If you like extreme lasers and incredibly high voltages in a convenient short video format, this is the channel for you! This is where I'll be posting my short clips and smaller projects that never made it into a full video on my main channel.

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  1. thomas Loredo

    So a prototype lightsaber but with a trash crystal

  2. Joe Exotic

    That's terrifying and cool asf at the same time

  3. Morton_salt_

    That was pretty cool

  4. Kaiwalya

    I thinl you are electro boom jr.

  5. Bounty H

    How the hell did you make it slap its own leg

  6. Ashley’s Art!

    Bruh looking like a light saber

  7. Deep Dg

    Cost : $500 bill

  8. Joshua Pelin

    Does lasers cause skin cancers?

  9. thatguy person

    Yea pretty cool

  10. Moraco Mole

    Pretty cool, RIIIIIIIIIIGT?

  11. Dark Matter

    Its jumping not conducting

  12. Broke bitch

    He kinda looks like Vinnie Hacker

  13. Ronin's Alchemy

    His hair looks like he plays a lot with electricity 🤣

  14. sexkrazedpanda

    I need an ionized particle "Leroy Jenkins"

  15. Aadittya Deouskar

    What was that what you burned by the super cool invisible lazer ???

  16. J.G. Garcia


  17. Matt The FakeDragon

    Natrium Light, yes I too know olafur eliasson You're not cool for knowing it

  18. Randy Lawnand

    Electric bill go brrrr

  19. jes pops


  20. H₂O

    So awesome

  21. marinoski vlogs

    I thought that was a lightsaber 😀

  22. E

    Ah yes 100%safe

  23. Joep Van Der Dussen

    Im alrwafy colorblind

  24. erzsébet héderváry

    he sounds like Drew Gooden on a sensible amount of helium

  25. Platinumwolf 09

    Made me hold my breath

  26. Yosua

    V E R Y C O O L r i g h t ?

  27. Sean DePaul

    Every one gangsta until your friends pants glow up

  28. kenzy the pro Lt



    the power of suggestion

  30. Jayson Scott

    Fucking sweet

  31. shadowpheonix4

    The main thing that kills you is the amps, it only takes 0.1A to hurt you but as little as 0.5A to actually kill you. Voltage will not kill you, look a a teaser, they hit you with 50,000V and it stuns you.

  32. IcyMiracle


  33. Weeabooze

    Yes. I have.

  34. Aeoxander

    This is why aliens don't visit us.

  35. Loucezene Acabal

    can i buy a your powerfull laser from philipines?

  36. Ryan[Vrplayz]

    You kinda sound like Kevin Mc callister

  37. Jeon Amadeus

    It’s over Anakin, I have a high ground!!!

  38. littelsmolchickenshehe

    I only know calcite from Minecraft

  39. Ничего не знаю

    Ozon 🤢

  40. Anthony Robbins

    Low power stuff as it shows the bass which could kill you

  41. Caleb Jay

    I want one for my wall

  42. vojin boroja

    Can that hurt you

    1. Lenni Haapala


  43. Mike Myers

    I love your cat!!!!!

  44. słaby_kontent

    Wall: *enternal and infinite pain*

  45. Apple Yum

    Wait what woahhh

  46. Dumpster meat

    I want to touch it

  47. J.G. Garcia

    Ghost busters on steroids

  48. blubu

    Show us your strongest laser

  49. Banana Lad

    The best real life application of science

  50. R-Beto

    How are you not terrified from witnessing thors power in front of you


    I love the fact that it looks like it’s slapping something too

  52. L o V e

    I bet that smells terrible

  53. Xander Newton

    That reminds me of Anthem.

  54. R-Beto

    I wish u were my science teacher

  55. Fillip Rudsro

    Not how colorblindness work

  56. Fillip Rudsro

    I am already colorblind

  57. Kenneth Cox


  58. Jimmy the kid

    Touch it then

  59. Shiva Asthana

    Honestly, I did expect a couple frankistiens. Not dissappointed though

  60. Bide


  61. Evilpricetag

    Thats all I have been thinking about for the past 281 months.

  62. Jingle My Berries

    of all the laser colors this is the one i want the most. Yellow laser how cool is that

  63. Gustavo Plaza

    Jokes on you sir i am already colorblind

  64. Cup of Julia

    Please play, “Hey, Vsauce. Michael here”

  65. Justin Kuemmerle

    Can somebody explain how this works?

  66. haithem

    speaker on ionized particles me: rickrolls

  67. Nugget

    MWAHAHAHHA MY NEW TORTURE DEVICE! Now put the money in the bag *pulls out mini cyan lightsaber*

  68. Blaspberry

    *static* GAWDEEE *static*

  69. S C

    Peak of science

  70. Colossal productions MEME

    so this thing is only invented for *Deez nuts*

  71. Bint Jbeil

    Ionized Shitpost

  72. xCCflierx

    I've seen a yellow laser before.... Once....

  73. ᴇʀʀᴏʀ ᴘʀᴏxʏ ʜᴀꜱ ꜰᴜᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ

    Mace Windu agrees.

  74. TorieRee

    Cringe shorts

  75. Kimberly Jordan

    Yes real light sabers

  76. Pedozzi

    Styropyro embracing memes

  77. Cid

    This sounds like distorted message from another time line

  78. Jorge Villarreal

    Dude wtf be careful yourself dam he'll nah

  79. NNapples

    you're inspiring me to actually stick to doing my light up shoes vid(which is totally rad), keep it up my guy

  80. korruptDOTtv

    invention .......................