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  1. Lazy Chef

    Slay together airport together OG~2021

  2. djbbybnz

    Everyone come back here quickly. Right now. It hurts. But they won't be the champion all the time. They have nothing to prove anything to anyone. They already did it. But to say it directly, it hurts and a bit disappointing. Their draft seems off really. Not even a respect ban on that Magnus.

  3. Sukuna

    Gl team’s on TI10 rn! 🔥

  4. Marotea Ralte


  5. K B

    this person, in the middle of an intense fight IN TI10, casually asks, "What is Midas?" What a waste of a slot.

  6. Sukuna

    Im so early btw

  7. Sukuna

    Dota 2 forevaaaa!!

  8. Sukuna

    I love Dota so much!

  9. Donté Panlin


  10. Arcana

    Ez Game - TorontoTokyo

  11. JB Cube


  12. sam gray


  13. Meancat

    OG fangays watching truesight right now lol

  14. Meancat

    ez game noobs

  15. Tony Gin

    ez game ... ez game

  16. Wan Aidan

    I miss this OG

  17. Shared Tango

    Nice timing man! Thanks OG

  18. Renn

    It's ok OG we understand! Keep Spirit on! GG for the boiss🔥

  19. Kh Pk

    Who's here after OG's loss to Team Spirit?

  20. Lemon Is Evil

    teams featured on this, loses lol

  21. Tehspd


  22. Ken Alfon

    How abt mindcontrol on sk

  23. cindy chin

    Coming back after OG eliminated from ti 10

  24. exponentia

    OG's TI8 run was already one of the best storylines in Dota history. Winning TI9 cemented it as the best storyline in Dota.

  25. King Jibreel

    You can see in Notail's eyes his tired .. I think it's time you to retire bruh !! Best Teams NaVi and OG !!

  26. Varun Kasturi

    Watching after og got eliminated 😢

  27. Bavarian

    Notail was mad. Another notail revenge arc. I

  28. Gustivan Pangestu

    OG just got eliminated and i'm here reminiscing, dont mind me 🥲

  29. zeus macatangay

    Back here after OG lose to Team spirit. xD . 3peat my ass Ez game . Haha. Lmao

  30. Myucel

    sad to see OG goes away, but gotta give it to the others bro, it's time for the others to shine. OG has won twice, and it's enough. GG Team Spirit, WP OG, you all have done well.

  31. 「 」Δ

    I'm not a fan of any team, I'm just an average dota enjoyer, but the way OG losses now and been eliminated on TI10, haters are everywhere again. Man, internet really sucks but it is already a part of our everyday life.

  32. Edrian Estigoy

    Ez game-tokyo

  33. zeus macatangay

    Back here after OG lose to Team spirit. xD . 3peat my ass Ez game . Haha. Lmao

  34. sam official

    Ez game ?

  35. Vaan Prtma

    Try again in next year,Maybe Jerax&ana comeback.For Defeat Torontodtoxic

  36. Valentine Tyo


  37. Lelouch Britannia

    That magnus though. 🤣

  38. Agus Victoria


  39. 1 0 tails

    Nooo OG 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. Nini Asmani

    Just in. OG has lost to TS so I’m going back here just to enjoy our old times shshshhshshs

  41. Perrito Lujan Carrion


  42. vino ayemi

    They lost bc Notail did not trim his hair.

  43. Abdullah 02

    Anybody's here noticed if TI memories prediction the team will be lose. Before ti memories for EG and EG lose, now OG and then OG lose! Lol. This is fix game or what?

  44. Glenn Bonaventura

    I'm watching this. Right now!

  45. B Shen

    Bye og

  46. Discoveries in Africa 🌍

    The only coconut tree that produces blood in the world

  47. SJ Sy

    Only we can do now is reminisce this moment. Bye TI10 OG truesight.

  48. ห้าว น้าา

    who's here after TI10

  49. Prima Wowiling

    The end of a ERA!

  50. SJ Sy

    Only we can do now is reminisce this moment. Bye TI10 OG truesight.

  51. Prima Wowiling

    2-0 TEAM SPIRIT VS OG And it's The end of a ERA!

  52. Alfin Fikaro Yuzak

    Next update has been decided: Nerf Dawnbreaker

  53. Emman

    That FY in the background LUL

  54. xcvii

    bye og. much love for your two year run. but it's best to retire.

  55. Ashman Ashar

    2 times back to back is still something

  56. japugs2k2

    Do you have time to talk about OG’s lord and savior, ana?

  57. MondTLC

    I didn't noticed that he's also using the illusion to juke them, and while thinking about selling his item for his buyback. Ana-god

  58. Пинкамина Диана Пай

    Обожаю этих ребят, но походу Spirit сейчас скажет им "End the OG magic"

  59. Hazy Heart

    OG wont win against china team this time around...too many mistakes every's every fking single game they did mistakes... And probably they would be get eliminated by team spirit now if they kept playing like that...and ceb seems not be impactful anymore...he has been a bit passive these days...i'm not sure if it's because of his eyes or he doesn't have that passion anymore or there is something else happening in OG right now

    1. Dodong Ex

      2 chinese finals

  60. Franzer Akmad

    i hope in day 4 tobiwan should appear or invited in this segment


    Wakaka lagi MAPEL SEJARAH

  62. LuckyTooth

    С Огр-мага в голос

  63. Rechronicle

    nice timing to post favorite memories of TI

  64. Daemus_TV

    The late game is my favourite part of TI. It's relaxing and interesting. Everyone involved in making it has done such a great job.

  65. Joshua Emmanuel

    Collapse's Fountain Skewer brought me here.

  66. DasT-reZoro

    OG-The best team in history of dota! BigDaddyNotail JeraX ana Ceb Topson #DreamOG 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

    1. Rain

      @Dodong Ex they are Going :(

    2. DasT-reZoro

      @Dodong Ex yes ts to go airoport

    3. DasT-reZoro

      @Rain 👍

    4. Dodong Ex

      And og will go to airport later

    5. Rain

      ad saksa and sumail too ;)

  67. Kyle

    Is this a sign no OG on Grandfinal Ti10?

    1. nf

      Sadly (or fortunately depends on who you are rooting for) no

  68. Robert M

    My body was full of stuff. Yeah adderall we can tell from the video.

  69. Raine

    I love jenkins 🤣

  70. Paul Padilla


  71. Ronald Gepolio

    Ana is the best

  72. Bagas Ardianto

    I think OG tired right now, but dont know..

  73. Ronald Gepolio

    Ana is the best

  74. like It Or Not


    1. Parham 10

      Who is he and what happened to him...I'm new BTW so don't expect to much

  75. Dongskie Oliveros

    OG is the best

  76. Joper Moceros

    Like them or hate them, they both earned and deserved those championships.

  77. Nini Asmani

    Big Daddy! 🌻🌻 OG! 💚💚

  78. Bilal Alam

    Dota 2 is least optimistic, here OG got 1-0ed and they post a video on their memories. Theres still a chance Edit: nevermind they are fortune tellers

    1. yaspintazb.

      ez game

    2. FiiqY

      Sad :(