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  1. J M

    jeff horn is a nobody, he will be remembered as the dirtiest boxer that ever live, he also showed that dingo land is a bad country to host a boxing match since the judges are biased, and got paid, this is the last time australia will host a very big boxing name tournament. Australia in general is a pretty fucked up country, alot of racist people last time i visit dingo land.

  2. stephan riley

    You Said you would make him pay ,lol, hows that ,, by doing nothing for the first 5 rounds.,,,make way for the young bloods

  3. andrie perez

    Pumuti at namutla ang bayad ni chocolatito gonzalez at estrada

  4. C J R

    Error 404: Loma's taunt on Lopez. 😂 As a fan of him, I was really expecting him to lose someday(again) but not the way he lost to Lopez. He fought like he wasn't fighting for a belt. They underestimated Lopez, the guy deserved that win. I'm looking forward of what he is going to do after this lost.

  5. ***

    I hope it's not doping

  6. Mark C

    Pacquiao and marquez are both deep game

  7. Disco Ninja

    Failure Now Loma knows this word well

  8. Martinez martinez

    Soy mexicano y estas peleas no se cansa uno de verlas nomas se escucha los gritos dela jente contenta que paga un boleto y salen felises nada de abrazos puro guante limpio

  9. sizserb22

    Well that didnt go like you wanted very unpleasant loma i hope you come back and humble his ass

  10. christopher19843

    The legend hype NOPUNCHENKO made by arum.

  11. Val De Mar T

    Who is horn? I thought Manny moved to ufc

  12. Kaname

    Loma may have injured his shoulder sliding under that spacer 🤔

  13. Ruben Ace

    Guy makes cáñelo look small

  14. MoreWeThinkLessWeNo

    Haha his dad trying to take credit 🤣

  15. Roland Vella

    I wanna see Loma 3.0... He is still the best fighter there is today. Dont forget that this featherwieght won 3 belts at lightweight. Now let see teo win 3 belts at welterweight!

  16. Myrna Bote

    Failure it's a part of journey to have your dreams loma. We want rematch the people want rematch, but lopez will not give it. Because he is a coward, he will be remember as one of the coward man in boxing.

  17. bilisha coli

    To the 1% reading this, have a great day, may God Bless you and your family!

  18. sizserb22

    his dad needs to get humbled lomachenko underestemted him but he will bounce back

  19. sizserb22

    Loma please come back and humble his ass

  20. Gorilla Mafia

    I’m convinced that sit-ups is not part of Mexican boxers training

  21. Andres Figueroa

    It's kind of sad that Pacquiao and Marquez treat each other like friends but, most Pacquiao Fans and Marquez fans trash talk with each other all the time...

  22. edwin felix santana

    Otra pelea que le quitaron al Pac-Man al igual que con timoti bradley

  23. k Loeiu

    The way Wallin grabs at the cut at every chance. Filthy..

  24. волшебный

    McCreary really had to business being in there with Frampton lmao smh

  25. Prem Ramman

    Guys don't compare Fury with Ali. Fury is a good fighter but Ali is on a whole different level. In his time, he fought against Joe frasier, Liston, George Foreman. His opponents themselves are in the books of greatest of all time. Besides at that time it was 15 rounds and less padding on the gloves. His footwork was clean and amazing. Have you ever seen a man dance in the ring before??

  26. Benjamin Rama

    It’s time for you to retire or forever stay in Australia

  27. Benjamin Rama

    Jeff horn the real loser shame on you. Your career has no future. Retire hirn

  28. Yolanda Corzo


  29. Dante Barber

    U can tell he plays fortnite cause he does all the lit dances

  30. Gab O.

    Every time I see Hagler land a body punch, Ray is quick to grab him. All the Smoke brought me here.

  31. BoxingMonthly


  32. Enrique Martinez

    Ahora le Toca a Teofimo burlarce de Vasil

  33. Айдар Сейсенбаев

    Теофимо красав Лома боец

  34. pretty sure

    50-0. TBE.

  35. Jayson Orosco

    Nice now

  36. Rhey Olan Channel

    Halatang niloto Ang laban

  37. Raúl Gerardo Lopez

    Puro nogales señores!! A huevo cabrones!! 🇲🇽 y 🇵🇭 lo mejor del Box.

