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    1. Kyah

      Melo looked high asl😂

    2. TrinkBruder

      The Lakers are like a bunch of aging Ballerinas past their prime yesterday's news talk about misogyny if the were dancers they'd already be chewed up and spat out but dey hip rich black men


      Imagine losing with a super team, my man curry did not even have klay

    4. Ten K

      Extra extra extra passssss

    5. Lamestrial Ronald

      Lakers fans crying lady preseason loser season opening loser

    6. kenty mashmilo

      Golden states offense is not the way for them to win but their defense,

    7. Luis Gabriel Piñon

      Still cant win against golden state lol curry not even shooting that much

    8. David Lee

      Westbrook was a side effect in the game, which is why the Rockets lost to the Lakers. Now the Lakers will feel this feeling too

    9. uprobablysmell


    10. Jhonnybaby Kabag

      Mga star pa Ang gusto mung kasapi lebron tapos matatalo lang.ang gusto mu kc plage mlalakas Ang kakampi.kc Hindi mu kaya mag.isa haha.tapos sasabihn mu ikaw Ang Kambing sa NBA at na break muna c Jordan.malabo ka otot😂😂😂

    11. kim

      Warriorsssss yeyy


      My chances are now this one is good tho no lie. Basketball is my favorite sport rutvs.com/chat/aKmRuWW_xWtwmrY/video


      I'm just saying.... it's been a long time since I've seen such talent on the field. Touchdown points are my favorite. Dribble. rutvs.com/chat/mrKW0IjNzJipgsg/video this is Soccer right


      With the season starting this is going to be a good year for Jamarcus Taylor rutvs.com/chat/mrKW0IjNzJipgsg/video highlights crazy from last year

    15. justin cross

      they starting to look like that Cleveland team with dwade and the other vets that got traded the same season


        What's next tho....? Jamarcus Boyd is on 🔥🔥🔥 rutvs.com/chat/mrKW0IjNzJipgsg/video

    16. tope tot

      Its showtime for loss!!!! Last season lakers only targeted to beat the warriors and they are totally satisfy with it and the result no championship!! This season they warriors bounce back as magic say to bron you have all the shit and win the championship... Preseason no win! First game defeated......what now bron!!!!

    17. Paul Nguyen

      David Lee still playing ??


        Hahah yes he is rutvs.com/chat/mrKW0IjNzJipgsg/video Better than ever

    18. Michael Scott

      I don’t understand how the super team lost. I mean I ain’t trying to take nothing away from Curry but it seems a little ridiculous when you think about it.

    19. Ian lester Laurio

      Team usa tinalo ng warriors :)

    20. kgrose

      King who!?fucking us commenttors feeling they have the best in the world.king here is GAY

    21. kgrose

      Lebron GAY LOST HAHAHA

    22. SirQL8

      Great action by both teams, Lakers showing their age down the stretch ? Regardless, both teams are human lambos burning up the floor tonight.

    23. Emmanuel K-ci

      If only we had Klay we would have won this game.



    24. lVlASONiC

      LaLu Poole 💙

    25. Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

      Curry literally put up Westbrook type of numbers this game 😅

    26. george chen

      2021 and highlight is still in 720p lmao

    27. King Show

      We winning a ring 🥳

    28. Gina Rose - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+

      Russell used to worry about his numbers. Now he gotta worry about his playing time.

    29. Becky i wanna suck your dick!💋

      Iggy was a crucial pick up for the warriors, someone with experience to help the second unit and defend SFs when Wiggins needs a break

    30. Yung Faness


    31. Khent shinobi V2

      7 lost lakers this season😭😭😭

    32. Ken B

      Bjelica reminds me of a Bogut but can shoot 3's... and the Rookie 👌 got game and hustles... can't wait to see what they look like when Klay, Wise, and Kaminga get rotated in. Yeeee!!!!

    33. Dominic Gervasio

      Lakers are shot

    34. Jeffrey Collier


    35. Gaco Jklm

      Lakers team lose

    36. Burn_the_Planet

      NBA Is Greatest Game Ever Recorded!

    37. Danny Bregman

      Welcome back Iggy!!!!

    38. Kay king

      Why Lakers Lost ? Ever see a warrior lose battle?

    39. james perez

      Good game lakers should of won that they were leading most of the game but as soon as they get there stamina up everyone in trouble

      1. javier arzola

        It's all good its first game they don't mean shit remember they lost the 1st game last yr yet they become champions

    40. Brix COMETA

      where is klay

    41. Ivan Medina

      I guess the triple doubles are over for Westbrook. No other player score double digits besides James and Davis, gonna be a tough season

    42. Ian Carlo Falcis

      Go warrior's

    43. Rivadavia John Ivyn J.

      9:50 gs leads series 1-0 LMAO 🤣🤣

      1. nudlmann

        yes they do, it's a four-game series in the reg season bozo

    44. April Gallo

      Ahaaay talo n nman ang mga kalabaw s mga kambing

    45. Sofaking Raw

      Damn I’m 🛌 💤 when did Iggy come back

    46. 蒋DiongDiong的白金小教室

      where is KT? Still in bad status?

