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  1. zerobeforeone

    There’s no way! I’m not blocked by now, for my abrasive stupid rude comments. Global I apologize. And to Donna as well. I know it’s all about the salary and job/career stability. And you’re also in a position where, you’re hoeing to the man, like the rest of us in a career based long term profession. We’re all muzzled in some fashion. And you know the ramifications of this in the end. Is not going to look good for any of us. Goodnight

  2. chelsea100%

    I won

  3. chelsea100%

    I want $100 one time and thats it.

  4. Clarissa S245


  5. Zodiak Vlad

    They are gonna take your EI away and say go get a vaccine and find a job, freebie is over guys.

  6. Sean W

    Anybody who is older than 56 yr old knows what can happen if a medical treatment / inoculation is NOT properly vetted by independent studies, think Thalidomide, it was given to pregnant women in their last trimester of pregnancy, it was pushed by the manufacturer and doctors were highly influenced to prescribe it, it was supposed to make birthing easier, it resulted in babies born without HANDS or LEGS or horrifically without both! Dont push medication usage without proper vetting and independent testing first. The result can be devastating , and this is an experimental antiviral drug that will be given to a minimum of 75% of a countries population. Emergency usage first, people most vulnerable, and emergency services, then to people as protocols require. Most of all it must be safe first. Be patient and we will all get though this as safe as possible.

  7. Pancuronium Pete

    Has anybody listened to see bee see or globull lately, they are the ones spreading disinformation.

  8. Sharky TheSharkDog

    Wow Iran shoots down a plane full of Canadians, our government didn’t care this much about that .

  9. Victoria Alvarez

    Mainstream media is patient zero for disinformation.

  10. Elizabeth Tamayo

    This channel is crap. Is the one creating disinformation. I wonder how much they got paid to smear Q?

  11. Isolation Queen- The silver lining

    It's a lie! All of it (If you didn't know now you know) media lies..tell lie vision. Television. 💜

  12. Caterina Scarcella

    Manitoba announces the ages and sexes of the deaths out of respect, not just how many have died.

  13. J3 Sobieski

    is the uk transport minister a muslim?

  14. 5zazen

    There will be enough time to watch vaccines in London. Which is more dangerous covid 19 or the vaccine? Likely Covid. Its more of a gamble if exposed to Covid than the vaccine. Will vitamin D3 and C protect enough from Covid? Maybe. However if there is something which has gone through 3 trials i will risk it as already many have had it. Ive had no reactions to any vaccines ever. Likely will with covid 19 vaccine.

  15. R ext

    I hate seeing that woman’s face.. she even looks the part of the evil dystopian propaganda pusher.

  16. ingod idoubt

    Methinks they are going too quickly!

  17. R ext

    This is not news, this is hot trash. This is the media trying to jump ship because they know the narrative is failing. It won’t work, you’re going down with the ship you slimy bottom feeders.

  18. Jack Neck

    Government s are all involved... Everything else is for looks... No 5g is used to activate nanobots in the vaccine connecting you to a matrix d wave machine... No theory- all conspiracy!!!!! Lies and more lies!!!! DO NOT TAKE VACCINE!! Its the mark of the beast!!!!

  19. まさみ


  20. TM26

    The only conspiracy from China is this entire virus.

  21. Deon Olivarez

    It's funny the way they choose to not report on biden claiming to be president elect when the counting still ain't over and especially with all the evidence of voter fraud they don't report on that either

  22. Clarissa S245

    The greatest university in the world? Not anymore

  23. Timber Wolf

    Some of the people commenting are absolute maniacs and the opinions there saying aren't even there own, go ahead get rid of the cops and let's see how long it takes before society crumbles and that nice little home you have were you sit and type nonsensical things is torn to bits by burglars and other people who want to do you harm seriously get a clue and your own opinions the majority of these protesters on the streets are kids who have little to no interactions with law enforcement and your going to adopt there opinions what the actual fk

  24. Realman eastcoast

    We need a caring man in every province ! Please run for the prime minster's Job.Thanks form all of us

    1. Millie Me

      Oh my gosh. This guy is insane or bribed, who knows which but destroying small businesses is beyond stupid

  25. XXhugogachaxX :D



    There's another tragedy going on right now, and we have 3 more years left of it.

  27. Gordon Cusack

    This is simple to solve, Stonehenge and its history is racist ! It have to be taken down. Fall in line , build that road, if you oppose the road ,your pretty much a racist hahahahaha

  28. David Reyz

    I knew this would happen.

  29. Tucent

    Debunk it then. Debunk all of it. All that was needed was answers but instead we got increasing demands of compliance followed with heavy fines, and no goal or end in sight, and it all started with 15 days which was the first in a lie in a series that has people not trusting anyone of this anymore. It wouldn't be normal to not think something was up. Debunk and explain all this madness "specifically" or this is going to go down as an official attempt at gaslighting.

  30. Jim Wexler

    Looks like he is from modern warfer

  31. None

    The Great Rest = Covid 19 = Masks = Lockdowns = H.R 6666 Track and Trace, via Cellphone = Vaccine = Sunday Law = Laudato Si = Digital Currency = Depopulation = Climate Change = The Beast System = The Antichrist = WE BETTER WORRY AND PRAY THAT WE ARE SAVED!!

  32. Jax Lynn

    This proves people are plain stupid. I mean you have got to be kidding me!!! How selfish can this be. A road...maybe it would collapse on top of the road😹😹😹

  33. Jamison Kolodinsky

    Get your own tots. Gosh

  34. SilverDragonPlays

    Why are there so many dislikes

  35. Nathan J

    Good distraction

  36. Phil Kotmanski

    Vaccinate Justin Trudeau and the world elites first.

