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    Do you like scary movies? Watch the NEW trailer for , only in theatres January 14, 2022.

    Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past. Neve Campbell (“Sidney Prescott”), Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) and David Arquette (“Dewey Riley”) return to their iconic roles in Scream alongside Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Sonia Ammar.

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    Опубликовано: 4 дня назад


    1. CinemaRaps

      Courtney Botox

    2. Txrtles_3x3

      Damn it they gon kill my wife Ghost face ain’t bullet proof I’m gon shoot him gotta get my revenge

    3. Mila Drazenovich

      Lame, leave the scream legacy alone… sequels suck

    4. H and foxy

      People born after 2002: what is that thing making a ringing sound in beginning?

    5. Christian Cansino

      List possible suspects below 👇

    6. Ragner Louthbrok

      This looks darker and more serious, can't wait to see it. BTW "hello Sidney" never gets old.

    7. bill zanewayne

      we want stu back

    8. Elvia Lopez

      I feel bad for the girl at the beginning lol

    9. hma

      I hope they don’t reveal who the ghost face is this time, and only hint at who he is.

    10. Ragner Louthbrok

      Man wtf is going with Hollywood. Halloween and know Scream. To all the 80s and 90s kids we are blessed ✊.

    11. Mikey D

      Lame. COME UP WITH NEW ORIGINAL STORIES. sick of the constant remakes

    12. lilxholly

      Why do they get us this hyped up then tell us it’s gonna come out like in 3 months

    13. 007spudman Official

      January 14th? This movie literally comes out on my 23rd birthday.

    14. shtoopid

      I like how the V in the M letter in Scream reference Scream 5

    15. Matthew Baker

      This comes out right on my 30th birthday! Imagine that

    16. Bucko

      Just 11 years, nice! :)

    17. Ryan Garris

      They made this 30 years ago. it was stupid then and it's stupid now. Spoiler alert, the killer is always the cute one you'd never expect. The dumb blonde survives all the way to the last killing spree then die in the most easily avoidable way possible and the two dipshit leads kiss and happily ever after. What a turd.

    18. Dylan McLaughlin

      I bet the killer is someone from the first movie. That’ll be the twist

    19. Liam Alexander

      Clay jenson is the killer

    20. Cott1710

      Love how the poster is yet another SCREAM nod to Halloween

    21. Tre Brewer

      Yessir I hope they bring back a old character

    22. flippaaa

      Does anyone else think this looks terrible lol? Or am I the only one 🤨

    23. James Monk

      I feel like they’re gonna kill off Dewey.

    24. AyImGone

      Damn 9 mil

    25. Airforce One

      Brings me back to being in high school 15yo. Im 38yo now. I saw the original movies - scream, i know what you did last sunmer movies in the cinemas.

    26. Drawings n Stuff

      Something's happening in January. First trailer for Halloween Kills got 10M views currently. This trailer already has 9M views in only 3 days.

      1. Demsen

        @Drawings n Stuff I see, interesting

      2. Drawings n Stuff

        @Demsen So they don't compete with Halloween Kills. Also the pandemic is leaving all the studios to just pick whatever release time they think is gonna work out. Everything is just a wild guess at this point.

      3. Demsen

        Why do they not release these in October?

    27. AJ's Adventurous Journeys

      I filled up at the end of this. Nostalgia X 100000000000. I grew up with the first three Scream movies, now I'm in my 30s and cannot wait to see Gale, Dewey, and Sidney take on another Ghost Face. Didn't think we'd get another Scream movie after the fourth installment!

    28. Kris Anderson

      isnt this a tv show

    29. Anthony Voorhees

      I love this franchise but it's going to be a block buster fail

    30. Ryu Dragonpunch

      This is just the old Scream with smart phones and social media

    31. 𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕦𝕤

      Oh hell yeah

    32. Manuel Caceros

      who asked for this 90 day warranty refurbished item?

    33. DexPlays

      This looks generic af.. I hope he kills everyone and there is some kind of plot twist. I can feel it, they’re gonna kill Ghost Face..

    34. Victoria Jahr

      What!!! January!! U can’t release it then release it on halloween

    35. Jesus Christ

      Ew no

    36. Antonia Brito


    37. Charles Baese

      Isn’t this kinda what 4 was poking fun at tho

    38. 2a4me

      Who ever is the killer it's someone can tell by the fake voice machine...also it seems more personal

    39. Digital Renegade

      I hope it was Henry Winkler all along

    40. Vydex

      Hughie is here, Ghostface is no match for Homelander wth

    41. Vydex

      cool supervillain, just wait till spiderman arrives 👍👍

    42. Rinzler_ 72

      Damn why January tho

    43. M nddy

      come January these movie theater WILL BE PACKEDDD I definitely WILL be there

    44. Ben


    45. Emily Beauvais

      Oh come on don’t fuck up Scream

    46. This Ain't My Name

      Please stop making these movies.

    47. psychonaut038

      ok... So nobody has a new idea??? Let's do scream again! 😅

    48. M nddy

      yassssss another one chiii 😆😆😆

    49. Fido

      honestly looks no different than any of the previous 4

    50. Ricky Ricardo

      They already did 2, 3, and 4 are they embarrassed to call this one scream 5 ?