    47. Luxeee

      Poole improved a shit ton wow

    48. Terrance Goldman

      Did not like the line ups he played for the Lakers why is Bradley playing and not Horton Tucker and were is Trevor Ariza. He didn't play his Centers long enough and Russ be playing to passive trying to find other players attack the rim and it will come with the game. Rondo, Lebron And Jordan should start. And Russ, Mello and Howard should come off the bench consistent and instant scoring

    49. Reck

      Warriors are full of players that have something to prove, jp3, jta, Wiggins, opj, that's why they work hard

    50. kulapo1968

      Superstar nga Ung laker pero tinalo pa rin sila..

    51. Edgard Martinez

      Poole is the young Livingston

    52. CactusJack22

      Lol I came for the comments 🤷‍♂️👀😎🍿

    53. Lea Sagun

      If they are the no.1 seed in February, Jordan Poole will become an all star for sure because no one can guard him and he is only 20 yrs old.

    54. chris ruz

      Good job gsw good rotation

    55. Ron

      Good game.

    56. Flashpoint Jay

      Strength In Numbers never forget baby!!!

    57. i Lai

      The LAkers can't rely on just LeBron and AD... they showed it in this game

    58. Drilla Drillz

      Damn I’m just noticing iguadola or however you spell it lol is back 😂💙🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

    59. ScreamingMurder1989

      jordan poole 👀

    60. Warrior

      LaChina James is no GOAT

    61. juhniuhhh

      To anyone reading this… May God bless you ! You’re gunna do great in life and in school ! Put God first and everything will fall into place ! John 3:16 says , “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. “ much love to you and God loves you too ! may God be the priority in your life and may you live life abundantly through His Son Jesus and have joy love peace kindness and so much more :) 💕 continue to press toward the prize of the mark of the high calling ! God loves you and wants a relationship with you! He is knocking at your door waiting for you to answer !

    62. Miguel Artus

      jordan poole is special!!

    63. Tony L

      Imagine how good the Lakers will be when they trade for people with more in mind than whether or not they're willing to wear a headband

    64. Clarence Edrick Fernandez

      i love how lebron had mamba mentality first three quarters and turn magic mode on last quarter. too bad russel was sleeping the whole game.

    65. Rolando Sta Elena

      unacknowledged is Beli's passing and JTA's D and especially Wiggs D. They forced the Lakers to be a jump shooting team. Even Lebron's made shots were over spectacular D. Any lesser player would not have made those shots and the Dubs would have won by even larger score. If defense wins championships, can't wait to see Dray/Klay/Wigs/Looney share the court.

    66. London Stackhouse

      Melo 7-Eleven Syracuse

    67. Adriel Sabido

      Davis keeps falling all over the place it almost has the same feels like D-Rose when he dunks and lands on his "bad" foot. He's not going to be 100% when Playoff time comes if he plays like that all time + the minutes too.

    68. Jonathan Bulger

      I love the system Kerr uses

    69. Zap Zap ZOMBIEE

      Cancel LEBRON JAMES

    70. Choy Saguing

      Who win

    71. Aerochalklate

      "right down the throat he shoved it" KEVIN HARLAN KEEPS GETTING SUSSY

    72. AC SportsTv

      rutvs.com/chat/aIeUtKrax4yHY7o/video Jalen Green NBA Record

    73. Reg Dexter

      The Lakers tried

    74. CJ Rouse

      Bucks game was fun :)

    75. Aerochalklate

      i still can't believe klay been out for so long

    76. 2020 Make it Stop

      Andre Iguodala is always such a workhorse. Pesky with that three, I can't help but admire his effort everytime. In other news, LeBron has everyone's number this year. He's really brought a serious perimeter game. In the past, it would be too easy for him to catch his defender down on the block, post and use sheer muscle and finesse. He looks extremely confident taking a pull up 3 after crossing half court, that tells me he probably shot 50k during the off-season. Nets I expect problems, kyrie doing his BS once again (no shock, he's a flat earther), Durant gets volatile with him and James harden seems to care about James harden. And don't expect a healthy full season giannis, I would be making plans if I'm him, Milwaukee won't be able to get it done. Impressive in games, all star MVP, but 82 games and you need a whole squad to win it all.

    77. Cisco Lé

      Howard, AD ,Monk, Baze , Avery should be our defensive line up for now

    78. CHO DA BOY

      Harrison Barnes trade for andrew wiggins

    79. meestaShin

      Welcome back, Iggy!

    80. Portland Made-bully

      Get the fucc off the court weak ass Lakers!! Yall just wait till klay come back and Wiseman.

    81. Portland Made-bully

      The Lakers let all of they players play..meanwhile warriors missing some bodies on the court and we still whopping the Lakers ass! Smh I hate the Lakers with all them all star players

    82. MD Jamid BOOS


    83. Wolves at the Door

      Now that Lonzo fixed his shot form, LeFlop has to have the ugliest low ball hold, ass out, robotic form.

    84. Zorro de la vega

      Poole's got great speed driving to the basket.

    85. Shadow Aitherios

      Hard work and team work beats talent all day.

    86. Adam Chreene

      Wait for klay to be back

    87. Carpe’ Venum

      They need shooters.

    88. Alex B

      Lebalding looking like a fat kendricks perkins in the thumbnail haha

    89. Serge De Leon

      Revenge of curry rises

    90. Nelsonerro Lagutin

      Lakers have Super team All stars Lebron, Westbrook, Melo Anthony, A.Davis, Dwight howard, Rondo. What happened?

    91. Reyes Serna

      So many people are hateing and are on the Lakers sak because they need a super team to win a championship!

    92. Daniel Brand Milne Mook

      Lakers needs more ball movements n set up