  37. Crazy Chick Sheena

    Their here 😭 🇺🇸

  38. Steve Simmons

    Political vomit speak


    Come on people, hurry up and take the gosh darn vaccine. We need as many of you to test it as soon as possible.

  40. Millie Me

    . Why are we doing this. What logic is there to killing young people from lockdowns to save older people like me. He is not a rational man. Unfortunately I think the stats are pretty clear. Lockdowns kill more than Covid. This premier may find himself at a Nuremberg style trial at sometime in the future. Destroying the economy kills people

  41. Lifeizrigged

    How can we believe our own government with information, when they cant even pass a stimulus plan from 6 months ago...but in the mean time.. American workers loss businesses jobs, houses, and cars...and end up homeless ....how can anybody trust American government??????

  42. Sarah Tiede

    The Hospital in my area is practically empty!😕

  43. Greg Dolgoff

    Why does a country have a right to destroy or infect a world... China did this, can change human dna forever, and they get away with it, no one discussed it, it's like it's ok, just bend over at the whim of World Buisness... I can say I hate humanity, so Wreckless, Drop a H-Bomb without knowing the result at the price of a Possible World Domination.. Wow..

  44. Hardstyle / Rawstyle Lover

    I agree. Do not put an under tunnel.

  45. Laurie Wilson

    Getting my daily dose of comments from all you awoke folk while Global staffers madly click the thumbs up button.

  46. susanloveshuskies

    From the rushed vax?

  47. ET Baby

    Nope......govt workers and media workers first. Let us know how it goes.

    1. 5zazen

      you got it

  48. DIGIVOXJ23


  49. Anita C.

    Because the first lockdown didn't work!

  50. Rhys Aqs

    Wally is uh... i dont know....

  51. jordenn obey

    From tik tok

  52. alan carre

    China, Russia, Iran!!!! Ya, heard enough. Puhleeze

  53. F. sunga

    Transportation pahirapan

  54. Karol France

    This police is stupid. Liberta xd

  55. Roxane Nmair

    Melania is royal by her looks

  56. Seahorses and Seashells


  57. ïíbxrkìrï

    I found out the real story of Hello "Kitty", a Chinese woman's children got a mouth cancer she went to all the church she prayed to her daughter but it din't worked the woman girl made hello "kitty" in 1970 she made a promise from the devil or demon, Hello "Kitty" Has no mouth cause her daughter got a mouth cancer the pointy ears is just like the devil's ears and she maybe maked it like a cat so they can't see the point on her ear,in 19999 in "Hong Kong" a brutal murderers took place in Hong Kong,it later became known as "Hello Kitty murderer" Three men kidnapped a Yung girl and kept her captive in their apartment for a month they tortured her and killed her it was known by the "Hello Kitty murderers" because the killers cut of the victims head off hided it to the Hello "kitty"doll and the real name was "Hello Demon-Devil" kitty in Chinese was demon but it was not so that's it (•^-^•)

  58. Steve Simmons

    Who won the bid to supply the guillotines?

  59. Karma Cat

    Lol ive been inside since March. Kinda loosing my mind with the cabin fever. I hope its worth it when im one the few that will survive this apocalypse 😅.

    1. Pancuronium Pete

      Grow up and get a job like the rest of us

    2. Anita C.

      Don't know what makes them think that a second lockdown will work any better than the first one.

    3. Anita C.

      But then you run the risk of getting it when the lockdown is over.

  60. Omar Q

    None of them care about Canadians. They just want to score cheap political points.

  61. L C

    well every death from this in AB is on the hands of Kenny.

  62. Seahorses and Seashells


  63. Tyler Nixon

    Sounds like 4chan

  64. Kees Gooi

    I like the lady verry much 😍 global news

  65. Diógenes Lima

    The purge Brazil

  66. CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ

    The only "mystery" is because it was originally referred to as a "monolith". Had it been reported that a stainless steel, triangular, pop-riveted structure was discovered, there'd be little to no interest.

  67. shuni shuni

    how much they paid all those idiots police or are they this brain washed already due to other vaccines they had to take all years

  68. Lynetta Hill


  69. Van Van Von Voyage

    Thank GOD for OUR military to bring standards and focus and real planning whereas the grosse incompetence shown by the media and more importantly the liberal party of Canada and Justin Trudeau the worst most ineffective leader in our history

    1. Linda Kachur

      The military are primarily responsible for the interests of the elites. They step in to avoid crime and other disruptions because these harm property and human lives OWN by the satanic non human elites, like the Q of E. Don't believe they aren't human? Stay tuned. You are going to have the shock of your life. Please watch David Ickes' presentation Revelations of the Mother Goddess. David Icke is among the non humans, the reptilians. They exist, like the John Carpenter movie, They Live, which was in fact, a documentary.

  70. Woody W

    You stay classy, Calgary.

  71. Johnny K.

    This man makes me sick to my stomach.

  72. Mario Boudreau

    Hey clown snifer your cooked with your fraud it jail time for u and all Democrats

  73. Kang Yuan

    Barack Obama is piece of excrement on Trumps boxers.

  74. Trollslayer

    Yep, CHINA is blaming everyone EXCEPT taking a calm ownership, which wif not be distrustful. Yet again, they can't. CCP needs to go along with heads of other regimes.

  75. Joobchris Mac

    They dirty enough to have few more suprize coming

  76. Rob Davidson


  77. Joobchris Mac

    Vacine with no planes

  78. ET Baby

    Govt workers and GloBULL news employees first .........let us know how it goes.

  79. J Colpitts

    The monolith in Utah gets an A+ This one in Romania gets a D-

  80. Trollslayer

    Suspected, -no. DEFINATELY ARE amassing for attack.