      1. Ricky Ricardo

        @Jesus• 69 years ago Probably just marketing reasons just annoying how it’s the new trend to call sequels by the same name as the original - Not just movies basically everything now of days

      2. Jesus• 69 years ago

        @Ricky Ricardo Yeah idk then maybe cause F it why not

      3. Ricky Ricardo

        @Jesus• 69 years ago Ok yeah but the two newest halloween movies are ignoring all the other sequels after the original so it makes sense not to number them

      4. Jesus• 69 years ago

        Im guessing they’re gonna do what was done with Michael Myers with these new halloween movies

    51. host marsh

      OH MY GOD! If this is real im am sooooooo gonna see this in theaters i watched each scream at least 4 times i love this movie!!!

    52. 60FPS

      I remember seeing the first scream in times square back amc in 2000

    53. DistantEyez

      The scariest part of this is that she still owns a home phone!

    54. James Morant

      I'm little Nervous cause 1st Movie without Wes Craven but let's see what they do

    55. purple_Surface

      Best trailer ever

    56. CrazyBrick.Productions

      This kinda looks like that when they rebooted Halloween

    57. Jose Guevara

      Cryptkeeper: it's the Same Game of Cat and Mouse once again, Kiddies, especially from the future victims of Tonight's Tale, it's a Nasty Nugget about a series of Murders from a Familiar Murderer you know him very well, it's the same old game but for the New Era, I Call it: "Scream".

    58. evilwithin

      The only downside to this they aren't gonna release to dvds

    59. João Alves

      Can someone tell if this is a reboot or like Scream 5 that continues the story?

      1. Pavlen Avramov

        It's a sequel

    60. Jordan Richardson

      So this is not a sequel but a new version?

      1. Pavlen Avramov

        It'a a sequel

    61. Kryten

      From all of the skits of scream, i lost the capacity to take it seriously, this his given me it back.

    62. TheOmega4ever

      I am ready!!!!!

    63. I Make things

      I've read some of the comments left by people saying they like the serious tone, and I just couldn't disagree more. Scream was special because of it's tongue in cheek approach to the slasher genre. It's clear satire and self awareness made it feel fresh and new. This trailer looked so generic, and the main characters- besides Sidney- look so old I can't imagine them lasting two seconds with a serial killer. Dewey looks like he'll die just by getting up off the sofa. Obviously this isn't the actors fault, but I can't help but find it distracting. I'm not saying the movie is definitely gonna be bad or anything, I'm just really hoping they don't actually try to take it so seriously. That would show a total lack of understanding of what made the original innovative.

    64. jada brown

      bruh i wish it was out already

    65. Julien Bartholini

      Leave Sidney alone !!!

    66. Pierre Pierre

      Gale weathers's face scares me more than ghostface

      1. Nikos Tasopoylos

        Lol true

    67. Pierre Pierre

      Mmmmh 🤔

    68. Alexander Drake

      I swear if this is horrible like Halloween kills is I literally am giving up on reboots and remakes of horror movies. Halloween kills was atrocious. Please please for fucks sake be good.

    69. Jonas Brother

      January release? Oh no, that's a red flag...

    70. Vtuber lover

      Im being ghostface for halloween, The then the new movie trailer came Im fucking hyped

    71. Crazy101

      wazzzzzzzzzuuuuupppp 😂😂

    72. Chelooox alfa


    73. aiden Gadzi

      Oh man out of all the scream movies this looks like the first one they're trying to actually make seem scary. Its gonna be interesting seeing sydney not being the one being targeted by ghost face. Cant wait to see how it plays out as her being the one protecting people instead of being protected

    74. Billy Johnson

      My prediction: One of the original killers IS the killer! 👻🔪😱

      1. lewis mann

        imagine if sidney was the killer

    75. Chris Redfield

      Stories are stupid. A different killer each time. This can go on forever 🤦‍♂️

    76. Waqas Badar

      Ok but not calling it "5cream" is such a wasted opportunity.

    77. Paul V3D

      Doors locked, doors unlocked... Wtf! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. Jacob

      This looks hella good

    79. M S

      Terrible, it's the original with Amazon technology 😂

    80. DeshAun _LUv

      Now‼️‼️ This looks dam good I hope they execute this they way it needs to be if they do this will be wayyy better then Halloween kills🙏😁

    81. Brock Whiting

      Welp. We all know its fucking Hewie from the boys. Absolutely no question

    82. * Roboppi *

      I hope they do my idea where it ends up being one or all of the original 3 because they're just sick of all this shit.

    83. Aaron Manansala


    84. Cryptic_origin _

      The way he chased that man down was golden but love how they take the comedy out looks way better

    85. Cryptic_origin _

      So scream is a hacker now

    86. Anna

      Better be Stu

    87. Maris Fajardo


    88. David Meadows

      Why is it called by the same title as the first one? Why not just call it Scream 5 to avoid confusion?

    89. GamingShark


    90. NiNo 10

      This is scream 5

    91. Arnaud Vittet

      The slasher genre is long gone...bringing back 'I know what you did last summer' and 'Scream' isn't gonna make it a thing again.

    92. Ken Carson

      Stu macher is back

    93. lewis mann

      imagine if sidney was the killer this time ooooh a concept

    94. Dean Nielsen

      January 14th?... I'm clearing my calendar... What about you?...

    95. Kylie❤️😊

      This film looks fit af

    96. Hustle&No-filta!

      I love horrors!!! Conjurings! Haunted house! Drag me to hell! Sixth sense! Hills have eyes! Ect but I was never into scream still not am I alone!?

    97. Ashley Rhodes

      It would be so ironic if it was Stu

    98. Rurouni KenshinX

      Now we need Scary Movie

    99. Brandon Lee

      This seems similar to the tv series.

    100. Jimmy Jizzle

      i wouldn't exactly call this a scream movie it doesn't have the same atmosphere or vibe as the originals.