Hi my name is Bailey Sarian and I am here to talk about True Crime & Makeup. YES its an odd combination, but I couldn't just pick ONE topic to focus on, why not mix them both together?

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  1. Anna McConda


  2. Francine Rose

    I’m from Philly area and what’s really crazy is that growing up I did learn about this but what I was told is that they were like violent monsters on a warpath- not children

  3. Sydney Jackson

    It was def race motivated.

  4. jeremaih lood

    I use to think I was a mermaid princess

  5. Marie-Sophie

    Am I the only one who noticed her shirt!?? Is there merch commin and if so can someone pls sponsor me to buy one!!??

  6. mindy lou

    I use to love this Chanel 😒 sad just sad.

    1. Anna Tairova

      What? Just do not watch history topics

  7. Kangar


  8. Caly Michigan

    Your father SA as a child, you think it’s a great idea to leave your child with him when you get older... whether she confronted him or not. She’s a horrible mother for doing that. That’s child neglect and endangerment at its finest.

  9. Jessica Cummings

    That's only an hour away from me Owo

  10. Mandy

    "They became what they claim to be protecting us from"

  11. crêpes with cinnamon

    This is not related to the story but does anybody know a similar clothing brand to wicked clothes that is based in europe?

  12. Ankie

    Hallo, I'm from Norway. Yes, we do have a lot of crime stuff in that time. I wouldent go as far as calling it extravagasa tough:) And we do have real time crime. I love your the job you'r doing Ceep going strong girl. Loots of love from Norway!

  13. Teneshia Sullivan

    But why sing it like a robot when you know you know the words 😂😂 Bailey cracks me up😂😂

    1. Blessing Hift

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  14. Kayler Griffiths

    Umm I just want to know what your nails say 😂

    1. Blessing Hift

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  15. Infamousadventures

    This girl seriously got me through the pandemic, my father's passing (rest in peace) and moving three times within a couple years. When ever I need to sit down to focus which doesn't come easy to me i put on one of her videos. She is in the background of my driving lessons in Philadelphia or those long road trips. Love to see her thriving/ will always support her content 💗

  16. Mandy

    ACAB still :(

  17. Carrie Adcock

    The thumbnail has Mardi Gras vibes

  18. the dark side

    Sounds a bit like the book "Evil" but tbh

  19. Elizna Griessel

    How about a Merch T-shirt saying "professional downer" 🤣 Lovit

  20. Gigi Di

    Another case of humans demonstrating a worse decision-making process than chickens.

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  21. Chenelle Hines

    Being charged up on granola is too funny to handle

    1. Gift Faith

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  22. Rhianna Johnston

    Bailey would you please do a dark history on Canadian aboriginal residential schools? The story is heart breaking and confusing and hard to hear but coming from you would bring a huge amount of attention and light to this absolutely atrocious act committed by the Canadian Government. Please please please!

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

    2. Rhianna Johnston

      Hundreds probably thousands of children died under the supervision of these "schools"

  23. Keren-happuch

    Girl: mum, did any of you get hurt? Me: Bailey's look + b**** imma slap you into next year😒

  24. Deb Uhrich

    This is the only place I really enjoy commercials. Bailey is really so fun and charismatic.

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  25. Marta Kozłowska

    When Bailey says ,,you may have guessed it, Martha" and your name is Martha. Almost spiritual feeling.

  26. Maddie L

    Bailey going off topic with having fun w the night vision goggles is literally me

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  27. ToolGirl616

    Lol I laughed so loud when you got scared from the alarm/phone 😂

  28. Jenny Cavanagh

    Get the board game thing me n my mum are obsessed in to Rummykub we play everytime am over now lol

  29. H Z

    The "move ***** get out the way" has me laughing so hard. The no emotion😂 Edit: Those towns where everyone knows everyone do exist, and trust me, you don't wanna live in one in today's world. Growing up it was great but not anymore 😂

    1. Gift Faith

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  30. Holly Easton-Lankester


    1. Gift Faith

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  31. Kiauni Jones

    Proud of you!

  32. Melissa Kafka

    I love watching you tell stories

    1. Gift Faith

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  33. Åshild Løvås Borgersen


  34. Mercedes Makanani

    Tapping my feet and fingers listening to this story unfold. Angrily. What a world we live in

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  35. little furrow

    She's innocent... of being a decent human

  36. Emma Davis

    This is such an influential series. This should be happening all over the world, 1) Because we should ALL know ALL of our history. 2) It really is so much better than just the cherry picked school stuff. 3) Its inclusive of all of us, not just some. 4) This stuff is important knowledge, giving us control over education and what we should know. 5) Its some of the most compelling history and I am only confused as to why it isn’t given to us, other than how we can see when governments need to be held accountable. The only thing needed to be changed are the laws we live under!!!

    1. Gift Faith

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  37. I Plead the FIFTH ☆~

    Hi friend 🖤🎃🖤☠🖤👻🖤💀🖤💯

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  38. Katlyn Ward

    Daddy RUtvs

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  39. Luna XXX

    Maybe he had broken Glas to cut himself?

  40. syrusbark

    Remember girls and boys if it feels wrong its probably suspish!!

    1. Gift Faith

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  41. Paul Hodges

    It's been talked about a lot actually

    1. Gift Faith

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  42. Ice Castles

    ~ 1111~ The coolest Teach in the school ~ Peace out ~

    1. Gift Faith

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  43. Ana Maria Cratib

    The poetic interpretation of the Ludacris song was honestly the best thing ive heard today. You are a woman of many talents.

