Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters (Official Video)

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

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    'Blue Banisters’ The New Album Out October 22nd
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    Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters (Official Video)
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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Blue Banisters. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Blanche Blanch

      This song is so heartbreaking 💔

    2. Samuel Barlow

      I thought you might like this :)

    3. Mr Trashy

      U r 9 💕

    4. Raven Winchester

      Why lana gotta make music that resonates with me so much.

    5. Luiza Ma

      No. Just no...

    6. Kilian Häußler

      So ein dreck song

    7. Ana

      Nfr vibess

    8. Lily Alien


    9. Khalilur Rahman

      Lana is too good for the Scammys

    10. GSERIES TV

      You decided to export the video in log? BRAW?

    11. Peter M.

      What's with the disgusting, low contrast cinematography? EWW!!!!!

    12. Kösem Anastasia Özkan

      Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters There’s a picture on the wall of me on a John Deere Jenny handed me a beer said how the hell did you get here? Oklahoma. There were flowers that were dry sitting on the dresser she asked me where they’re from, I said a place I don’t remember - Oklahoma Jenny jumped into the pool she was swimming with Nikki Lane she said most men don’t wanna woman with a legacy it’s our bane She said you can’t be a muse and be happy too you can’t blacken the pages with Russian poetry and be happy and that scared me… Because I met a man who Said he’d come back every May just to help me if I paint my banisters blue Blue banisters Said he’d fix my weathervane give me children take away my pain and paint my banisters blue My banisters blue. There’s a hole that’s in my heart all my women try and heal they’re doing a good job convincing me that it’s not real it’s heat lightning. Because there’s a man that’s in my past there’s a man that’s still right here he’s real enough to touch and in my darkest nights he’s shining Jenny was smoking by the pool we were writing with Nikki Lane I said I’m scared of the Santa Clarita fires I wish that it would rain I said the power of us three could bring absolutely anything except that one thing- the diamonds, the rust and the rain. The thing that washes away the pain Now when weather turns to May all my sisters come to paint my banisters green- my blue banisters gray. Tex and Mex are in the bay, Chuckies making birthday cake chickens running bare feet there’s a baby on the way and now my blue banisters are green and gray. Summer comes Winter goes Spring I skip God knows. Summer comes winter goes, spring I sleep heaven knows Every time it turns to May all my sisters fly to me to paint paint paint

    13. Sile

      I'm a bit confused. 🤔 Aren't her girls supposed to paint the banisters green and grey?

    14. Sikarin Armart


    15. Rigoberto A Perez Franco

      Masterpice queen 👑

    16. Le Parti Florentin.

      Je t'aime, Lana Del Rey . Mystar ❤❤

    17. Enrique

      Where is the 11 M?

    18. Cpremi

      Although I have bipolar with rapid cycling, Lana and her music actually make me feel better about the depression that comes which can sometimes be hard to control. I dont feel like Lana is telling me to actively wallow in my sadness or make it even worse. Its as though i dont need to feel guilty anymore about living with something that i never asked have but am kinda stuck with 😑❤️

      1. Clara Lund

        I never felt guilty .. instead I just wished away the misery while listening to Lana she has pulled me thru my darkest times

    19. Endimione17

      someone forgot to grade this ;-)

    20. Hugo Cardoso Dos Santos

      Were is the color grading?

    21. Amos Brantley

      I'm twisting twirling and swirling in whirlpools of dreams up and down swift flowing currents afloat drifting in this senuouse meandering river of existence in beautiful motions. I love this song and Oklahoma great job !!! Cowgirl!!!!

    22. Camer Andrio

    23. Subrosareloaded

      Ich glaubt´ es ja nich`. Also ääährlich. Frau del Ray. Vielleicht thematisieren Sie mal lieber schöne Balladen, die auch mit conoraren Verhältnissen zu tun haben...

    24. WarpedTrekker

      This is a joke right? Flat log footage straight out of the camera? Hire a Colorist to fix this issue.

    25. Diana Kerberas

      Me encanta Lana, pero parece tamalito enrollado con ese vestido amarillo

    26. Jim Robinson

      The video is supposed to create an emotion, but this is too much. The emotion it creates is that there is something wrong with my display. Video should make you feel, not distract you. As far as the people saying how great it looks. In Art there was an elephant they taught to hold a paint brush and slap paint on a canvas. They put the paintings in a museum and gave the Artist a fake backstory and people would walk up and try to explain the emotion in the brush strokes and explain the intellectual meaning of the art.

    27. Solid Content

      Beautiful song but two things: 1 - why didn't they colour grade this at all? 2 - at no point in the music video does any paint go on the bannister. There's paint on feet, and on BALUSTERS, but never any bannisters. Just sayin' BEAUTIFUL song tho..

    28. Paul S

      Did they run out of budget for color grading?

    29. Rexomus Prime

      Shot in RAW and not color corrected or graded. Why?

    30. Borja Campillo

      Absolutamente vergonzoso. The production team and client of this video should be ashamed… releasing a log video like that. Shame. No, it is not style, it is not something new…. It is an ungraded no color log video.

    31. elliot lepage

      Did the colorist die before exporting ? Good song anyway

    32. Wellington José

      Visual Masterpiece

    33. Billy J. Causey, Video Guy

      looks like someone forgot to linearize the footage.

    34. Iced Latte

      Why this video isn't color graded ?

    35. Scotoma Video

      Producer: Lana wants a video. Cinematographer: Alright. My rate is $1500 a day. Producer: The other guy said he'd do it for $400. Cinematographer: That's crazy. I'm out. The Other Guy: Say no more.

