(Hot Debut) aespa - Black Mamba [Music Bank / 2020.11.20]

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    Опубликовано: 11 дней назад


    1. Kristel Fernanda Hernández

      Bias karina Bias wrecked: winter :3

    2. Melodies_Memory of exy

      6M soon. Lets Go for it.

    3. Jaharah Bantuas

      Ningning is a definition of confident and high self-esteem (so proud). She made you to have drop jaw.. Butterfly.. Karina.. Looks like classy girl but when she does perform.. She cracks the stage. Love it. ♥

    4. Jaharah Bantuas

      They slay the stage. All of them. 😻

    5. 권찬영

      기억해 11월 20일 하늘에서 천사가 내려온 날

    6. eqah bangcaya

      I feel like 😊im watching blackpink. Kinda similar vibes

    7. al

      aespa future million sellers I JUST KNOW IT

    8. Diville

      'why is nobody talking about this idol' , 'stop sleeping at this idol' while everybody literally are talking about that idol, pls read more, maybe its down there, and not the 1st or 10th comment you saw right away, and if they DO not talking about that idol, then maybe they will be a hot topic in another video, just be patience and also its annoying, stfu

    9. Kuhishima Wasugako

      I love ningning's angel face and her singing skills also not bad in dancing. Karina is very pretty and I like her being comfy while performing. Gissle is really a cute and pretty good performer. And Winter is so good in singing and dancing. They're just perfect! Ugh I can't choose my bias 👉👈

    10. Wen Xuan Lee

      OK they r wearing heels, wait... heels?

    11. Gloria Sinaga

      Ningning you so ugly


      Sencillamente espectacular cancion, ya soy fan de AESPA, y chinguen a su madre los HATERS

    13. Annissa Ariyanivita

      Can the cameraman chill out a bit, damn I'm tryna watch a performance not going on a rollercoaster

    14. Devia Putri


    15. Taetaekookie IPurpleU

      Their debut is a bop!💖 Karina her vocals and dance are just a wow!💕❤ And all members too ofc

    16. sekertaris impostor

      My bias kpop idol gen 1 :- Gen 2: snsd Gen 3 : blackpink Gen 4: aespa nct ❤️

      1. Melodies_Memory of exy


      2. Melodies_Memory of exy

        But w a few more adding to these

      3. Melodies_Memory of exy


    17. Ei Poushi

      Damn I can't even choose one bias from them

    18. Zahida Dhali

      Black Mamba

    19. ꧁༺ARMY 4ever༻꧂

      STAN AESPA!!❤❤❤❤❤

    20. Pablo Barrera

      this sound like kda

      1. bluE•  •Light  •Forever


    21. Dyar Taufiq Adi Nugraha

      Gisele 3.53 Menit

    22. thicc

      winter is just....... wow

    23. videom burda

      their dance is not good enough and they should have been better not enough for their debut who did not fit their bad karography clothes

      1. bluE•  •Light  •Forever

        put that kind of expectations too to other kpop groups. 😂

    24. Kristen exol Pasistor

      now i know why karina is the leader of the group her personality speaks for itself wow and she my favorite

    25. Melodies_Memory of exy


    26. Melodies_Memory of exy


    27. Ririn Andriani

      winter stan where ate u



    29. ivorie


    30. great people

      Buto mana button captionnya sial

    31. まー


    32. 미나리무침

      와~ 잘 하긴 잘 하네

    33. Nur Asiyah


    34. Bad

      0:22 is she copying Jennie?

    35. 1 000 views video challenge

      For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life.

    36. Imam Hamdani

      Gue tiap hari harus record ngedit ngupload gue butuh support dari kalian agar chanel ku maju

    37. 배수지

      와 4번째 누구냐? 사람 아닌 준 알았다 SM 이런 애들 어디서 모셔오는거냐

      1. 아니 아니아니 아니


    38. nattapong rattanathip

      ningning she is socute and her Sing very well

    39. nattapong rattanathip

      ningning she is socute and her Sing very well

    40. 脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol脑控受害者徐英一家mindcontrol


    41. Teddie A.

      Wow they actually have some good vocals and I don't know why but this song is growing on me I didn't care for it first listen

    42. James Smith

      How does SM have such amazing vocalists every generation!

    43. さー


    44. Orynaaa pcy

      The voice is so balanced! Amazing!!!!

    45. This.isMrs.Watanabe.Haruto

      They're amazing but damn Karina caught my attention eyy

    46. Ghania Al Ajda

      Ningning is all beutiful

    47. Belle Actrice

      Ningning is so beautiful.

    48. reem karar ❥ tbzskztxt

      the beginning of something truly great. so excited for your futures :)

    49. MY-NCTzen universe

      Giselle! Can't wait for your rap in the next comeback!

    50. bluE•  •Light  •Forever

      Check Black mamba MV

    51. Stan Aespa

      *celling all my help us vote for aespa at starplay they're currently in second place*

    52. Physiology Shark

      $@#&, these Queens are expert (つ°ヮ°)つ

    53. bow bow

      So good aespa

    54. Xtreme Cell

      Whi nobody talking about Giselle! Oh my God.



