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  1. LEGOmAs3r21 The 1st

    Is it just me or does the noise at 3:21 sound like spongebob squarepants laughing? No just me

  2. Ben1967

    Damn, Ray got some grooves

  3. rooster thingie

    They've sure come a long way from singing nursery rhymes.

  4. Calzones DeFuego

    Les pongo 1000 varos para otros 30 píxeles

  5. Angry Chair

    Best song of The Serenity of Suffering

  6. robert barna

    The opening song is always blind lol.

  7. Patrick Huskey

    It feels like korn might be running out of ideas. Probably should pair up with Gemini syndrome and pyramaze? Maybe even soilwork and demon hunter

  8. Nom De Plume

    I lost my dad to suicide 14 yrs ago... for 20+ years KoRn has consistently come out with music that perfectly relates to my life. I can honestly say I would also be at the end of a noose without them. JDs lyrics have been my therapy.

  9. Nom De Plume


  10. Reign


  11. Mo. Rabie

    Jonathan! Thank you for being among us! Thank you for being alive!

  12. DaRthHueS

    I used to love these guys - felt every word, every note in my soul ... sigh. Now, I can't even here a difference in the songs, they all the sound the same, like they've stopped pushing boundaries and are just making albums these days. Bring back the musical art that used to be KoRn!

  13. vintage6string1

    I miss Jonathan’s old mike stand. Ray Luzier: awesome drummer, bad haircut. The song is pretty decent. That is all.

  14. Howdy

    not what i expected. good though

  15. Glock Krieger

    O Sepultura é o grupo musical não do do Rock mas de todo o cenário musical brasileiro o que mais fez sucesso no exterior.

  16. NotReallyaPlanet

    I'm watching this for like the 15th time on my cEll pHOnE!?! Back in the late 90's/early 00's, if I liked a Korn song, I went out and bought the CD!!!?

  17. Hyigga with a Rocket launcher

    They didn't just put rhe band soul on this song...i feel the soul of the blues....the essence of Rock...i can feel it in my soul...

  18. Tuna Fish

    Feckin amazing 😍

  19. Jennifer West

    These guys are my saviors. Everytime i wanna give up or im down and out. i juss straight vibing to their music.

  20. Jennifer West

    I love that i grew up listenin to Korns Music, shit helped me out alot. They juss keep getting better with age. 😩🙌🏽

  21. Lars Kidd

    Not for me

  22. Steven Mitchell

    This whole album was incredible 🤘🏼

  23. monica Loka

    Weird seeing Jonathan Davis without his iconic HR Giger microphone stand

  24. Václav Raitmajer


  25. Nafis Raihan


  26. Crystal Pistol

    My Favorite song always, play this at least every 3 days. Keeps me going, try to stay sane. Love the video!!!!

  27. Andreas von Pock

    !!! !! !!! !!! !! !!!

  28. Gicran Jovany

    0:25 This is cool

  29. Jinee Kiki

  30. Johann Jarno

    So... finally free guys??? So happy for you... all my love for the band

  31. Emir Arda


  32. Cesar Peralta

    Vaya buen rolon y más aún con el WoT Blitz ufff una belleza

  33. TheTazzy73

    Love it

  34. Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of KoRn must comment this video:

  35. Kristophi Gonçalves Dias

    Korn is back! This song rocks!

  36. Артамир Секира

    Korn остался в прошлом как и WOT. Всему свое время. Не все продается за голду, время такое.

  37. MI a

    Incredible, still incredible.

  38. knightchallenger 2020

    Dude don't hit little pinky he's want to be korns mascot 😁😁😁

  39. Алексей Сверчков

    Пишу тем кто не понимает как пятка пробила и даже УНИЧТОЖИЛА семёрку ,всё очень просто: она (пятка) могла попасть на стык бронелистов и выбить двигло, после чего начался пожар и т.д. но главная версия что он попал в боеукладку-ОФ или БП ну или хотябы ББ и она сдитанировала приведя танк в полное уничтожение а в боеукладку легко взорвать ОФ (осколочно-фугасным) осколки через механизм поворота башни попали в боеукладку- то сдитанировала

  40. Robert Berhel

    fetus snail

  41. Alexander Pozniakov

    я свободен словно птица в небесах!