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  44. Payton Faith

    my name being payton and my cousins being morgan 🥲

  45. Crystal Spears

    Can you try to do a story on Ottis Elwood Toole, and Henry Lee Lucas PLEASE!!!! They're connected to the disappearance and death of John Walsh's son Adam

  46. Eric Paul Alex

    Oooh this was Super cool 😘👍. The story was sad 😫, but the narrator👌.

  47. haihai tomlinson

    Nationwide night vision goggles night sounds amazing I’d say we play tag

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  48. LouRae Barnaba

    Hmmm this sounds like planned parenthood… planned parenthood is a racist eugenics dressed up like a health clinic.

  49. Colleen

    Poor Rod man

  50. Elizabeth Fehsenfeld

    We need new and just more merch Bailey

  51. Mona Mathiassen

    Also Morgan was schizophrenic, and Peyton was really manipulative. But great video! Although I missed the theme songx)

  52. unknown secret2008

    Bailey's dark history intro song just gives me such strong Harry Potter vibes and i am here for it. ( Also i love her videos)

  53. Liz

    her hair and make up is so cute!

  54. Gregory Ivey

    You should do a story on the watchers house

  55. Paul DeAngelis

    Bailey your telling one side of this story…ya know the Africa family and members were not innocent in this situation. Ramona was always very angry about everything causing trouble with law enforcement instilling fear in other communities AND they lived in filth! They had ample warning to get out before the bombing. Everyone commenting is doing that “far left” thing where they pretend to be empathetic and speak politically correct. It seems like I’m the only one on the apposing side willing to admit it.

    1. Anna Tairova

      But why bomb people who live in dirt??? What the reasoning?

    2. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  56. Pete Artieda

    Time and time again the bad apples (which are many) within the police force show the horrible and petty extents they'll go to, to impose and keep their power over the public as an institution. The first mayor mentioned wasn't even part of the force anymore but because he was one previously, they'll go above and beyond to support his agenda.

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  57. Janet Lynn Mcfadden

    It’s October 15th 2021 and this is one of my top 5 favourite Bailey make up looks 💯%

  58. May Ann Munar

    Bailey! i love you. it's like my best friend is telling me a story whenever i watch you ❤ so that being said, can you please cover House of Secrets from Netflix? yeah I know, they already did a docu but while watching it, i thought, 'Bailey would've explained this case better' ehe 😁

    1. Gift Faith

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  59. Abrianna Marie

    Is no one else noticing the ring on her ring finger ...???

    1. Gift Faith

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  60. ashurfim

    why is your volume so low these days

    1. Gift Faith

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  61. Bianca Lake

    Love your work Sarian!! Love and light from Christchurch New Zealand ❤🖤

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  62. M.

    murica, are you not ashamed???

    1. Gift Faith

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  63. j9 DucHeSS

    Bailey you are so awesome and beautiful I did want to say something about the mom leaving her son with her father why if he molested her would she do that

  64. Aniya

    can you do a video on the history of the “devils lettuce”

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  65. little furrow

    Bee prepared.

  66. reaction X10

    I can't stress enough how important it is to get professional help for these things before you go off the rails, some people have these thoughts and it's ok, however it is not ok to act on them, please get help from a licensed psychologist, they can help you overcome your darkness 🙃 you can be loony in safer ways that don't hurt you or anyone else. Be safe out there people.

  67. Joe Maria

    Just saw a doc about this sicko..It was in the 80s and 90s though.

  68. Katprice1369 Price

    So glad I live in New Zealand. Our Police aren't even armed here. Only the armed offenders squad have guns. Little own the ability to get weapons like bombs etc to use. Such a terrible state of affairs when cops and the Government feel it's ok to treat people like they don't matter. Then sweep it under the rug,and cover it up.

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  69. iamaliciarae

    As a Philadelphian, this took place in the heart of west Philly, not the suburbs. Just FYI (sorry had to).

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  70. carrie bartoldus

    A child is incapable of making an "adult" decision, period. No child should be tried as an adult, for any reason. A person's prefrontal cortex isn't even fully developed until their 20s, it is ridiculous to hold a 12 year old to the same responsibilities as a 30+ year old. A main function of our prefrontal cortex is predicting the consequences of one's actions. Thinking a 12 year old has the same ability as a 30+ year old to do this is bizarre, punishing them the same as an adult is barbaric.

  71. Me Me

    The pain in bailys face during every Ad break!! Oof girl. Don't hurt yourself, we don't care! Make your money! (I skip forward about a minute every time anyways lol)

    1. Anna Tairova

      3 ads is too much thou. She should do it in the middle altogether like H3H3 podcast.

    2. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..

  72. AmandaTheStampede

    wait how is charles manson involved? I think I missed that part

  73. Joe Fleming

    Not that much though

  74. Joe Fleming

    I like u don't worry

  75. Yuli Cosio

    I love your videos! But it'd be great if you can also include dark History from other countries, World Dark History

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..💕

  76. Brooke Kneram

    Ugh Bailey when I saw this title my heart sank. My ex’s grandpa was one of the police officers involved in the 1978 police raid, he was the one swinging on Delbert Africa with his police helmet. My ex told me this story when we stayed at his grandparents house and the narrative was that his grandpa was a hero cop in the family. I didn’t think of it again until years later during the George Floyd protests. When I asked him about it then it was like he didn’t care. (We broke up soon after that.) Police brutality has a long way to go when it comes to progress.. Delbert Africa was in prison for the 1978 raid for 41 years and was released in January of 2020. He passed away six months later from cancer in June 2020. My ex’s grandpa has been living comfortably in Florida enjoying retirement 😔 RIP Delbert Africa (1946-2020)

    1. Gift Faith

      ✝ 2347041057924🌹⏮..💕

  77. Joe Fleming


  78. Joe Fleming

    But I really don't care about your gossip can you go now