Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare!



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    The glare warns you when you’re in an area that is dark enough for monsters to spawn! How does it let you know? By getting super grumpy, of course! Vote for the glare during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!

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    1. hi hi


    2. nimrod adi

      *copper golem for the win in minecraft vote

    3. Mane Shaker

      So... you need a mob to know when an area is too dark to spawn mobs? THEN WHY NOT LIGHT THE AREA IN THE FIRST PLACE?! WHY have a mob to tell you this?! It's basic knowledge and sense for a MC player to light any dark area that he's/she's in! And running out of torches? Don't make me laugh. This thing and the copper golem are the new glowing squids.

    4. Acridobject

      Press F3 to check for light level. there.

    5. joimi jose

      Espero que dream no venga a cagarla de nuevo

    6. RapidFireGS

      I'm either voting for copper golem or allay

    7. joséph Esteves

      Yes Yes

    8. Carmen Lentijo Pareja

      Sorry no vote glare

    9. Yaboi_malikiedits

      I want a glare ( this is my vote i want a glare

    10. Andrea

      Por el golenm

    11. Embedded 8.1

      I's funny because we are literally voting for Pokémons

    12. Jeoq


    13. Monkechamp

      EW GLARE

    14. Purple ByCable

      Vote him hes cute

      1. Isaac crack oficial

        No 😘

    15. SplashNotPro

      Totally not voting for this lol

    16. mutaz Gaming

      it's bad

    17. HADI_KL


    18. Desmond Moulton

      No Glare. It the worst. don't vote for it

    19. Sebastian Went  to house to play 1

      Best mod

    20. Rhynoctapus

      I'm voting for glare 😍😍😍

    21. Ayashi Shirogane


    22. vrushali chothe

      I want glare

    23. The Holy Enforcer

      This would be great for hardcore!

    24. Roman Panther


    25. FnaF Theories

      This uh.... This Is the work of the Bats already.... Mojang...?

    26. Lime power


    27. Weird rock Lee stan

      The iron golem is more useful

    28. blue



      Glare better I vote for glare

    30. ART by BAZ

      I vote for glare

    31. Tomás Faustinoni Finocchiaro

      Allak its me favorite

    32. reese

      aaaa glare or allay



    34. Racoons rule

      Not thia

    35. triangle trucker

      I wish we can tame the glare because it looks cute in my opinion.

    36. Investager

      Boo vote for allay

    37. Ervilha_gameplays_28

      Iam vote

    38. MaskdCrafter

      Lol imagine voting for the glare this post was made by copper golem gang

    39. SKELETON

      Hmm 🤔

    40. Darius Pui

      I vote coper golem

    41. edi borrallas

      I fill like all this animal are useless copper that just press buttons and glare that runs away and Cookie Monster

    42. ride  GO


    43. Caullychurn Lesh

      I'm would like to vote for the glare :D

    44. notoriouslowjay


    45. Crab Stixx

      i need this

    46. rafael avendaño


    47. Phoebe_inacan


    48. Nickgamer 430

      mojang please do the community vote here on RUtvs because like me there are many people who don't have twitter access

    49. Looney 128

      um not bad i guess?

    50. nokhodchi


    51. gaming with Badshah

      Oscar the Groupoch

    52. Angharad Kay

      Oooo can’t wait!

    53. Gabriel Pereira

      Votem do mob glare

    54. JRockThumper

      Flashlights coming soon comfirmed

    55. Ingledued


    56. Rouqlc Testi

      Does that mean we can tame the glare?

    57. La sarvente24

      Hola mojan 😍😍😍🤩🤩

    58. Ram Gamer42

      Voooooote for alllllllleeeey

    59. Pily Archi

      Vote glare, is cute

    60. Yamila Balmaceda

      Awwww :3


      Can I ask why there got a bee armor

    62. Jhovy Villacarlos

      I vote for the but idk maybe copper goleM?

    63. Nemesis GD

      Allay is most useful

    64. Asia

      Imagine having a bunch of these in a huge underground cave glaring at you with glowing eyes. I think it would add to caves ambience. Or make a great addition to a haunted project.

    65. Ihsaan Zarioh

      Ok...if hé did somthing bad, then i would put him in a mob spawner

    66. Siddharaj Parmar


    67. Jylle Perez

      Doesn’t the F3 menu check light levels too?

    68. U.K YT gaming


    69. TigerNG

      I VOTE! I VOTE!!!!

    70. Nayara Silva

      allay is (GOLD)

    71. Nayara Silva

      OK? allay 10000000000000000000000%

    72. Nayara Silva

      allay 100%

    73. Saransh Negi

      Very poor mob

    74. Sidahmed_1Swat Codm ツ


    75. poprostuleon

      Glare is the best

    76. Luigifandroid


      1. ультрататар


    77. Ollie Wilson

      I really want the boiler to be in Minecraft

    78. Caylan Does Gaming

      These mobs are all so cool, please give us every single one of them it’s to hard to choose…

    79. Viktor Drga

      I like him

    80. The Mandalorian

      Dream don’t do it

    81. JT

      No offence but dream gonna make everyone vote for this

    82. Juan Pablo

      We can't leave the Dreams make the copper golen win!!!

    83. Vinny Boberino

      It’s actually between the glare and allay. Mainly I just think the Glare looks the best.

    84. R_Q52

      I like how they litterally show a much needed, yet un-added item for minecraft in this ( E.g, a flashlight! Cmon, it's so simple and so useful! )

    85. R_Q52

      I like it, but i feel like the allay is more useful

    86. Llama_Lover :D


    87. Aubrey

      I hope dream takes a liking to this one, I kinda like him.

    88. CFS Fire Alarms

      Cripple Moab in Minecraft😂

    89. badumbadoobdee

      so it’s just a torch for a pet😐

    90. Red Hood Gotham


    91. Berdly Gamer

      OK. As berdly i think this is the best mob.

    92. Гостевой режим

      i want see it in minecraft

    93. wise SOHAM


    94. Matthew Morrison

      This is useful for people that don't know how to use the f3 key lol

    95. Caleb Kolasa

      I don't feel like the Glare is as interesting as the other two. You don't really need a mob to know when it's dark enough for monsters to spawn, cute, and cool idea. But anyone who's older than 9 years old can do that without a creature getting angry.

    96. Everett01

      Just what we needed, a mob that tells us when it's dark outside. Evolution never gave us any tools that allow us to do that.

    97. Blackston

      Minecraft libe plis plis plis

    98. Jeremy gaming

      I will vote for the glare

    99. ProPlayz583

      Yaaaaaaaaaa but I will vote for someone else😏

    100. marcos game 1234

      My vote goes glaes