  42. Trent Dell

    Holy shit! Holy shit! And then some. Woohoo!!!

  43. Алексей Сверчков

    Я один понял что 85% комментов это не русскоязычные? (Ты крутой если долистал до СЮДА!!!)

  44. Progamer 26 playz

    This looks SO real, but we know that the TANKS are all not real... Or are they?

  45. Dan Isenhour

    Mr. Davis what happened to your beautiful Mic stand?

  46. chrono050

    okay this is what I love to see can we get all of SOS imo that album is better then The Nothing

  47. Vanilla Gorilla

    Just give me back my liiiiiiife

  48. Jonathan Kelsey

    KoRn should release a "making of" the video the video!! 🤘🐲🤘

  49. Fernanda Gomes


  50. D M

    Мда,совсем не то,жести не хватает(

  51. leakee


  52. M King

    Korn never let's me down, chills all the way through,kick ass guys! \m/☆☆\m/

  53. Иван Иван

    афигеть а получше игру не могли найти для клипа) киберпанк например) как ваще картошка это сделала??

  54. Tommy Stoke

    God is dead and everything dies.

  55. Robert Cordero

    Best Korn song in a looong time!

  56. Trish Hamilton

    I miss this, this band was my last concert of 2020, since I have missed 6 bands and muther fuking OZZY! We need mosh pits again!

  57. Jaque Gelee

    I like koRn since the first album, but why this "World of tanks"-Shit? -.-

  58. Ullanor

    More Making of !

  59. Leandro Martins Lima


  60. RuRu Karlos

    surprising as always <3

  61. RuRu Karlos


  62. Laura legends


  63. Jazzy J

    Every album is amazing, no album is better than the other cause even the old stuff still BANGS!! 💥 🎸 🎤

  64. Aqua City Digital

    OMG! That was bad ass! #kornfan

  65. Alex Whitest

    Прям так представляю, как посреди репы парни из Korn всё бросают и бегут катку в танчики прогнать.

  66. David Leiva

    I love these videos!!

  67. Jake Coon

    Korn scats better than anyone

  68. Strabby Crabby

    Sorry guys but this song is a pile of rubbish.

  69. Strabby Crabby

    Man, your Nickelback is broken.

  70. Дорогой мой

    Джонатан Дэвис гений

  71. Etienne Drillaud

    Awesome song but not a good video, we want to see the band.. :( Best song of the album, like Nero Forte of Slipknot, best song but shitty video. :( guyyys..!

  72. Evan Fischer

    Sometimes I see people saying serenity of suffering was one of their worst albums, but like holy shit it's one my favorites. it's just so fucking dark there's a whole different atmosphere I'm put in when I listen to it. I remember listening to it on repeat pretty much everyday. Just going non-stop. shit's helped me through some tough times too. as well as some good times. Thank you so much Korn. You all are truly a blessing.

  73. Mega_Rage124 _

    I still can’t believe this is 9 years old. Maybe even longer idk I’m young don’t hate on me lol. Seriously such a good fucking mix, absolutely love it every time I come back to it.

  74. Guilherme Cordeiro

    man, this sucks too much. Korn is one of the bands, imo, that didn't age very well

  75. hakim abeoub

    not about his wife ...about who took his wife ...the woman behind false light ..queen front his eyes

  76. JosiasPaiva Bandeira


  77. crusader7by5creation

    Thumbnail Seth rollins

  78. Fernanda Somenauer Garcia

    Damn! Love this song! Love KoRn! 🖤 Greetings from a Brazilian in Japan. 🇧🇷🇯🇵

  79. SoldadoRyan Br777

    0:26 me trying to find a song that I don't know the name on RUtvs

  80. Diogo Amancio da silva

    Please, more videos like this! Korn is the band of my life S2 Thanks for existing ;)