Exercise Ball Racing Is AWESOME 🔴🟡

How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

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    1. How Ridiculous

      Watch us play GIANT Connect 4 here:

    2. Discover Vietnam TV

      This is a great fun time for sure

    3. YVNG_DAN


    4. Deepak Ojha

      It shows that if someone has a lead in game/life it doesn't mean you are failled.. It means just try your best with patience you can still win...

    5. Barbie and Disney Princess World

      Yellow and black both are my favourite colour and from the beginning I was in the support of yellow and finally yellow won . No matter all colours are good and the red guy also played this game very well .

    6. Реальный

      Классная игра 👍

    7. future  @&#*!₩¥@

      I love when he throw the red ball at yellow instead throwing it to win

    8. CrystalPixiedust

      As the old saying goes "Slow and steady wins the race "

    9. Latoya Jai

      This game look sick 💥

    10. Nta Michael

      What a game of fun,.lovely 🌹 and interesting.

    11. dilla donuts

      Herron really can’t catch a break on these challenges lol

    12. stephane marbaise

      Amazing ❤️

    13. Zehra Shah

      Wow! Look so much fun. I would love to do something like that.

    14. Wani Midhat

      Moral:never give up!😍

    15. multiplegamesman

      you smashed the view count guys! congrats!!

    16. sophia Rapu

      Just shows in life, that it’s not always everyone who starts first, finishes best or wins. So be grateful for where you are in due time you are gonna reach those goals, don’t give up ❤️

    17. maggie

      can we just appreciate these shorts make our day interesting

    18. Mihaela Kinna

      This seems hella fun!I want to play iiit

    19. Cody Quach Do 2022

      I love it when yellow wins <3