Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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    Seher: Thanks for last night. I mean, for telling a tale to Yusuf. Yaman: A tale? Seher: The tale of the giant and the little boy. It made Yusuf very happy. Yaman: It was just a tale. Seher: Yes it is. Just a tale. I better go see Yusuf. I bet he's awake. Ikbal: A business woman should always be punctual. Good luck in your new job, dear. Zuhal: Very elegant. I really like it, sister. Thank you. Ikbal: While you are at work with Yaman, Social Services come and take Yusuf. So the scrap aunt has no more business in this mansion. So today is the big cleaning day Zuhalcim. Zuhal: You shouldn't be so sure. How was Yusuf smiling at breakfast today, didn't you see? Would you let Yusuf listen to his mother's voice on the phone again before the officers arrived? Ikbal: Don't worry. I will take care of this matter. You just need to focus on Yaman. That's enough. Zuhal: You say, let me shoot two birds with a draft. Yusuf: Does the bird feed its baby? Yaman: Since the little bird cannot fly on its own wings yet, the big bird feeds it. Yusuf: It's very high. What if the little bird fell down? Yaman: He can't fall. The big bird has made him a very solid home. To protect him from danger, his eyes are always on him. Yusuf: The grown-ups always protect the little ones, right? Yaman: Yes. They protect the little ones. I will always protect you, too. I will never let any harm happen to you. Yusuf: Like the giant in the tale, isn't it? Yaman: Yes. Like the giant in the tale. Zuhal: I'm ready Yaman. Seher: Did you color the birds my sweetheart? Yusuf: Yes. Seher: Your picture turned out very beautiful. Yusuf: The giant and the little boy in the tale my uncle told. Seher: Did you love the tale so much? Yusuf: How well my uncle told it, didn't he aunt? He told me a tale for the first time. Seher: Yes my dear. Yusuf: I also want to surprise my uncle. Seher: What surprise will you make? Yusuf: I'll learn how to shoot arrows well. He will also be happy. Seher: It's a very good idea Yusufcum. Your uncle will be very happy. I'll go and get the arrow kit. Wait for me here, okay? Yusuf: Okay. Ikbal: Yusufcum I heard that you are going to shoot arrows with your aunt, isn' it? Your aunt said, that Yusuf should go to the front garden. You go, she's coming now. Yusufcum don't tire your aunt, okay? You know she's very tired and sick. She has ailments like your mother. If she gets very tired, she will have to leave us like your mother. If your aunt leaves, you'll be left alone. You can't play games with her. You can't hug and sleep with her. Isn't it? But Yusufcum if your auntie hears this, she will be very upset. So keep it between us. Okay my dear? Well done my dear. Comen on. Let's go to the garden now. Your aunt will come soon, too. Yusuf: Aunt... Ikbal: Sehercim I was looking for you my dear. Adalet and Neslihan have a lot to do in the kitchen today. Can you separate Yusuf's depraved clothes? We give them to a few poor families. Now, when a lot of events intervened, we couldn't send them. They shouldn't wait longer. Seher: Of course, I can separate them in the evening. (See in replies for remaining)

