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  1. Anna

    Jessi it’s a masterpiece .... I’m in love with this songggf

  2. Ern Helianthus

    Say thank you Jessi for giving spotlight and opportunities to the swf squad!

  3. Thoeurn Leanghim Official

    Wow 🤩 cold blooded 😭

  4. Da Jung Lee

    연예인은 연예인이네 저 댄서들 사이에서 독보적 존재감이네 제씨언니👍👍👍👍

  5. Ern Helianthus


  6. Elsa Renalia

    Emang keren sih

  7. Steve H.

    Jessi should have been a judge SWF. The street urban genre is her cup of tea!

  8. Stephanie Selgas

    oh my queen, u damn slay so good 🔥🔥🔥

  9. 크러쉬밤S2

    진짜 그냥 개멋있다..

  10. Dwinda Puji

    That's my gurl

  11. Kath Leen

    i just cry for the mv with this kind of genre for the first time (cry emoticon) so fuckin' cool


    This is real blood

  13. Chtina Q

    'im not playin around,I got the crown You cannot play on my ground,this what you,this what u want,look at look at me now" She's belongs this area, she's queen, periodt.

  14. fwef wefae

    Ftm coin 🤡

  15. lizeth larico peralta


  16. Camila Luna

    Die Investition in Krypto ist der beste Weg, um finanzielle Freiheit zu erlangen.

  17. lu ks

    Te amO

  18. Hoshi Carat


  19. Chtina Q

    Jessi badass queen

  20. yehsuh m

    Vote for rose 🌹 team let's gooooo!!!!!!

  21. Linh Mai

    this song is on FIREEEEEEEEE

  22. Cherlin Koh yi zhen (Ytss)

    soooooo amazing

  23. Soumya Tripathi


  24. 김김

    ㅈㄴ 멋잇다 2ㅣㄴ짜

  25. 참취

    1:30 와 진짜 여기 왜이렇게 소름돋냐??????? 립제이 프라우드먼 진짜 다같이 무림고수같음 개본새;;;

  26. Shiryoku Sadako

    Eyyy... Our Queen

  27. Fight Tyranny

    This deserve much much better attention. This is much much better than lalisa and money, ngl.

  28. Francekyle Villareal

    Top 9 trend!!!!!!!! 😢

  29. Devananda Shaji

    We stan this queen

  30. Kim Bee

    I got the chills✨👌🏻✨👌🏻

  31. MeLisa~

    Jessi klipte çok az görünüyo gibi🤔

  32. bearhood2004

    spastic song...american wannabe

    1. c

      she is american by legal nationality

  33. • Vanilla •

    I remember WAP

  34. Dita Ramadhani

    Canduuuuuu anjr mo meninggal😭

  35. Eldy Nabong

    Good to see all crews got their own moment!

  36. ˚ · .ˢᵃᵏ

    Yell in the intro , cocanbutter camerawork CHEFS KISS

  37. Anna Cavill

    This is such a masterpiece Jessi eonni bloody awesome Street woman fighter hwaiting!!!

  38. adorable

    어떡해 이 언니들 개멋있어

  39. belle krezi

    i really love it

  40. Marilou Napawit

    Will this be promoted in music shows? I wanna see this performed live!!!

  41. Miêu Ami

    Oh wow

  42. Kim Gats

    I heard kimchie but that's not what I've read 😳

  43. euonia

    yas queens ily'all

  44. 환희네비빔밥

    미치겠는데 정말???? 제시 복받은거 아님?????

  45. Alguien

    1:20 "No, hasta mañana'' me encanta

  46. jisoo dinn


  47. 환희네비빔밥

    뭐냐고 언블리버블!!!!!!꺄아아아아아악 ㅅㅂ욕하고싶을 정도로 멋짐!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ý Như

    đỉnh quá má uiii

  49. Mochi Mochi

    Greatt song!!..superb concept MV,..

  50. Rejaylyn Entrampas

    Keep coming back here cuz why not....


    Seizure triggered 😩

  52. msjung nim

    Lee jung center is my favorite

  53. donya pr

    Such a woow !!!

  54. Misstux Brandi

    Iconic. There's nothing else that needs to be said.

  55. Miss kim Tae Rea


  56. Srimoyee Dutta

    Sounds more like hoes in the house

  57. Catherine Presquito

    Every group did great

  58. Catherine Presquito

    This is perfect.

  59. waris sukesti

    I don't know why this is so addicting.. and the dancers I'm sure are very good

  60. Lyncis Gentica

    YGX 😍😍😍

  61. Yovita Christin

    Wow goosebumps

  62. Arleth Daneyri Abarca Gonzalez


  63. 정은 박

    계속 보게 된다ㅠㅠ 레전드 만들어주셔서 모두 감사드려요

  64. Nobody's Anybody

    Queen knows her worth. Letting her dancers shine left and right because she knows she's already the center of attraction no matter what. Oh boy, what a woman! Love you, Jessi.

  65. Ms. L

    goosebumps!! 🔥

  66. D Eh

    Yxg 지효 언니 개찢었다...

  67. Galanthus

    this beat is killing me🔥🥵

  68. vinanda kristianti

    Jessi ma swaggy girl ❤️. Love her always. ❤️

  69. Marie Heart Canlas


  70. Khauhelo Macheli

    God damn Jessie🔥killed it 🔪⚔️🔥

  71. Ally Dean

    Jessi and Lisa are different

  72. Shorya Subhluxmi

    This video is EVERYTHING ✨

  73. A

    Lagu paling keren asal Korea Tahun ini.. gokil..

  74. Gloria Tochhong

    Wow. I literally got goosebumps 😍😍😍 😭😭 I love this so much!!

  75. 강K

    1:47 ❤️

  76. De Da Ro

    My Queen ♥️🔥

  77. Raxanda Bist

    I’m obsessed!!! The song the dancers the vibes here are IMMACULATE

  78. Irish Chuca

    Yas serve it🍑