"Follow Me" [VERSION B] FNAF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by TryHardNinja)


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    🎬 Video Credits:

    --- Director ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Executive Producer --
    Zach Belanger
    --- Writers ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zach Belanger
    --- Layout ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Animation ---
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Assets and Rigs --
    Seth Belanger
    Seth Jones
    Alex Harvey
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Final Layout ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    --- Lighting and Dynamics ---
    Seth Belanger
    Zachary Preciado
    Micah Preciado
    Evan Robinson
    --- Compositing Artist ---
    Seth Belanger
    --- Editing ---
    Seth Belanger
    Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
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    1. Nathan Smith

      that is a mazing

    2. ridi_ kek

      Springtrap not have electronic

    3. chillguy_12

      I absolutely love this awesome :D

    4. Jose Yael Solis Valdez

      F for springtrap

    5. Holly Durbin


    6. glob globb glabb glabb

      Orginal better

    7. John Casky

      Is this guy like an ex-hypercloud animator or something? This guy is like the best animator ever. PERIOD

    8. Lntt

      1:34 Animation Sins: a.

    9. fnaf 1414

      2:11 is that a person up there?

    10. Drawzamation

      The animation at the end with the water was sooooooo good. Phenomenal Animation

    11. Soph the aqua werewolf

      I think everyone forgave you for adding blood in thins one 😐

    12. Luis Manuel Martinez

      every time you improve your animation and I like that to happen

    13. DeJuan Johnson

      1:42 :| well then.

    14. Lulo Nuki

      Those poor fish in the river thing.

    15. Kim English


    16. Kim English

      Why are their eyes

    17. eliesser pro Miranda


    18. Azriel Madariaga


    19. Levi Barbier


    20. malakih 2007

      2:11 are those eyes

    21. Все каналы тут

      Сделайте анимацию про Danganrompa первая ваторая третья неважно сделайте пожалуйста.

    22. Rommel Francisco

      Minuto 01:54 violo a la niña?? Se que es rara la pregunta pero tengo esa duda

    23. Pedro central da zuera

      makes these animations only from books like into the pit, bunny cal, fetch, 1:35 AM and step closer

    24. Давид Пашьян

      Графика вообще отличная и я слушаю эту песню сто раз 👌👌👌

    25. Talal Rashdan

      I wish there was a magma cube rap

    26. super gaming

      :springtrap YOU CUT MY ARM OF AND STABBED MY ARM BUT SAY GOODBYE :the detective more you say goodbye *springtrap gets electric shocked and dies* :in springtraps mind i always come back

    27. stick 4116

      Video cool ZAMination i love this videi

      1. stick 4116


    28. Elsa Casillas

      i loooooooooooovet

    29. Jiří Kulhánek


    30. Rabah Kissoum

      they were 5 , 5 child to be killed by afton and he was in fazber fright when he was springtrap

    31. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

      3:33 spring trap:*falls in water* ennard: OH BOY MORE LIGHTS FOR MY SEWER

    32. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

      this is a really good theory...Williams death was not fire but water

      1. SN - 04RL 865184 Ridgeview PS

        no...I'm not drunk its just my lifestyle is silliness

      2. Nolan Meyer

        This isn't a theory. My guy you drunk?

    33. minou

      it's too good, I love it

    34. Magic Utopia

      Hi Zach and Micah! I still remember your names. I was a fan in 2015-17 and I came back today to check on this beautiful channel. Keep up the good work! My name was Elizabeth FNAF, I used to always request Undertale animations lol.

    35. ɢᴏsᴜ мιsтツ

      Is this what happened to scrap trap?

    36. The_newb_gaming

      why is pigpach here

    37. Isaac Molina Botero

      I love the part where he kills the children but it's very sad 😥

    38. Влад Романюк

      was it a sequel?

    39. Maria Ema Dias


    40. Jackson chen

      I saw something in want lure

    41. pitulek karp

      Its super amezing aim like you zamination ;D nad Subscribe

    42. Benjamin Llanos

      Was the kid folow my 1w fredi wated and kid

    43. Imao. XD

      2:02 Wata Fack Is that Syupid Face On That Animatrocine

    44. Dianna Salzillo

      is this an animoitan of fnaf 6 or some thing else

    45. Ελενη Τρικοιλιδου

      I can't understand why he killed the kids. Did he kill them to become immortal or because he was a physcopath? Plz answer me if u know

      1. Ελενη Τρικοιλιδου

        @Braydon GT ok thanks

      2. Braydon GT

        There is two theories, either A he killed the kids to gain their soul remmenant to achieve immortality or as William put it " So my soul will lead my body to its eternal home" Or B after Michaels death, William killed the kids to try to bring Mike back to life in a way, but option A is most probable

    46. Timothy Playz


    47. Nikor

      2:12 These is Springtrap.

