Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)


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    We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here: bit.ly/kornxwotblitz
    Listen to The Nothing 🔲 lnk.to/thenothingkorn

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    Опубликовано: 13 дней назад


    1. Amy Mills-bouwman

      I’m finally free

    2. Froilan Alegre

      What you see is what you get 🔥

    3. FEAR

      I wanna play this song, while playing war thunder.

    4. camilo ignacio suarez vejar

      No me convence

    5. Denis M

      I was listening In Utero and Korn (first lp) switching discs in my player... And what's going now?

    6. Organic Black

      Korn. Forever number one in my 🖤

    7. brandon mosley

      First video I've seen without his iconic mic stand! Hmm ** interesting **...

    8. jota jota

      johnny's voice has never let me down, it always sounds powerful

    9. Nick lord

      Такое никчемное видео! Смысла ноль, и трек слабоват.

    10. Rodrigo Marcelo


    11. pazuzul nu

      STUPID story and incredibly SHITTY CGI.. Korn, oh come on, guys! Don't give up. You can do better like the good old days

    12. Huntez

      WoT Blitz ♥️

    13. I Pul

      Kurang enak bund lagunya

    14. Dev17

      Кояны как будто по второму кругу развиваются, утяжелились по максимуму и давай по-тихоньку попсеть. Жду второй дабстеп альбом годиков через 5-6

    15. Gustavo Rodriguez

      That sound is great... 🤘🏽

    16. Amos Susau

      Enjoy the good run.. In the end , it doesn't even matter.....

    17. Kelly Belling

      but where is "the bitch"......

    18. u0puaɹq aʞsᴉld

      I read "Finally Free" as "Friendly Fire" because of the way Slack put the play/fullscreen icons over the preview image. Hrmmmmm.

    19. YouTynk

      Hello English fried! I'm Rassin

    20. Niko

      I had kind of hoped this would be the first successful mash-up production with a game promoter, but you know there's something seriously off when pre-chorus is ten times better than the chorus itself. It's okay-ish, but I'd still love to see these mash-ups gone.

      1. Josh Nolan

        There's a pre chorus?

    21. fritadorbad

      Esses caras nao envelhecem...muito boa a musica.

    22. Lennon R. Le Quesne Orzusa

      Está bueno. Desde pequeño y hasta mis últimos días los escucharé siempre. Korn por siempre! Greetings from Paraguay!

    23. Jeffrey Dailey

      Different microphone stand. What is this madness?

    24. Dr4nKow Gameplay

      que musica gostosa de ouvir eu sou um fã antigo de korn

    25. Mr Samurai Plays

      Somebody's been playing to much world of tank lmao

    26. Renato Rocha

      Sensacional, KoRn é muito Foda!

    27. Luccas do carmo

      Instalei World of Tanks ❤🇧🇷

    28. so lefty

      In my opinion, Korn has a habit of choosing bad singles

    29. Mauricio Mendez



      Não curti

    31. Сергей Власенко

      Блевотина редчайшая.Иззините.

    32. Paweł Zieliński

      Best live Korn's video: rutvs.com/chat/mmlg1JWcmmptddw/video

    33. Warung Chanoer

      I will put this on tiktok👍

    34. Roman Korvinus

      You want me to get really mad and fucked up and write something else instead?

    35. Luis E M G

      Quien más viene por el evento de World Of Tanks? ? :V Who else is coming for the World Of Tanks event? XD

    36. Riley

      Did anyone else think it was Shia Labouef at the beginning?

    37. Steven Mitchell

      Korn will always make GREAT music. 🤘🏼

    38. Evaldas Klupsas


    39. SwaggrBoy69


    40. Eddie Gutierrez

      *****Warning: Never buy from eBay unless you want to get robbed. Scammers are on the prowl. Don’t be fooled by their so called money back guarantee. Have a good day all..... p.s. Korn is fuckin awesome live!

    41. Roman Andreevich

      вижу корн, ставлю лайк

    42. Cem Onat

      Whaaaaaattttt ??????🤘🤘🤘🤘

    43. SL Eleena Handmade


    44. David Hammond

      That's a nope from me.

    45. Death_OF_GSB2

      У вас эта песня не с авторскими правами? А то песню на видео хочу добавить.

    46. Fuhka Dasystum

      That outro tho, bro 🤘🏿

    47. stopglobalswarming

      Cooties19 is a plandemic for Redistribution of Wealth and control of people.

    48. stopglobalswarming

      I like the song.

    49. Aan Najmi

      The devil went to Georgia

    50. Егор Баландин

      Есть пробитие!

    51. noiro oonwahs

      Man that in synced headbanging 😤😤🔥🔥

    52. Nootropix

      So fkn gangster "WYSISYG!"

    53. marzikk

      Корн уже не тот

    54. Lewis Garrison

      god dam so good.