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    2. Kashaf Noor

      Ikbal: But it would be very good dear if you do it right now. Cenger is waiting to take it to them. Either we have notified these people before. Seher: Yusuf is waiting. He wanted to shoot arrows. Ikbal: I will take care of Yusuf. Don't worry. Besides, you know better what he is wearing, what he is not wearing. Isn't it? Come on my dear. Pedagogue: Hello. Do you want to talk? If you want to talk, I will listen. There is a child named Yusuf in this house. Do you know him? Seher: Yusuf? Who are you? Social Services Officer: Can you come over for a minute? We come from the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services. My friend is a pedagogue. She is an expert. Seher: Why did you come here? Social Services Officer: We are responsible for the psychology and physical monitoring and support of orphaned children. Here. Seher: I didn't understand. What does this have to do with us? Seher: Yusuf! Social Services Officer: Let my pedagogue friend take care of Yusuf. As I said before, we have to hold this meeting. Please don't make any problems. Seher: I'm the aunt of Yusuf. I can't understand why you are doing this. Social Services Officer: No action has been taken regarding Yusuf's custody. That's why we came. As soon as we entered the garden, we saw the kid alone. Seher: Yusuf is my, our everything. Ikbal: Zuhal listen to me. They came from Social Services. Do everything and cut off Yaman's communication with the mansion. If Seher or someone calls from home, he shouldn't hear his phone for a while. Seher: No. It can't be. You are making a mistake. Ikbal: What's going on here? Seher: Miss Ikbal, they say they will take Yusuf. I didn't understand anything. Ikbal: Sir, I guess there was a misunderstanding. Social Services Officer: He will be under our care until Yusuf's custody situation is resolved, Miss. The course of custody will be shaped by whether or not there is psychological neglect. Seher: No. You can't take him. I beg you don't do this. Yusuf can't be separated from me. His uncle... I will call his uncle. You can't take it anywhere until he comes. Social Services Officer: We have legal rights, ma'am. Please can you prepare the child's ID and items? Ikbal: Oh my God. Nedim: Everything is okay, Yaman. We can sign it. Zuhal: Thank you Yaman for trusting me and seeing me as a family member. Seher: He didn't hear it. Social Services Officer: Please can you prepare Yusuf's items? Seher: Look. Please wait a moment. When his uncle hears it, he calls me back. Please. Social Services Officer: His uncle can't fix the situation. Please prepare the items so that the child does not get hurt any further. Please make no problems. Yusuf: Aunt! Aunt! Don't leave me to them! Seher: My sweetheart. Yusuf: Don't leave me aunt! Aunt! You won't leave me to them, will you aunt? Seher: My sweetheart. Yusuf: I won't tire you. We don't even play games. Seher: Don't cry my sweetheart. Don't be sad. Yusuf: You won't hand me over, or? Seher: Look now, I'll call your uncle again. He will come out like a giant in the tale. He will talk to the brother and sister, who are waiting outside. Okay? Come on. Come on, please! Zuhal: I know it's a bit early for these ideas, but I wanted you to take a look. This is a project that I designed when I was in college. But we can adapt it to the company with a little intervention. Yaman: Yes. Seher: They came from Social Services. They will take Yusuf. Yaman: What? Seher: I told them to wait for you but they are not listening. They say, that they have a legal right. Yaman: Don't hand over Yusuf! Wait until I arrive! Do everything, but don't hand him over! Yusuf: Is my uncle coming, aunt? Seher: He is on his way. He's coming. Zuhal: Yaman is coming home. Seher informed him. Ikbal: We kept you waiting at the door like this. I wish you had gotten inside. But they come now. As you know, Yusuf cried very much. He's convinced by his aunt. Pedagogue: Let me talk to Yusuf, if you will. Ikbal: Of course. You know it better. Which one will be better for Yusuf, so be it. My dear is very worn out already. He shouldn't be sad any longer. Please follow me. Yusuf: I don't feel like crying when I put my head on your chest. Seher: It's over my sweetheart. You'll be fine. Yusuf: But my uncle still hasn't arrived. Seher: He will come, sweetheart. He is on his way. Pedagogue: Where is the room? Ikbal: Here. Social Services Officer: Don't worry, we take care of the rest. Yusuf: Aunt? Seher: Wait here. Hello? They are at the door, how can I stop them? Yaman: Lock the door! Seher: Yusuf would be afraid. I can't do this! Yaman: Lock the door. Do what I said! Ikbal: It's here. Yaman: Lock the damn door! No one should come in until I get there! Seher: Okay. Don't speak. Be quiet, okay sweetheart? Pedagogue: Miss Seher! Miss Seher! Yusuf: Aunt! Seher: Be quiet my sweetheart. Pedagogue: Miss Seher! I'm coming in. Social Services Officer: Please don't make it more difficult. Please can you open the door, ma'am? If you don't open, we'll have to call the police. Ikbal: Sehercim look my dear, I don't want Yusuf to leave either, but we have no other choice. Please open the door. Yusuf: Don't hand me over aunt. Social Services Officer: You are making things more difficult for us. Please open the door! Seher: I'm here my sweetheart. Don't be afraid, okay? Social Services Officer: I'm calling the police! You forced me to do this. Seher: Calm down my sweetheart. I'm here by your side. Your aunt is here with you. Social Services Officer: Hello. I'm calling from the ministry of family, work and social services. I need your help! Yusuf: Please don't hand over me to them, aunt! Please! Please don't hand over me. Please. Seher: My dear. My love. Ikbal: Sehercim look, they called the police to support them! We can't fight with justice. Please open the door. Pedagogue: Miss Seher! You are not doing well for Yusuf. The police will break into the room, when they arrive. Can you imagine how it can affect the kid? Do you really want the child to go through this? Social Services Officer: Plus this puts you in a difficult position in the custody court. But if you open it now, I won't make an official report. Yusuf: Don't open the door, please Aunt! Seher: Look my sweetheart. Listen to me carefully. The lady and her friend love children. They only want the best for you. Yusuf:But I don't want to go! Seher: Don't be afraid, okay my sweetheart? We will come and get you with your uncle. Okay? Don't be afraid! Yaman: Yusuf! Where is Yusuf?

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