    48. Heaven Aura

      1:19 purple guy impostor

    49. Jan Che pi Jan


    50. Jan Che pi Jan


    51. Rastik Alexa

      new! springtrap

    52. батуберр Рр


    53. Dark Mongoose

      Это русский канал?

    54. darren morris

      Guys I saw springtrap vent eject em

    55. LIXER!

      ITS VERY VERY VERY GOOD SONG ZAMination !!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. LIXER!


    57. jokerispokerwithaj

      springtrap:falls into water water:UR GOING TO BRAZIL

    58. Zouheir Soussi

      Its creepier then the original version when he kill the kids

    59. Puppet 897

      the fifth child: im a joke for you?

    60. Hamza Faisal Imran

      version B look's blah bad

    61. мангл из пиццерии

      Мужик больной на всю голову

    62. hapsoh zezewe

      Oi olid

    63. PHØEBE_ ANG


    64. AMOS LEE ZHI XIN Moe

      this song is old and you make a new song witch is the same the old one is cool and i think the new one is the springtrap orgin

    65. Kool_story

      I like this do a very good video

    66. Madyrator 1

      мне песня понравился кому тоже понравился лайк

    67. Yeet Tyt

      Who are the new animatronics

      1. Yeet Tyt

        The spring trap is flawless but what’s with the Dog and the pig And why is spring Bonnie on stage

    68. KokoDen

      This version is the best

    69. 정지호

      한쿸인만 모여라

    70. joseph madison

      ok now this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun how ded you got this video

    71. Nique Nique Bosslady

      Wait when i first saw this springtrap put his head into the water watching him go

    72. Regina Jordan

      This I was not expecting to that but that was awesome

    73. Johnatan Novillo

      Henry punches spring-trap: hmm yes looks like the metal is made out of metal

    74. EndermenKing

      3:20 you're telling me one single knife can cut off the arm of a metal animatronic... or does henry have super strength

    75. random guy 101

      *VERSION A:* Springtrap: Give it up Stiglitz! *VERSION B:* Detective Stiglitz: I don't think so

    76. Geo Romero

      Why chica is a pig?

    77. RetroJesse2008

      Hah I like the ddr a arcade

    78. elaine chen

      I guess we know how springtrap got in the sewers.

    79. Kairi Pineda

      i- i love the way springtrap/William gets electrocuted in the water

    80. Kordell Rodriguez


    81. Kordell Rodriguez


    82. Joey Deville

      How become he can’t punch him but he can stab him

      1. Nolan Meyer

        Your fist is apart of your arm. Your arms have nerves which foe example when punching a fuckin piece metal cause pain! The knife isn't a physical attachment and has no nerves.

    83. Jenny Prince

      Guys get springtrap out of here I saw him crawling through a vent

      1. Braydon GT

        " Next round you have been found ded"

    84. Kaitlin Pumphery

      This was amazing! And he actually added blood this time- I didn't notice until I played it back but still this was amazing! Well done!

    85. Matheus Galvão


    86. Juana Filete jimenez

      Yo digo parte 6

    87. Kenzie Draper

      kichen gun went real quiet after this

    88. José Roberto Gomes Roberto

      I am brazilian

    89. Cintia Escalante


    90. Jaysom Tomas

      F purpol gay

    91. Alejandro Nikolas Montoya Balmaceda

      follow me number 1 springtarp mask is better

    92. кисельчик тв

      А я русский

    93. ГОША РОГОВ


    94. Amber Spearman

      That person was dumb to hit the animatronic

    95. Michelle Lewinski

      Is ending A cannon or is ending B lol

    96. pony

      Whats with springtraps eyes lol

    97. Manix 6


    98. antonia jimenez

      Soy el unico que habla español o que

    99. Miles Z

      Why Did You Stop Narrating For Animation Sins?

    100. Ризабек Ахмедалиев

      Ммм непонелт детектив что сперва был убийцей а потом сам раследовал своё же преступление