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  2. Mia Vigil

    You should do a video watching your first ever video and react

  3. Pamela McClain

    My son and I LOVE watching Dude Perfect all the time but this is crazy. Nice twist boys!!

  4. Lee  Patton


  5. Scott Carnes

    #1 Top 5 #2 Cool not Cool #3 Get Crafty

  6. Explosive

    2 miles

  7. Eva’s crafts & more

    Did anybody else notice Cory’s microphone had tape on it?????

  8. Juliet H

    Did you know that if you eat lays and red vines it’ll taste like sugar cookies

  9. MemeBoy09

    1:Cool not cool 2:top 10 3:absurd recurds

  10. HaxcovikIsBoredYT

    rage monster is bad on this one.

  11. Benjamin Conner


  12. Will Spence

    Do more I spy tye!

  13. GhostClan

    "Hardest thing in the world" no one: Michael Scott: THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  14. Life on the land


  15. SJ in the Country


  16. Robin Barden


  17. Sina..

    0:40 does the panda come with the car thingy??? I hope it came with the panda and the guy in the costume

  18. Ashley Hamm

    I `ev ate 100 yards to what up Tyler and then I got the crown

  19. Zuma’s Toys

    Dude Dude perfect is amazing

  20. AceofSpades 1727

    Knights of Columbus, great restaurant

  21. Tucker Murray

    Poor tree :(

  22. Bfosathletics

    Congratulations to coby

  23. Dr. Nugget 5182

    1. Taste Test 2. Top 10 3. Cool Not Cool

  24. titans88

    I'm from California

  25. Moomoo The Mutt

    I have the jellyfish lamp in my bedroom! That’s cool!

  26. Dripzy

    Cool not cool is the best segment ever in ot

  27. SJ in the Country

    It was Cody

  28. Jadon Rohan

    R I p flamingo

  29. SJ in the Country

    It takes 14 try’s to get it the Guest

  30. Cap and Panther

    Number 3 commercial clash number two cool not cool number 1 get crafty

  31. Jayden Martinez

    Make more ping pong trick shots

  32. shriya patle

    Me watching this in 2021 be like not how we do a handshake yet

  33. Barb Hullinger

    My son (11 years old) is a fan and has shown me these videos. We love watching them. Awesome pictures. What kind of camera and lenses were use during those pictures? Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  34. Some random internet browser

    Let’s face it we all know what that censored cup was.

  35. BorisGamer21 (On Break Till Saturday)

    Worst video to be honest

  36. Eden Eiselt

    He must go !

  37. O.T Productions

    How have you not even seen this

  38. MysticJuts

    Hey look, it's Skylar Skoney.

  39. Connie Dillon

    Twins do you have brother named Layton

  40. Olakunle Aruleba


  41. Kiersten Neff


  42. Le Epic Doge

    I had of quarantine birthday but I got of cool iPad so :)

  43. Nathan Bessman

    nobody else almost dying about how they treat those controllers-

  44. Hunter Dawson

    i loved crazy arena edition XDXD

  45. JayGamez 21


  46. Lucas Smalley


  47. Vance Castle

    how would one buy a "flying space orb"

  48. Isaac Amaya Scott

    No need for this .coby Long time ago pulls out a black and white stormtrooper pc. Ty you are the last one that needs this

  49. Hudson

    I’m coming to the one on Oct. 31st

  50. Zachary Crosby

    Ohs are the hands down, BEST CEREAL EVER. I EAT IT EVERY DAY

  51. JT and Ben

    1cool not cool 2commercial clash 3games with consequences

  52. Hentime 653

    are you in Fort Worth

  53. Nik Korolchuk

    he shall stay

  54. Bentheren24

    If Cody won this battle he would have won single handedly

  55. Eye of the Turtle

    1)Judge duty 2)top ten 3) wheel unfortunate

  56. Jacob Soules


  57. Davis Hamilton

    Like the younglife hat Cory!

  58. BeastFelix

    Dude perfect + sports = epic wonga

  59. Gerard Schmenk

    How many takes does it take to do half of those tricks? Actually how many takes was the most for one trick in this video?

  60. Zella

    Did Garrett make sure the ring beeped in the metal detector before he started?

  61. Everton Griffiths

    Hey I hope that you get more subscribers ok so keep going

  62. Phu Gip

    Cool not cool, weel unfortunate, betcha

  63. Dangresy Gaming

    Still can't believe this was 4 years ago

  64. TJ Potts

    He must leave now

  65. Neal N


  66. Jonny Page

    needs a pool

  67. Lakshya Dalal

    Standing on top of a flying plane looks so so scary And the plane is also doing cartwheel and frontflip is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I'm just thinking how'd you survive and what are the safety protocols?!?!!?!?

  68. Rory McGuinness

    When are we getting birthday stereotypes

  69. Bonny Dahlsrud

    Ay yo DP! Come to Ut for a tour!

  70. PLL time

    Dude Perfect Deserves millions of Subscribers

  71. ditka10

    Ty was so smart in cool not cool when it was his turn

  72. Archie Wright

    Top 10 Get crafty Cool not cool Top 10

  73. Black_Knight


  74. Jaca 83

    team Xbox❤️3:50

  75. Kyle Robillard

    1. Top 10 2. Get crafty 3. Fight scene

  76. C Mayotte

    12:40 what about whales?

  77. Brysen loves Sports

    I from NY

  78. Stuart Moore

    Cool vids

  79. ChaseBoxedYouLikeAFish

    Zeke should be a kicker

  80. Luyen Nguyen