  38. Rhey Olan Channel

    Nanalo pero wasak Ang mukha, hahahaha Hindi tlga nahiya, referee nila parang tambay lng hahaha

  39. Reus Music

    Yes, here is HODNURAS🇭🇳🇭🇳❤️❤️Teófimo Lopez⚡️

  40. sfar1

    My God...that was crazy. How the hell did either of them stay standing??

  41. Prince Allah

    Yall goin hate me for this.......RAY ALMOST BOXED THE PERFECT MATCH HE PLAYED HAGLER FROM ROUND 1......SMARTEST FIGHT OF HIS CAREER TO ME.....118 110 is crazy tho wtf?? 😆

  42. Pedro Perez

    Felisidades lopez este compa esta de campion para rato la verdad el simpre para adelante como simpre con huvos y sin miedo....🙏👏👏👏👏👏

  43. Randy Benoit

    3 a 1

  44. Lucky Alejandro


  45. Regie Laron

    53:09 "Tara Mag Concert Tamu". Hahahaha 😂 Ating Kapampangan a menalbe live 😂😂😂

  46. Oscar Hernandez

    Teofimo 👍

  47. Ñero Ñero

    Heney gonna duck I see it already

  48. Igor Akhatov

    Against bums

  49. Rene

    I disagree with the decision. Unanimous really! Hope there's a rematch.

  50. Joel Gonzalez

    Glad he showed respect to the 168 division and realized thier is some killers in thier! Respect 💪

  51. Fabian Moye

    To be fair I think we took for granted Mayweather's glory years after watching this. I remember the early rounds in Mayweather fights were real fights

  52. Tyki Mikk804

    Teo is a beast but Loma wasn't far off as people put him but Teo won hands down I would personally like to see them fight again quite a chess match if you know what I mean now waiting for Garcia n Spence a great ending to this 2019 hopefully

  53. ParkViewProductions 414

    Dog got beat up but still won 😂

  54. sf2explus

    Damn TC a bigger 147 fighter than Amir Khan. Brook better wake up he wont be much bigger than Crawford

  55. Toutai Palu

    Teofimo is the champ😎🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  56. Dre Cool

    The Takeover was on some young Ali shit in this fight.

  57. Sparks Man

    Jeff horn won this fight???? How???

  58. Franck Moon

    Phantom blows. What to date one has not been able to see .......... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  59. Credo Meno

    Boxing 🥊 is Rigged , how you gone fight 6 rounds and not throw Punchs . The way i see it Loma paved the way for Teofimo Lopez , There's a bigger agenda than this . People saying Lomachenko is washed up , little did they know. Him losing this fight , gives him the opportunity to fight against the best and the odds are against him . A great fighter will always be A great fighter . Don't let this fool you .

  60. Yoana Caceres


  61. Full fullness Never quit

    Cotto s faces looks like got got on a bad car accident lol

  62. Herbeth Jerez

    Lopez felicidades catracho super campeon

  63. Venusjones Jones

    Yep I like the way my cousin roy teaches his fans to protect themselves because u never know who's in fromt of u or who's in back of u 👍

  64. Hudson Hawk6

    Keep doing your thing young man. You proved me wrong, god be with you.

  65. St810k ksforlife

    And the new....

  66. Amador Pineda González

    Márquez es el bueno.

  67. Amador Pineda González

    Buena pelea

  68. MAL

    Before the L.. he was speaking great English .. now is i dont speak English .. Foh.. sore loser..

  69. Carlos Feliu

    Más guapo que Márquez.solo otro mexicano...salve emperador azteca

  70. Jay Slays

    I love the expression on Fury's face after he ducks the final punch. Even he couldn't believe it.

  71. D L

    Catch yall on the next episode of great white hype.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. exclamation mark


  73. Jesus Lorenzo

    Loma. Im still a fan if you win or lose.

  74. korlu01

    I loved the part where Lopez Sr. was spitting COVID everywhere

  75. yuoop noke

    He said hes going home. He didnt say he was coming back

  76. Carol Azy

    Fight beterbiev pls

  77. Genaro Bravo

    Chaves y markes Los mejores en la istorya del boxeo mexicano pero con diferente estylo el estylo de chaves era mas aburrydo markes era mas de guebos markes el numero uno aunke le duela a chabes

  78. Pat Daniel

    Loma is dead. A new superstar is born Teofimo Lopez.

  79. You Can't Buy Happiness!

    2:26 Freddy Roach.

  80. Cj77 Starks

    Can I get a little help? What year was this fight 198?