Fortnite Squid Games (insane)


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    lazarbeam attempts fortnite squid games

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    1. LazarLazar

      shitposting on this channel while i work on some bigger main channel projects :)

      1. Rohan Langford

        gg (translate it I was bored)

      2. dmg0425


      3. Justus Mack

        I am a big fan and i have a perfect video for you you should play fortnite but if you laugh you lose a weapon and see if you can win a victory royal in this challenge do you acept my challenge LazarBeam...

      4. Dodger Woods


      5. SinglePlayer

        Please. do the world a favour and do a season 8 reaction. Please.

    2. Ann-Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

      Can we just appreciate how much time Lazar puts into his videos?


      Lazar beam: Its just like my regular channel but I still can't cuss Also lazar beam: FUCK UR SQUID GAMES LAUCLAN

    4. Jᴇss ˡᵒᵛᵉˢ ᴜシ︎

      0:26 lazarbeam's head says you will win while seeing these ᵗⁱⁿʸ cheeks

    5. Deegan Giles

      What’s the code

    6. ELMOS420WORLD

      Honestly RUtvs would be boring without you lannan

    7. Milán Borsodi

      bro carryed u

    8. Block Fit

      alternate title: Lazar Beam plays with children

    9. Pandaboy Pizza Panda

      i love this 0:11

    10. Catal


    11. Blazing Beast Vlogs

      I love how the real name is "squad game"

    12. NayNay

      What’s the code for the map

    13. C1™

      I got expelled for playing red light green light..........there reason was “you beat up the disabled kid because he lost” bruh

    14. Olle Bolles Fun House

      i hate squid game

    15. Hayden Lacasse

      He is a lot better then the rest it is just rigged

    16. Shush_69


    17. Jocelyn Bailey

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    18. tlwoody

      you will get to 20 mil

    19. tlwoody

      thankyou lazar beam yore videos are great

    20. ShadowGod09x

      Does anyone know how to find it

    21. Zan Dy

      mate in the odd or even game theres a question underneath the timer mate

    22. tahlia andrews

      is a v-buck for every stupid dumb ass that died 😂

    23. ƤrEᐯi乇ω т乇X

      wow alot of verified yts here lol

    24. Dog Poop

      yay lazar upload schedule back... but on his other channel :(

    25. It’s Jaden

      😂😂 lets go

    26. hachiro♤

      the final round was my favorite. 2 shot that kid

    27. bran28pro 123

      You did lego version a week ago

    28. Nae-Nae nathan

      Cringe, what happened to fortnite

    29. Mmd Shd

      Wow this actually seems fun unlike some other maps which are either broken or people abuse there powers in them

    30. Boy Angel

      Rate my profile picture from 1-10 and you can go ahead and screen shot it😏

    31. Boy Angel

      Rate my profile picture from 1-10 and you can go ahead and screen shot it😏

    32. Boy Angel

      Rate my profile picture from 1-10 and you can go ahead and screen shot it😏

    33. JediWolf.

      It would be so sad if someone died from joycon drift

    34. Boy Angel

      Rate my profile picture from 1-10 and you can go ahead and screen shot it😏

    35. KalTheKrazyKid


    36. Orlando Calderon

      Go lazar I believe in you

    37. BFunk_Pierce

      You’re really good at content following

    38. Jennifer Lamar

      Whenever he said it’s easy he dies

    39. Will 2.0

      That’s so cool

    40. Jadn I

      of course

    41. Aiden Nam

      Thumbnail is clickbait but I forgive you

    42. DirtyBird_6638

      Is there a way to dislike a dislike besides... liking?

    43. Bruhmoment69


    44. King Joey plays


    45. Thuan Kun

      That ending lol

    46. bendy fan RP 1

      There's a new skin in the item shop where you can customize the color and mask

    47. liouy cnny

      That would be so much fun to do in real life! without the dying part lol

      1. yuitr loing

        I laughed so hard 😭

    48. Yeet kids

      Hi laserbeam

    49. Jim Bob

      Squid game is taking over youtube

    50. Demon_slayers

      Great vids Lannan keep up the great work

      1. liouy cnny


    51. Blizz 1809

      They already fixed the tug of war only by pressing E

    52. Ryan Taylor

      I wasn’t sure about this video until (insane) was in the title

    53. luis yerena

      so you actually win something?!

      1. lol lol


    54. Hui Li

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    55. NS_OwenThe Cow

      So many verified people commenting!

      1. lol lol


    56. NS_OwenThe Cow


      1. lol lol


    57. Justin Rydar

      Are these comments paid off or something? Like who are these random ass RUtvsrs? Who the hell says that kind of stuff 😂 they seem like robots

    58. Speeds favorite fan


      1. lol lol

        Sooooooooooooooooo true

    59. ReKaLeS


    60. Edwin Sanchez

      Squad game?

    61. Calvary Crusader

      That DOLL is real and has been moved back to its Korean home in Macha Land - not Chillingbourne.

    62. Ketchup_Breaded

      How do I play it publicly

    63. poet some

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    64. De Waarheid


    65. FireDynamyte

      Nice Nose Pimple lol

      1. lol lol

        @FireDynamyte pample

      2. FireDynamyte

        @lol lol ?

      3. lol lol


    66. papa jon

      do i with your nefyew

    67. arana John totorewa

      Lazar is the best RUtvs

    68. Anthony Cordero

      i am your bigges fan

    69. Luca Ferrara

      Is it just me or does that doll look like a doll from my nightmares!



    71. DJ Mak

      its trending

    72. tiger_ boi

      Play this again

    73. M Galindo

      Can you plz do another Roblox pay to win vid and play adopt me plzzzzzz laser I’m a huge fan

    74. Betty Daniel

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      1. lol lol

        I sinned and did not repent

    75. Hayden Shoults

      just hide in the bushes

    76. Emily Waller

      Yo yo this is so good

    77. Tamer vlogz

      ngl i thoght the video is gonna be 2hrs long

    78. Nick Poverman

      It is Squid Game not Games.

    79. Jaxyy

      squid game* not squid games

    80. zacy rocks

      can someone tell lannan its just squid game not plural

    81. yuitr loing

      That would be so much fun to do in real life! without the dying part lol

    82. Jesus is Lord

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      1. yuitr loing

        Hi I have been watching your vids for a long time know

    83. P.K.A

    84. GT kanso 1

      Hhh ninja is a bot

    85. ihsan Khaial

    86. Tryna Be A YouTuber

      Can You Count How Many Colors This Glass Gem Corn Has?

    87. Magic

      Claim your 'here before an day' ticket right here!

    88. Gavin Magnus Fan Page

      I swear I played this and it shot me when it was green

    89. Horizon clan is Bad


    90. Horizon clan is Bad


    91. TheDevil

      Usually fail at red light green cause' of lag.

    92. Kellen Meyrick

      I won squid games on my school black top 😀👍🏻

    93. Niall Harvey

      you are epic😎

    94. Levy

      I played this map with my friends and it felt like I was actually in the game

      1. Laura McKenzie

    95. Javarn_editz

      Emotional music/rap: dear lazar lazar.😭 give me a favour.😖 get some paper.😔 and thank me later. Draw a shape. And i will now rap🤭😳 what?

    96. Declan Trembath

      Hi I have been watching your vids for a long time know