    55. Quad Damage

      Почему стойка не от Гигера??

    56. Too Much Sus

      Not gonna lie kinda cheapens the song's themes about grieving when it's paired with a video game collab.

      1. Hot Wykinger

        Ja know itza hard year for artists or ? Makin collaz with sposors its oky 4 Bands in my ice...

    57. Reality NotFiction

      Damn, blasting KoRn in HS and seem's like he never changed.

    58. Slavuuhhaaa

      Есть пробитие

    59. David Ayala

      korn de chile saludos!!

    60. Cool X


    61. Miguel Pereira

      World of tanks anyone ?

    62. Alice Heartfillia

      Wow just a masterpiece 😍😍

    63. Marko Milovac

      next up - limp bizkit sponsored by raid shadow legends

    64. Mirjana Zlatic

      Korn is dead when David left the band .

      1. Josh Nolan

        He's such a bad ass. Ray is a pussy cat no matter what he does to his look.

    65. Tim Bronski

      Where was this filmed or is it CGI?

    66. Блицовский Наркоман

      Корн, го взвод)у меня 61%

    67. Vyacheslav Karakin

      Осталось Варгеймингу заказать рекламу у Тапка (Radio Tapok)

    68. Rolands Zaharovs

      No Bitch? Strange...

    69. Luke Crompton

      Sounds like something that wouldve been on "See You on the Other Side"

    70. forsner

      Best song on The Nothing!

    71. MrAdammassacre

      nobody is free from bending over and taking a shit pushing from World of Tanks advertising hahaha

    72. Parker Van De Spiegle

      Korn is the best band in existence. Change my mind. I DARE you.

      1. Parker Van De Spiegle


      2. MusicMoviesGames

        They are up there with Black Sabbath and RUSH as the greatest band in existence if you ask me. IDK if they are on that RUSH level though!! lol

    73. Nidia Villatoro

      ¿Qué paso con tu pedestal?

    74. Wang McPeepee

      this looks and sounds like shit . lol

    75. มั่งคั่งร่ํารวย ทรัพย์สินเงินทอง


    76. Di

      I don't get what this Rubbish song is about

      1. Brony korn

        Just incase you didn’t see this ^ 🤦

      2. MusicMoviesGames

        It's about his wife Deven Davis who passed away from a drug overdose. She was 39 years old when she died and left behind two boys who J.D is now raising by himself.

    77. MrJakedsb777

      thought id accidentally clicked on a simply red video

    78. moto toad

      Is this about Jon's wife?! Lyrics make me think so..

      1. Quico

        Its about his dead wife

    79. whatever whatever

      Love this song ..

    80. Anthony Elder

      Meh. Unimpressed.

    81. TheRealAlgeria

      Naaah not that interesting

    82. Michael Basili

      What happened to Korn omg

    83. Karim Benabdelwallet

      Toujours aussi lourd ... J'ecoute ca depuis que je suis gosse . On retrouve toujours cette empreinte et la voix du pere Davis. Indémodable

    84. Никита Рзянин

      Кто из блитц?

    85. Alfredo Mundarain

      Korn´s back! Excellent news for 2020!

    86. katie rae

      Im not as good as I once was


      Im not satisfied with high amount fingers down.. where is problem ? Korn in past made collaborating with hip hop and dubstep , it was something different but it was still Korn , long live to this band

    88. David Rand

      Straight up killer fn jam

    89. Katarzyna Piotrowska

      Powinni grac ze starym perkusistą! Trochę to za gładkie...nie wstrząsa mną, nie zatrzymuje oddechu.

    90. ElectroWench

      If Fieldy played bass inside the octagon hed be DQed for 12-6 elbows

    91. Mojito_Riko

      Esta banda no cree ni en Covid ni en 2020 ni 2021 ni lo que venga!! Temazooo!!

    92. Igor Phantom


    93. kisamachio

      Korn is my life 🇯🇵

    94. Neal Maxwell

      Korn: AKA the only white guys over 50 to look good in dead locks Edit: *Dread locks. Curse thee autocorrect!!!

      1. Denis M

        @MusicMoviesGames 10outof10

      2. MusicMoviesGames

        Yep. Korn never sold out like Metallica and cut their hair!! haha

      3. random guy

        *dread locks

      4. stopglobalswarming

        Dookie braids 💩 are stupid

    95. jerry jon

      1 word awful

    96. Mike Medema

      I almost have both of these tanks in world of tanks blitz.

    97. Mathew Gassen

      Raid shadow legends is the next sponsor

    98. Christian Padilla Plaza

      I'm glad I was high when I first watched this...

    99. Onibyron

      Yep I can sense their style is still there. See you in 10 years.

    100. Vincent Jay Suing

      Great song, but I really don't get why they didn't edit the last part of this song, it's a bit out of tempo.