    36. Walter Stockdale

      Another great one Been convinced all along Not waiting for the next but it will come All that's left is still ahead it's bitter sweet because it's best

    37. Hugh Chaloner

      The colour grading in this is really terrible. Cmon management, this is just ungraded log footage, you can do way better for Lana.

    38. RNLD

      Forgot to turn on the color grading? 😂

    39. Guillermo Etc

      The classic situation when the colorist forgets to turn on Color correction before exporting and then someone says: I LOVE IT, LEAVE IT LIKE THIS, YOURE A GENIUS

    40. Me

      Please release out me in a movie my soul is crying for it

    41. TRIP STTR

      You all forgot to hire someone to color grade the video

    42. PolyRev

      No budget for a colorist

    43. rajesh ramachandran

      A free raw footage for editing practice!

    44. Richard Long

      A LUT would have been interesting..... still I guess the VT without it - is the point.....

    45. The DOE BO RICH SHOW


    46. Rene1701 R. A

      blue banisters is masterpiece like norman albums from last century 😍

    47. Juan Manuel Favila Delgado

      Lana del Rey demuestra su gran talento una vez más, esta canción tan sencilla como hermosa.

    48. Tremblay JT


    49. Elder

      Amo los videos feos de Chuk

    50. sayyadinajaa

      te-ai ingrasat mai fata ! :)

    51. niaanig

      Aquí haciéndole stream 🧎🏻‍♀️🙌🏼

    52. lilymellow

      This song makes me cry. It’s so beautiful. I relate so much. Bravo Lana xxx

    53. emy gay

      cu mano, cadê os br?

    54. Ayşegül


    55. R zeko

      This video, for me, is the future I'll never know...

    56. HMG HMG

      It’s evident that life has given her some hard punches. She has turned her pain into art.

    57. Mabooze

      Lana del ReY... phenomen of vocal voice... superbly superb........

    58. Dorah Nájera Del Rey

      Te amo te amo te amo te amo, por mucho eres la mejor artista de mi generación ❤️❤️‍🔥

    59. Alex ♡

      lana t amo

    60. Bitta-Sweet JP

      Jenny handed the beer. There is no Johnny

    61. Sebas :)

      We need more videos of blue bannisters

    62. Daniel Młynarczyk

      Makes me wanna be one of her sisters and paint her banisters...

    63. joão

      why are they painting the banisters blue? shouldn't be green or grey? confused

    64. digital grl

      This songs so soothing

    65. Papa Legba

      I think Lana is missing old days like most of us 🥺

    66. Berkay Şentürk

      I like how with every album she gets closer to god.

    67. Tefff dF


    68. D Clark

      This song is beautifully sad. Wow. I love her music so much.

    69. Samuel Alejandro Abarca Baltazar

      Dope track. 💙🚜 🕊️👠⚡✊🏼🌉🗽🇺🇸

    70. Elif

      Que bonita lana

    71. Laura Orts


    72. Danny Dalby

      Singing of fear of California fires....only other artist has ever mentioned this. Brilliant.

    73. Joshua Zain Newman

      I absolutely LOVE IT


      If this song don't get grammy i will throw some hands cuz this is art

    75. Astrid Luna

      We love you Lana 👸💕💕

    76. nunyu buz

      She might be my spirit animal...

    77. breisoverparty

      I'm analyzing this song for a Ela project and I never realized just how amazing it was

    78. Andrew Davison

      Masterpiece, best song on the album

    79. Nick Kasander

      i really want Lana to star in a film. she has a face with so much emotion and sadness and joy

    80. Herr EISENHEIM

      but the banisters was all painted or was it just for video?

    81. Zip Talia

      she seems a bit uncomfortable at times and maybe that's just her personality? (which is totally understandable - & who could blame her, right?) i hope she realizes that God has blessed each of us in so many ways. she is super bright and insanely talented with the voice of an angel - she's also very beautiful as well and no one expects her to ever have to be "perfect" - as that is bs - it's a "mirage" a "fallacy" - that only exists in phony ass hollyweird. hope she knows that and knows that people appreciate her art for the incredible beauty that it possesses. she doesn't need to be uncomfortable. NOBODY is perfect. we are all just regular people. we all put our pants on the same way. we are all flawed creatures made in the image of God. it's all good sister. keep on doing you regardless of what people think. there's an old saying that goes: "i used to care what people think of me... until i realized how little they do" - how true.

    82. vin karume

      I absolutely love the subtle glances and moments in reveries that she shares with the camera...with me, the viewer. Letting me see what she is not showing to her friends as if she knows the secret is safe.

    83. Rabiha Maslah

    84. bennnyyy Lol

      this album better get a grammy.

    85. Gabriel


    86. The Red Pill Media

      I guess they ran out of budget by the time this video was meant to get color graded. Fifty shades of grey it is then.

    87. Island Erin

      Chills. I love you mamas

    88. Jose ESPINOLA

      🥺Me hizo llorar esta música 🎶😭

    89. Le Ei

      Luv u

    90. Le Ei


    91. Le Ei


    92. Le Ei

      تجننين 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

    93. lalalaism1

      This was an odd and interesting video. Her facial expressions change so quickly. It’s hard to tell if it’s candid or acting for the theme of the video.

    94. Agustina Mansur

      Wow! It's amazing how there's simplicity and beauty in this video at the same time 💙 it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland🎁🌼

    95. zefiro

      Lana ❤

    96. Eary Jerr

      Just enough with the vocal,she literally no need a very awesome video and such. This is Artist we need in this era

    97. 🌿Basil with an ill🤒

      Came from a meech da peech video

    98. Butter Wine

      Fuck a grammy. This album needs an oscarnobelprizepresidentialmedalofhonor

    99. Butter Wine


    100. J Hurtado

      Lana embodies bittersweetness in her music like no other artist. Truly beautiful