Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay!



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    Give an allay a collectible and it will come back with matching items or more of the same! It also loves to dance and will drop your items by a note block if there’s one nearby! Vote for the allay during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

    Опубликовано: 3 дня назад


    1. Jack Gaming

      Definitely my favorite out of all of them, I hope they will add this to Minecraft!

    2. Danielle Lemoine

      I choose this thing I only knew about this thing for about 45 seconds now but I would destroy the planet for it I vote for the Ally

    3. Mr Fry French Fry

      In my personal opinion allay is def the best one Vote for Allay

    4. TinkecVinkec


    5. Chesnaught_PH

      hmmmmmm does he brings back non stackable items? lets see

    6. nimrod adi

      *copper golem for the win in minecraft vote

    7. Coyot The Wraith

      can't wait to absolutely abuse this in sugar farms

    8. Bendy 2


    9. ✞ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ ✞

      *if I could vote all* *i would*

    10. PickleMations

      I want the allay so I can get 5 pieces of diamonds for free!

    11. elliotic

      I hope this gets added!

    12. ✞ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ ✞

      *YES YES YES*

    13. Logan Fletcher

      This mob is useless because of bundles coming into Minecraft lol

    14. Snow team

      If I would pick I would pick the allay

    15. Domo

      Allay is great. I vote for Allay

    16. Volcanoheadshot500

      Probably dream will rig this one too I hate him more than hate it self

    17. RegulusPrince


    18. Immortal Shadow

      The Copper Golem can bring thousands of new red stone ideas for survival and creative because he clicks buttons randomly so we can have randomized red stone signals next up is the Allay it can bring you more of the item you want or bring back a similar item and can dance but we have parrots too that dance so ye and lastly the Glare it has one use that’s useless on Java so ye if all I’m saying is the Allay is cool but Copper Golem can bring so much more to Minecraft so if it doesn’t win it will be a sad day for Minecraft indeed

    19. Nya Gledhill

      Ally is so cool

    20. Carmen Lentijo Pareja

      Vote allay ok

    21. TheKatter99

      i vote for this

    22. beluga Ethan

      bruh..... the allay def

    23. Johan Tocol


    24. Aayush Dutt


    25. Aayush Dutt

      Netherite ingot?

    26. M4kideyounes مكيديونس

      If you want vote to allay write here

    27. Star Weeknd

      I will vote this one

    28. Jeoq

      Allay better win 😭

    29. Jeoq


    30. Jeoq

      Netherite Armor?

    31. /Donut_Games\

      Dude i definetly fore for this 🙄✋


      420K likes LOL

    33. Monkechamp


    34. Angie McMahon

      I love the allay its so friendly and cute. I vote for allay

    35. Rajkumar Jhunjhunwala

      I vote for allay

    36. Bloxer

      I hope this gets added I'll never need to mine ever again!!!!

    37. Caylan Does Gaming

      Looks like allay will win

    38. Rexix

      Allay is my vote

    39. BlazeFever

      I WANT ALLAY!!!! edit: and hope its not phantom 3.0

    40. Ramilyan

      Я голосую за него

    41. Hipertyu

      I WANT IT

    42. Nico Rooks

      gives it diamonds....

    43. Czush Čierňa

      this one xd

    44. Arctic WOOF

      THE ALLAY IS SO ADORABLE 😭 I’m definitely voting for this one

    45. Desmond Moulton

      Yes Allay. Vote for it

    46. MarciaSouza Souza

      I will vote for this

    47. ꧁Uma Batata no Espaço꧂

      I vote for him, even though he's cute and affectionate, he helps us find things that we lost or that we want to share with friends, that's very useful in my opinion that's why I want to vote for him

    48. Sebastian Went  to house to play 1

      Worst mod

    49. Sol In

      Choosing is ruff

    50. The Meta is Gross

      Creative Mode

    51. Manav

      My vote is won by allay

    52. Emil Tzvetkov

      It looks like vex


      I will vote for this mob

    54. Dark Elf & co.


    55. sussy drip

      This little man is a late game savior

    56. Jim Henderson

      I vote for the alay

    57. SamsungOfficials

      I voted for Ally comes in MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION

    58. Rafael Vitale

      The question is If you keep giving it netherite and diamonds will it get infinite resources of those for you?

    59. The Holy Enforcer

      Ooo ok this would be great for farms!

    60. Aki Itsuki

      Cookie cliker?

    61. As Tu

      I vote dis masterpiece

    62. x_ Dragonwolfheart _x

      IM 100% GOING TO CHOOSE THIS😍😍😍😍

    63. Betsy Gramajo


    64. That one Hamboiger Dude

      This is the best of the three mobs hands down

    65. overskill kEdİ iStİyOğ


    66. dion lowe

      I want all there all so cool it’s so hard to pick from

    67. Mr.glitch

      ALLAY!!! very cool

    68. rivaldo

      dam the first video and i already got my vote

    69. Amanda Voegt

      Allay is cute and amazing

    70. Lilly Alexander

      I LOVE IT

    71. DARK_ GAMING

      I votw for ally

    72. Ranko

      I love the allay! I hope it gets in.

    73. Leonardo Guery Ontiveros Santos


    74. Itzz Uday

      Voters granted for allay

    75. Muhamed Glođić

      This is wery usefull beacus you can go on large mining trips and it Will colect all of the cobble

    76. مصطفى جيمر MUSTFA GAMER

      am won't allay plz

    77. TheUnknown2

      My vote 100% is this.



    79. petar petkov

      This thing must win it is adorable and useful

    80. hardcore gamer


    81. Orlando Mihai

      This is a usefull pet and we can do allay vs vex.

    82. Danish Trovato

      im voting for allay

    83. Blustery

      Auto mine

    84. wyatttricgaming

      no i want the copper gollom


      Best allay

    86. Vranceanu Iulica

      Mob my favorite is allei💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️😺 ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️❤️💙💙💙💙

    87. Larisa Petrosyan

      Allay. Vote allay

    88. s3esor1 shorts

      Guys remeber /j? Dream is not doing the rig he is /j

    89. Let's study class 3

      I will definitely vote for allay

    90. Racoons rule

      Not this

    91. persa

      seriously, who thinks copper golems are useful? they just press buttons

    92. jessie101 vlogs

      thats clever first u got the axolotl fights for u now the allay gathers for u

    93. SCP-409

      i like this mob, it's basically the friendly version of the vex

    94. Sadia Taj

      I'm voting for allay

    95. Manny Geo


    96. Arayan Naidoo

      Can I give it finds?

    97. Son nada


    98. Marija Karalių

      i want the allay

    99. Robert Sudol

      I vote allay


      Não sei aonde posso votar, mas posso falar que eu gostei muito do Allay, ele é fofo e muito útil, se conseguisse votar votaria nele