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  1. casper bossen

    No One Can Play the robbers like Harry and marv! (Joe Pesci) was amazing so scary he was so good. (Daniel Stern) you know you Have to be a clever soul to Play a idiot like he did, you really believed In he was so stupid, he played the role flawless. the two together there were something magical, they were 75% of the old movies they were amazing🙏❤️

  2. Nava Иeeth

    To Newt 😭💔💔💔❤️ Everyone needs a friend like you.

  3. PerseusKarvasius

    garbage and quick money grab from idiots

  4. Monkeycow


  5. Bryson Procter

    1:27 is how most of us feel about this movie already from watching this trailer.


    53k dislik 🤣

  7. Carl Martin

    Horrible idea

  8. Andrés Rojas

    Oh c'mon. Grow up, stop whining, just go watch the original and go on with your life. I hope this kid had a great time making the movie and eventually found a new audience.


    🤦‍♀️ please...just stop it Disney. Stop it.

  10. Кирилл Миронов

    куда катится этот мир? это просто ужас ,зачем снимать ,то что и так прекрасно, и я рад ,что кто пишет по русски ,и по англ согласны ,что этот трейлер ужасен (where is this world heading? it's just awful, why shoot, what is so beautiful, and I'm glad that someone writes in Russian, and in English we agree that this trailer is terrible)

  11. Orlando Retana

    Did anyone catch the “Scarface” face in mountain of Coke/Candy in this instance 😬

  12. Bearded Enigma

    Why do modern directors just remake and destroy classics rather than coming up with concepts of their own? It's so cringe. Are people really that uncreative nowadays? Humanity is on a rapid decline holy crap

  13. Starcloner

    when i watch this im gonna root for the crimanals

  14. Дархан Иванов


  15. Matthew Robbins

    "Max, what did you do to my room?!" *"MAX, YOU SPENT $967 ON ROOM SERVICE?!"*

  16. The Dude

    WTF is this !!!

  17. Davide

    This.... this is serious?.... what are you thinking? if you want waste money give it to me, I will waste too but in better things.

  18. Rodolfo Rodriguez

    Lets enjoy the mother trying her best making her Irish accent should like an British accent

  19. JacobsCoolYt

    They really don't learn :/

  20. Big Cheese

    original + homosexuality

  21. Seabass

    A Disney+ “Original”….ok i guess

  22. Pimy

    Oh boy, you fellas in Hollywood are really that detached from reality hun?

  23. peteromg

    This might be worse than Cats 2019

  24. Matthew Reineke

    Nope nope nope, stop remaking classics!

  25. Chris

    IMDB score after inflation 4.2

  26. Czar Phllix


  27. farah fofo

    This movie is FANTASTIC .. totally worth the time & money

  28. Magenta Moonlight

    I'm excited to see this one. Can't wait! 😄

  29. INMATE 161

    This looks absolutely dreadful! Atrocious acting!

  30. Javier Tessari

    This is RIDICULOUS. The original one is already amazing. Why make it worse?

  31. Gone

    this will be a timeless flop.

  32. Alisha lowe

    I’m embarrassed

  33. ThatScottishDude17

    Why? Just why remake/reboot Home Alone? Why can't hollywood just STOP? This is cringe😖

  34. EyesOfTheFox

    I like how they didn't even write a new script lmao

  35. Robert Watt

    This is awful, just awful.

  36. Tom Roberts

    This has lines lifted straight from the first movie and delivered in such a way that squeezes the emotion out of it leaving behind a hollow husk.

  37. Agent of Entertainment

    Kevin can you show these people how it's done please.

  38. The Hairy Snot

    Disgraceful attempt at money grabbing off an iconic film

  39. Donni Iskandar

    New film but old story... Boring

  40. CheshireKat

    What in the nightmarish, unholy Christmas is this?!?!?!?

  41. CherryBomb

    I really liked him in Jojo rabbit, he was a very good actor, but after seeing 30 seconds of this...

  42. JR 08

    Calling this cringe would be a insult to the word cringe.

  43. Steel Nights


  44. Konnor Foxworth

    If this didn’t have the Home Alone title and told us this movie was the origin story of Vector from Despicable Me, I’d give it a chance.

  45. Empire AdziFNT

    This wasn’t needed 🤦🏻

  46. 365ral

    "I don't like to repeat successes. I like to go on to other things." - Walt Disney The irony is off the charts.

  47. Get Saved

    The old one doesn't have any propaganda and that's why they're remaking all the classics.

  48. VINDOO T

    Who is this movie for?ain't no conclusions drawn from the gorgeous new ghostbusters?

  49. Bucket Of Axolotl

    This feel like a ripoff more than a reboot.

  50. Jay Smith

    I’m just upset that they didn’t cast a gender fluid, non binary, paraplegic atheist POC as Max. Come on! Is it not 2021 and is this not Disney? Very disappointed.

  51. Lucas Figgy

    🤣😂 even kids today will still like the classic 3 ....

  52. Chryseus

    This turd isn't even worth pirating.

  53. Evan D'Orazio

    This is going to flop hard

  54. lithium0005

    who’s ready for the prequel: ‘the penultimate duel’?

  55. ntphong999

    Let's God decide if this film is good

  56. Ron T

    Oof...a swing and a miss. This is going to flop hard. Also why does Aisling Bea, who's incredibly funny and talented, keep being cast in things with a mediocre male actor? Please just can it and don't release it

  57. Michael Myers


  58. DigiKirky

    Make a stand and don’t watch this movie

  59. James007HungerZone

    Good god i wish Disney didnt buy Fox.......

  60. Rob Lynn

    Pretty amazing that Nick Frost can play a 10 year old

  61. Rab lablook

    So uh.. Who exactly asked for this....? I thought people were tired of lazy reboots.

  62. Noruh better then the remake 😂

  63. Nathan Young

    So....they shot the movie with the same script but with English actors... And they threw in Buzz from the original to play a cameo to make it authentic.... Yup... We have literally ran out of movie ideas....we cannot think how to make movies anymore!!!!!

  64. Noruh

    I’n the original you feel sorry for him and relate, in the remake he’s just a spoilt rich kid who got left home 😅

  65. Amiga Wolf

    Disney only makes crap, must be there new slogan.

  66. Azrael Darkness64

    "Seriously" Nothing can beat the original movie though

  67. Janin Palahicky

    People are really worried about a reboot of a 31 year old film that wasn't that great to begin with? Like it's a good movie for what it was, and I remember enjoying them when they were out....but I dunno man....

  68. ViciousBane 56

    It has an 88% on RT! It’s first score was a 67% on RT, now that’s an impressive score!

  69. Joey ATB

    Still a better trailer than Ghostbusters 2016

  70. FM

    1,2 and 3 are great, 4 nad 5 was crap, but I will give chance to this one.

  71. Ajeng Retno Saptarini

    Legend can't be replayed

  72. Acemage

    I´m old enough to know there is only one Home Alone. BUT, the kid from JOJO rabbit is awesome and i´m sure the kids of today are gonna love this movie. Stop with all the hate u fn fkrs.

  73. Highwayanimatic674

    This is what Harry Potter would look like if he was fat.

  74. Katie 131

    What. The Frick. 🤦‍♀️

  75. Michael Senyck

    Where’s all the masks? Not realistic enough. I’ll stick with watching the original.

  76. FletcherLapthorn

    Just stop ffs, is it really that hard to not be lazy???

  77. Matt Jones

    So is "only on Disney+" the new "straight to Disney home video/dvd"? cause that's exactly what kind of movie this looks like.

  78. Thurman Merman

    I despise western culture... Pure laziness.