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  1. Battlecrafter

    The Woman commentator is so annoying

  2. Фамилия Имя


  3. Фамилия Имя

    Dust 2 ??

  4. Wisnu Wijaksono


  5. Pototo Salad

    We need cobble back

  6. DrewZz 19

    Я уж думал какой то матч пропускаю а тут повтор доисторический игры

  7. Freddern

    This didnt age well

  8. Azam

    it’s classic but I remember it watching it live damn

  9. Ryan Hillier

    Wow, stewie fucking knifed his own teamatte wtf

  10. colin geffert

    Is this old?

  11. Knip

    What so the stream is an old tournament

    1. Salty

      No its live

  12. Ömer Tunç

    Beyler bu ne bilen var mı

  13. Henry Li


  14. Jens Boomgaard

    They should stream that c9 vs faze finals too (Boston major)

    1. Lonzee Is Cool

      its not their tournament

    2. Dhenny Wahyudi Taruna

      But thats Eleague tournament, not ESL

  15. Godzilla, The Average Gamer

    Thanks for legitimately caring about Cs:Go & remembering it's history ESL

    1. Ben



    how old exactly

  17. aleksi faswf

    what is happening with these graphs? looks liks like shit.. and its set to hd..?

  18. Ackerm4n GGWP


    1. Cheerio Jack


  19. Fin

    poggerz am I right

  20. vj

    which year is this from?

    1. Jax Hunted


  21. HaSiKey

    Old But Gold✨

    1. Ante Knezz28


  22. 800k Yasuo

    Good old times 🥺

  23. زانیار یوسفی

    It is live ?

  24. Abhi

    This is so old it has pronax lol

  25. Victor Farcas

    They're live all the time

  26. Nenad Ivanovic


  27. Кантуженный Танкист

    Есь русские? Ъуъ

    1. Кантуженный Танкист

      @Gлоksи тыб видел как я на Желтом Ауди 2014 года убивал немцов эхх были времена

    2. Кантуженный Танкист

      @Gлоksи Эххх 1945 год это было Охрененно

    3. Gлоksи

      @Кантуженный Танкистбля понял

    4. Gлоksи

      @Кантуженный Танкист це запись турнира

    5. Кантуженный Танкист

      @Gлоksи Ну я же кантуженный танкист

  28. Manky Memes69

    yo this might be broken

  29. Antoni Gamer

    fajny film

  30. Cheerio Jack


  31. Nenad Ivanovic


  32. PythWer Design

    ilk yorum türkiye

  33. Masao2k

    No one could’ve predicted BIG in this finale

  34. Huib

    what's that 9 y/o doing there?

  35. Daniel Bearden

    it's almost like they play against the best every day for practice or something. weird.

  36. Aminity

    This crazy now that hes banned

  37. Nova Alstair


  38. d3s1r0y3r 5

    Почивај во мир брату 🕊️🙏☦️

  39. Yelhigh!

    Anyone after the VAC xD?

  40. Mr 888

    These creators needs to get shot with a Kevlar see how it feels & how difficult it is. They try make a realistic game but in the game, they made it that you can shoot someone with a machine gun constantly close range while the other person runs side ways & can just pull a hand gun out & shoot you dead 2 bullets. They are the shittest game designers. Bunch of Idiots that's never been in the real battle field before. Geeks & Dorks

  41. SolisOrtus

    csgo speed run when

  42. Manree

    1:04 I have never seen EliGe scream..

  43. FalorPL

    Sick edit guys 👌👌👌

  44. orangek


  45. brub

    LMAO got vac banned

  46. purplemisty

    hits different now

  47. dim

    new map but is it a map pool

    1. dim

      no ofcos bish

  48. silent


  49. hesoyam • CS GO TR

    yeah he is vac banned

  50. Sameer

    Evil retards? :/

  51. Nimit Singh

    I fukin knew it. CS:GO is gonna go downhill because of these hackers.

  52. NK

    I don't get the title and description joke

  53. SØDIØ

    but only 45 ADR bruh

  54. Henrique Souza


  55. Timerino


  56. Official Showier

    Well now to see what's going to happend to Krimz and his VAC ban :(

  57. uppu


  58. Lil Alb


  59. Desi Haxor

    Lol VACced 😂

  60. Garczek


  61. mate

    navi isnt good

  62. Saúl Sánchez

    Chad and Machine look slick ohh mamma, will wait for the rest of the movie, this and the prev one are just trailers...right?

  63. QueesZ

    haha navi rip

  64. Joaovictor Galvao


  65. Crump

    1:09:24 what is edward looking at?