevance, who really needs who?(Look in Forbes magazine site) Grammy decided to nominate an artist who pays copyright for plagiarism. The Grammy's motto now is: Plagiarize, Pay Copyrights, and Win Prizes. National shame. R.I.P Grammy.

    66. Si Lam


    67. Mariana Barron Arenas

      Me encantó la actuación de los chicos en el escenario es lo mejor Jimin se veía demasiado hermoso también los demás integrantes los amo ❤️😍

    68. Taparati

      I'm so glad they are back

    69. TetepIwi

      Yg pake jaket ijo siapa namanya

    70. Jahnavi

      Any set is beautiful when it's bts there 💜

    71. Shanu Shanu

      Love you BTS BOYS 😍😍 BTS BOYS FOREVER 😘😘 I purple you BTS BOYS 💜💜💜 Stay blessed BTS BOYS 😘😘 BTS BOYS FOREVER........................

    72. Raechelle Bobcombe

      i LOVEEE this

    73. Debbie


    74. Shania Worthy

      when junkooks said ~WOoo~ i feel off my bed

    75. Afifatur Rahma


    76. Olivia

      Jimin's voice is so stable pitch wise!! They all are amazing for being able to sing and dance so well at the same time >∆

    77. Pushpa Singh

      Seokjin is on whole another level! No wonder why the concert-goers in LA are going gaga over his vocals and visuals! His stability and vocal power is insane! Vocal KING Jin 👑❤

    78. I chusss Lang Day

      They always got the best stage 😘❤️🥰 They are so classy so good looking so talented Just Fabulous 🥰

    79. Francisca Aravena


    80. Afzal Hussain 💜

    81. Jaisree Nath

      Even though I love all the songs of BTS,but I don't know why whenever I hear this song,a BIG SMILE APPEARS in my face automatically,let's just say that's the magic of BTS 💜💜💜💜😍

    82. BTS ot7


    83. Gulfishan Rahman

      Just stunning as always

    84. Gopal Das


    85. Thea Lojuta

      Its good to see them back on show after 2 years! Love you BTS always 💜💜

    86. nadiYa

      That was so cooool!

    87. Violette Bunga Syafaat

      the screams😐😐😐

    88. punk face


    89. Lalremruati Ralte

      Feel so great to see JIN appreciation comments as JIN bias love you all ARMY 💜.That stable voice deserves it 💜

    90. Alyssa


    91. Les_ley

      James corden intro is being a proud father.

    92. Fan Liverpool

      Jin voice so bad

    93. Rimuru. Daisy

      0:53 We don't need to wory !!

    94. if u don't stan enhypen,yet i feel bad for u :\

      1:31 pls sir?

    95. among me

      I am so happy cause 80% of comment section is about jin Our seokjinie deserves it

    96. Jin's Euphoria

      Jin's vocal is getting better and better each fckin day!!! 🤩🤩

    97. ela

      wow really amazing!!! i really LOVE Jin’s voice always!!! worldwide handsome Jin really has a great voice!!! There’s no difference in his recorded voice and his Live voice!!! JIN and JK really shine in this performance!!! :)

    98. Tesa Woda Lado


    99. Park Shin Hye

      BTS 💜