    56. Red Prison

      Karina is beautiful

    57. Ailsa Ni

      Hey I love this channel so much like it makes

    58. kwinigie

      aespa BLACK MAMBA

    59. Mary

      I simply can't take my eyes off Ningning 😍❤️

    60. Charlemagne Ocampo

      The fierce yow

    61. 이병두

      하지만 난 지금 이 시간에 깨어 있는 사람이 되고 싶다~ 아 진짜 너무 좋다^^

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Ustad somad

    62. Sara Gjoni

      I love that the comments compliment the girls and protect them from haters but i also see a lot of solo stans degrading other members. It's okay if u mabye don't like them all but hatin on them to make ur fave look good is stupid. Fuck off if u hate all the members and love only one!!!! (My bias is Karina or probably Giselle and i love Ningning and i think my bias just changed to Winter so..... i am ot4)

    63. Cherie Chanteur

      Ningning's voice is amazing.

    64. faeze sh

      karina: im addicted me : im addicted too !

    65. Blackpink Fan

      내가 어떻게 당신을 사랑하지 않을 수 있습니까😩당신을 사랑하지 않는 것은 죄입니다😉

    66. Blackpink Fan

      Aespa 아름다워. 동의하지 않는 사람🌚

      1. jisoo black

        Agree very beautiful

    67. Blackpink Fan

      NingNing 뛰어난 보컬 능력을 가지고 있습니다. 너무 아름다워서 말로는 설명 할 수 없어😍😍😍

    68. Tila Wilderman

      NING has sexy eyes like Jennie

    69. Vince Marc Padao

      !! VOTE AESPA ON STARPLAY !! Prevoting: (11pm kst) 1. NCT U - 42.2% 2. AESPA - 27.38%

    70. Tila Wilderman

      Ohhhh my God they are so beautiful!! & talented!!

    71. Ririn Andriani

      winter is the definition of being stunningly, beautiful, and talented

    72. Aquinza Rahmadani

      Semangat kakak! Semangattttt

    73. Nurin Nashruna Binti Mazlan

      i like the style not acting cute

    74. MY princess winter

      winter ily :-*

    75. Erik Nugraha

      Ustad somad

    76. Le Na

      Aespa ROTY

    77. Le Na

      Still trending in Indonesia daebak

    78. Sun Star

      Vote aespa on Starplay pre-vote! #1 - 41.52% #2 aespa - 27.27% (+0.51%) #3 - 15.49% GAP from #1 : 14.25% GAP from #3 : 11.78%

    79. nani yanamadala

      Ningning looks like jennie

    80. Pine Kulteera

      They all Look super pretty!❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😘🥰🥰🥰💗💗💖💝💜❣️💓💞💘💕

    81. Angelica Ramos

      Ningning looks like jennie,

    82. Dolor Espina

      Karina is so pretty and her blue her is just fantastic

    83. Park Yoon Tae

      Your face is 🤢🤢🤢🤢

      1. bluE•  •Light  •Forever

        👀Once? Base on your previous comment your a once? 😂

    84. Bangtan Sonyeondan


      1. Bangtan Sonyeondan

        Where did you get that!?

      2. Lea May Timbol

        Lol that was fake!

    85. Mdha AhMd

      🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 Trending #7 Music Video Trending #18 Music Bank Trending #20 Dance Practice Trending #21 Inkigayo Trending #28 for Debut Stage I am a happy MY🥰🥰🥰

      1. oiuet souiu

        my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    86. Jessylrk 1

      My aespa is 2nd place pre-v8t3 let keep v8t3 for them. On starplay

      1. oiuet souiu

        Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

    87. Lady Mindkoff

      🍙🍘🍱🌹💖💗💓♋️🏴🏳🏁♓💎 *Yesus Kristus adalah Anak Allah & menjanjikan hidup yang kekal jika anda hanya percaya kepada-Nya.* *Dia berjanji untuk menyembuhkan badan anda juga. (tengok langit dan tanya dia)*

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    89. Myka C.

      their vocals are stable watch aespa black mamba MR Removed like SM has the best vocals 🥵🤧😍💗💓❤️

    90. ᄀᄋᄌ

      아니 왜 외쿡인 댓글밖에 없어

    91. RealWY

      Best girls

    92. RealWY


    93. RealWY


    94. Jessylrk 1

      My don't forget to v8t3 for aespa on starplay. 3rd place

    95. Enid Bahn

      카메라 정말 최악이에요 중간에 핸드헬드는 왜 넣는것이며 왜 자꾸 줌인 줌아웃 미친듯이 하는건지 진짜..........아야야양야ㅑ 할 때 의. 연출. 정말 정말 2020년의 영상이란게 믿기지 않을 정도로 연출이 너무 단순하고 일차원적이고 정신사납고 자꾸 이상한 곳 잡고 진짜 최악이에. 풀샷 잡았다가 갑자기 클로즈업잡고 . 얼굴쿨로즈업 연속으로 때려서 점프컷을 만들어버리질 않나 호흡 정말 엉망이에요 진짜 진짜 정신사납고 아무것도 눈에 안들어와요. 무대미술 너무 좋았는데 카메라가 모든 것을 놓쳤어요. 힐링하려고 들어왔다가 카메라 때문에 스트레스 받고 나가네요 . 제발 다신 만나지맙시다

    96. Enid Bahn

      다좋은데 카메라.......;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 무대미술의상다좋은데 카메라가 모든것을,

    97. Caca Stefani

      Dekornya bagus

    98. Митя сэрво


    99. Fuck You


    100. Athaya

      how tf they SPIN IN HEELS???? they are all legends